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FBS Review: 100 USD No Deposit Bonus Withdrawable?



FBS Review: 100 USD No Deposit Bonus Withdrawable

Many Forex broker company offers no deposit bonus to its client but the question is that withdrawable? Or What is the requirements to withdraw the profit make by trader? My answer is ‘YES”, if the broker is reliable and regulated from trusted authority.

Are you looking for a reliable broker who offers 100 USD No Deposit Bonus which can be withdrawn and you can try risk free trade? I know your answer should be ‘BIG YES’.

In this blog post, I’m gonna tell you about a forex broker that is FBS. And I’ve decided to review this forex broker due to many reasons but one of the most questioned reason is 100 USD No Deposit Bonus Withdrawable or not? Or Is there any hidden terms?

In this review, you will learn more about FBS, features and benefits, how to withdraw no deposit bonus profit. Also will get you the information about its credibility and regulation so you can easily find it that is scam or legit forex broker. So request to you read till then end so you don’t miss out any information.

Let’s start…

FBS Forex Broker Review

FBS Forex Broker Full Review

FBS is a one of the most reliable forex broker in the world and best forex broker in the region of Asia; especially in Indonesia and Thailand.

FBS was founded in the year of 2009. They’ve received numerous international awards for best forex service provider broker in Asia.

FBS Forex Broker Awards:

The Best FX IB Program, Best FX Broker Indonesia, Best Forex Broker Southeast Asia, Best Forex Broker Thailand, Highly Recommended Broker Insurance Company in Indonesia of the year, Best Broker in the Middle East, Most Transparent Forex Broker – 2018, Best Copy Trading Application Global – 2018, Best Investor Education – 2017, Best FX IB Program – China 2017 and more…

FBS Forex Broker Awards

FBS is an international forex broker with more than 190 countries as well as 12000 thousand traders and 370 thousand partners.

FBS Forex Broker with more than countries

FBS Forex Broker Benefits and Features

Most of the forex traders love to open personal and business trading account with a low-spread broker. And Here FBS is the difference between the Ask and Bid price of a currency pair.

The spread of FBS is only from 0.20 to 1.1 pips which is far better than any other low spread brokers. It’s spreads are much lower than XM, FXTM, FXCM and other reliable broker.

They allow traders to trade up to 35 currency pairs, 4 precious metals, 2 CFDs and cryptocurrencies. When you’re looking for a reliable and trusted broker you need to see if they meet the below standards to rate them.

FBS Forex Broker Benefits and Features

A reliable broker should meet with all of the above requirements (shown on image) which most of them met by FBS.

Some brokers charge commissions for income, so does FBS. There are different commission rates based on the type of account by FBS. For the cent and Standard accounts, there is no commission.

FBS Forex Broker Benefits and Feature

There are four type of account in FBS Forex Broker:

1. FBS Cent Account:

This is the cent trading account for Beginner or New Trader’s. The required deposit to start trading with FBS is only $1. The spread for this Beginner account is very low, which is around 1 pip only. With $10 deposit you can trade in real-life conditions for up to 2 months. The order volume is from 0.01 to 1000 lots.

2. Standard Account:

Trader’s with a bit of experience start trading using Standard account which leverage is about 1:3000 and spread is 0.5 pip. The order volume for standard account is about 0.01 to 3000 lots. The spread is better of FS than any other broker standard account as example XM have 1.888 leverage and order volume 0.01 to 500 lots.

3. FBS Zero Spread Account:

FBS Zero Spread Account has zero (0) spread. Minimum $500 required to start a zero spread account. This type of account charge commission and FBS charge about $20. Broker earns profit from spread; if they’ve no spread or zero spread so they will charge commission. The leverage, pips and order volume for this account type as same as Standard account.

4. FBS ECN Account:

FBS ECN account is for expert and experienced trader only. It is about $1000 required to open a zero spread count. Commission is only $6 which is far better than any other broker.

