Fitter Welder Job in Sault Ste, Marie Canada for Foreigners

Do you know about Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot project? But don’t know in which community started hiring foreigners from selected 11 communities across Canada? Don’t know where to find a job and how to apply and what is the minimum requirements to be eligible start process? Then you have come at right post to learn all about this.

First of all I would love to share a job opportunity with you that may be fit for you, your friends or any family member you have. And this job is Fitter or Welder job which might be a great choice for skilled South-Asian workers who wants to work and live in Sault Ste, Marie of Ontario province in Canada.

So lets introduce you with this job opportunity first and later I’d explain where to find this job, how to apply and what is the minimum requirements to be eligible to apply for this job. So lets get started…

Fitter / Welder Job for Foreigners

Note: This job is only can be performed in Sault Ste, Marie, Ontario and you have to intend to work and live here permanently to know more leave your question in the comments section. This job basically for those who have at least minimum 4.5 IELTS score of language requirements according to Canada Language Benchmark (CLB) law. To be eligible to apply for this job you must have the following:

a. Must have a valid four-position CWB ticket and S & T ticket or provide proof of having passed four-position CWB and S & T ticket.

b. Must possess or be able to obtain a 6-G position P1 Stick ticket or other materials as required.

You must have one of the following:

1. Welder (456A) or (456P),
2. Construction Boilermaker (428A),
3. Steamfitter (307A),
4. Metal Fabricator (Fitter) (437A) and relevant experience will be considered.

c. A valid Gas ticket would be an asset.
d. Must have an understanding of all tools and equipment utilized in the trade and all related safety practices relative to the trade.

Now lets talk about which company offering this job? And the company is –

ALGOMA Steel Company – Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada

Algoma Steel company is a leading manufacturer of hot and cold rolled sheet steels in carbon and high strength low-alloy grades and they are only its plate producer in Canada. To learn more about this company and this particular job, visit here.

How to apply for this job?

To apply for this job, go to Alogma Office Website and follow the process and steps show on the image.

Fitter welder job in Sault ste marie canada
Click on the ‘Apply’ button, and it would take you into a new page as shown on the image below.

create an account to apply for fitter welder job

Then click to ‘Create an account’, that will take you into another page where you need to fulfill your personal information, phone number, street address including other details accurately. Also you need to verify your account from your registered email address inbox confirmation message.

Application for fitter welder job

Answer questions in application to apply for fitter welder job

And attach the ‘RESUME’, ‘COVER LETTER’ and ‘OTHER SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS’ as required. Then you need to answer simply 10 questions as shown on the image above and finally sign to apply for this job.

Sign in to apply for fitter welder job

After completing these steps, you’ll be bring back into the first page where you had started your application, now you need to click ‘Apply’ button to complete your application. Once finished, it will show a succeeded message.

Once they accept you for interview, after successful interview if you’ve been approved, you will get a job offer.

Work Experience and Educational Qualification Required for RNIP Program?

To be eligible to apply for this job and Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program you should have minimum high school diploma and at least 1 year of working experience. To learn detailed, you may find information from

How to apply for RNIP once you’ve got a job offer?

Now you need to visit Sault Ste. Marie official website to apply for this program. To do that, visit Sault Ste Marie website here as seen on image below.

Sault ste marie ontario canada rural and northern immigration pilot program

You will reached in a new interface, scroll down the cursor and click to ‘Applicants’ to start processing your application yourself as shown on the image below.

Application for rural and northern immigration pilot program

It will be guide you to permanent residency application process under Rural and Northern immigration pilot project.


Fitter or Welder is a perfect job position for those who have right skilled and meet the all requirements to be eligible for RNIP program. I personally believe that there is a huge prospect and easy process right now to settle in Ontario Canada under the pilot program.

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