Need A Low Spread Trading Account? Join now (Fill in the form below),

FBS offers many types of bonuses like no deposit bonus, welcome bonus and loyalty program bonuses. FBS 100 USD no deposit bonus is my most favorite bonus which is fully withdrawable. They also offers 100% deposit bonus and cashback program. Their cashback program rebate you $7 for every lot traded.

As a trader, you can trade using MT5 and MT4 Android and Windows platform. I do use Android MT4 platform but Windows / Linux / MacBook platform is highly recommended.

How to withdraw 100 USD No Deposit Bonus Profit?

Welcome 100 USD No Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn only when you fulfilled the required conditions as follows:

FBS Review No deposit bonus withdrawable conditions

Here are the conditions mentioned in the no deposit bonus personal area in FBS Trading Account:

1. The Bonus is available on MetaTrader5 platform;
2. The order volume is 0.01 lot;
3. The available leverage on the account is 1:100;
4. The profit available for withdrawal is $100. Notice that you can withdraw the profit only once;
5. The maximum number of positions opened at the same time is 5;
6. The conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to withdraw the profit:
a. The required number of active trading days is 30 (active trading day is a day when the order was opened or closed);
b. Positive pips difference (the total number of pips from profitable orders has to be bigger than the total number of pips from losing orders);
c. Client should have at least 5 lots traded in the period of 30 active trading days
d. The conditions of the bonus should be fulfilled in 50 days in order to withdraw the profit;
7. Once you fulfill all the conditions and earn your profit, you will have an opportunity to manually transfer the money to your trading account. Fifty days after the moment of bonus activation, the bonus will expire, all the deals and the bonus account will be closed. If you have met all the conditions, your $100 profit will be automatically transferred to your trading account;
8. Only orders with 10 points (100 pips) difference between opening and closing prices meet the conditions.
9. Only trading of Forex major currencies pairs is allowed;
10. In MetaTrader your account is displayed like Demo until you fulfill the Trade 100 Bonus conditions;

Read more in your FBS account.

License and Regulation

FBS is one of the most reliable forex broker that is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and International Financial Service Center (IFSC) authority. So your money is in safe hand. You do not need to worry about this. You just focus on your trade and make awesome profit.

Is FBS Forex Broker Scam or Legit?

There is no doubt that FBS broker is a legit cum regulated broker. There are over hundred’s of review about FBS but only legitimacy proof will be there but not scam. So If you’re new or experienced or expert forex trader join without any hesitation.


Final words after review this forex broker is ‘This is a broker that met with all requirements to become a reliable and legit broker in the forex industry. They have a excellent customer service people who take cares of their every individual client nicely. Start trading with them and make money right now.

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Promote Reliable XM Broker To Earn Huge Money

Many ways you can promote XM as a reliable broker to your friends, family and communities which one of them is adding them to your WhatsApp group and ask them to join via your affiliate link to get the VIP forex signal benefit.

As well, you can promote through paid or free traffic in different ways –

– Google PPC Ads.
– Bing Ads.
– Facebook Ads.
– Create a blog and write a post about XM.
– Offer Forex signals benefit in a public forum related to Forex.
– Promote in other social media including YouTube.



Promote Reliable XM Broker To Earn Huge Money

Got stuck or amazed reading this title of this post? Then Ok, I’m coming to the point. My question is:

  • Are you professional forex trader?
  • Got successful forex trading strategy?
  • Already trading on a reliable broker like XM?
  • Are you affiliate marketer?

Wants to share your successful trading strategy with newbie who are suffering to make any money from trading while you make money becoming an affiliate with a reliable XM broker?

Then this post gonna help you to take you into next step where you’d learn how to earn money from XM referring your friends, family and communities while exchanging strategy they you’re using successfully.

Now the question is –

how to develop a community, where to build up that community?

If you’re a professional trader with experienced in your basket then teach others to become successful while they make profit and you earn commission. If you’ve a good follower based on Facebook and other social media including WhatsApp then you can start from scratch.

Create a WhatsApp account if you don’t have one. Open a WhatsApp group naming ‘Free Forex Signals’ or something new like that. Share your WhatsApp group link with your Facebook followers or community as well other social media channel too.

If you don’t have community just develop and build a community on these social media to expose yourself. As example: create a Facebook group or join as many Facebook group as you want which is related to Forex trading. Then ask these people through an amazing post or offer them free signals under special condition to join in your WhatsApp group.

Now ask them to join in a reliable broker; XM with your affiliate link to get unlimited benefit of your free VIP forex signals to make profit up to 50% – 200% in each trade. Also instruct them about their trading account how should be and how to place order nicely on given signal as well teach them different trading strategy if they wants to learn. If they’re happy with signals then stay there.

Who will Join as my affiliate on XM?

People from all around the world who are interested to trade with your signal and follow the direction as follows:

  • New forex trader who already learned basics of forex.
  • Who need trading strategy that winning rate more than 95% and accurate.
  • Who wants to make good profit in every week or month.
  • Who can take minimum risk as financial market always is a risky platform to trade on any asset.
  • Have knowledge that nobody in the world can predict 100% profit.
  • Need to understand that if they wants 100% profit in each trade then there is equal risk to loose.
  • Can manage trading account as per direction by signal provider like you.

How to promote XM broker?

Many ways you can promote XM as a reliable broker to your friends, family and communities which one of them is adding them to your WhatsApp group and ask them to join via your affiliate link to get the VIP forex signal benefit.

As well, you can promote through paid or free traffic in different ways –

– Google PPC Ads.
– Bing Ads.
– Facebook Ads.
– Create a blog and write a post about XM.
– Offer Forex signals benefit in a public forum related to Forex.
– Promote in other social media including YouTube.

How much can you earn from XM affiliate program?

There are no minimum earnings limit. You can earn money as much as you can. To earn long time and huge commission, you need to trained up your affiliate how to trade on forex to make profit because as long as they stay and trade you make commission. So the first priority should be your affiliate who trade, not a specific broker. We have just promoting XM here because we’ve got it very powerful and reliable. As well, XM is a regulated broker which you can trust.

You can earn $1000 every month depending on your affiliate how many lots they’ve used to make profit. You can earn up to $10 per each lot while your affiliate make good profit out of each trade. You don’t earn any commission if your affiliate stopped trading.

If you have 100 active forex trader using XM via your affiliate link and making at least 10 lot trade each month means they’re making huge profit and you’re getting huge commission. As example: 100 * 10 = 1000 means 1000$ from 100 active traders.

Commission comes from spread where both broker and affiliate earn money. Just exactly this is the scene behind broker business too.

How to withdraw money from XM as an affiliate?

XM Payment Method withdraw commission

First you make sure, you’ve submitted ‘Proof of Identity’ & ‘Proof of Residency’ documents and validated by XM customer manager to withdraw your commission. You can withdraw minimum $50 via Skrill, bank wire and Neteller.

You also can transfer your commission to your XM trading account if you wants. That’s it.

Final words

XM affiliate program is very powerful and profitable. I highly recommend you to join as affiliate partner and make the best profit out of it.

If you wants to learn how to trade and more information about forex then subscribe us. If you need signal follow WhatsApp and for more knowledge about forex and money making online follow me @YouTube. Thanks for read.

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Best FX Broker Online You Need To Choose

Here are the list of authority which regulate broker you can choose and trust are:

– FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).
– FSA (Financial Services Authority).
– CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).
– CBI (Central Bank of Ireland).
– ASIC (Australian Securities and Exchange Commission).
– BVIFSC (British Virgin Islands Financial Service Commission).
– MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).



Best FX Broker Online You Need To Choose

Basics of FX Broker Online You Need To Choose

There are many International and Local FX Brokers available online to choose start trading but the main things is you need to choose the right one. Before choosing a broker, there are 9 criteria to evaluate them which you need to follow to be aware of scam out there.

In this article, I’m gonna share you the best FX Broker online to choose from and avoid scam broker. So read this article till the end…

What is a broker?

  • They are your margin FX provider.
  • They’d be considered as counter party of your trade.

What is the difference between all of this trick and types of business model and types of broker?

If you’re in Forex to make money so it’s depending which broker you choose. Basically there are two main types of broker according to my point of view which comes from Dealing and Non-dealing desk.

#Type 1 – Market Maker: Broker which comes from Dealing desk act as Market maker. They make money when you loose money, they loose when’re making money. So conflicts of interest there is because these type of broker can pull the price all the way down to stop loss and purposely make you get stopped up term (trade).

#Type 2 – ECN & STP: Broker which comes from Non-dealing desk provide the ECN (to play short to play long basis), ECN is long form electronic process network.

STP is Straight Through Processing. It means that they pass your order straight through to a liquidity provider which is for example like a bank so what happens is let’s say we make a bitrate they’ll pass you to a liquidity provider that will give you the best price.

So the good news about STP is that there’s no conflicts of interest. They will provide both fixed and tight spread. They charge commission or take profit from spreads.

If you’ve a reliable broker that offers no spread, tight spread or fixed spread commission, you can choose to trade to make money online. If you don’t know how to choose a good broker then these 9 criteria below will help you to choose the right one.

Highly Recommended Regulated Broker

Top 9 criteria you need to make sure before choosing a broker

Here are the 9 Criteria you need to make sure the broker has before choosing one:

Criteria #1: Regulated Broker

When you choose a regulated broker, particularly if it’s regulated in your country or regulated by trusted broker, you may feel safe. As I’m living in Bangladesh so whenever brokers regulated by authority of Bangladesh I would feel more secure.

It’s more helpful to have a regulated broker staying in your country and have a chamber as well office to make any contact with them related to your trading and other question.

Here are the list of authority which regulate broker you can trust are:

– FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).
– FSA (Financial Services Authority).
– CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).
– CBI (Central Bank of Ireland).
– ASIC (Australian Securities and Exchange Commission).
– BVIFSC (British Virgin Islands Financial Service Commission).
– MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).

These are high authority regulator you can see if the broker are authorized by. Also check if the broker authorized by and has more than one authority that regulated them.

You also has to look if the authority has strong history and financial standings because if the company has problems with its assets and it doesn’t has enough liquidity guess what happen if the company collapse suddenly your funds also will go. The better the financial stability the better they are in business. Your authority might be different according to your country. Google it if you need to know the authority in your own country.

Criteria #2: Fast Trade Execution

When you place a trade whether a BUY or SELL execution of trade should be fast by broker. If after placing a trade your website or the trading platform shows behavior like loading and loading then that is not good broker.

You need to make sure when you trade on any specific trading platform there is no freezing, no constant requoting if like that happen then it is a market maker and broker comes to loot your money.

You also need to make sure the platform you’re using is strongly stable and there is no crash and issue. Simply start deposit with any trading amount to test them if any above things happen just leave them.

Criteria #3: Suitable Account Type

Make sure that your broker offers you an own personal trading account. Make sure your broker offers the kind of leverage you’re looking for. Also make sure the broker you’ve an account offers margin requirement you’re looking for. So good level is between (30 – 50)% and of course depending on individual trader. It might be more or less.

Also make sure your broker offers the Asset class that you’re interested to investing in or trading in. You need to make sure that your broker offers all the different lot size you will trade that you’re looking for ex: mini lot, micro lot and especially with very small account.

Criteria #4: Low Spreads

The fourth of criteria is keeping low cost to start your trading business as low as possible. Some will cost a fixed spread, some will costs charge which is variable.

The question is should you pick fixed or variable spreads? Answer is: It’s depends on you as trader. If you’re going to pick the fixed spread then there is no reason to go wider which is provided by broker in variable spreads. Think wise then choose which one suit best of you.

Criteria #5: Stable & Easy-to-use Trading Platform

The 5th criteria make sure your broker offers a very stable trading platform which is easy-to-use and user friendly. If you have most sophisticated broker in the world, most sophisticated user friendly trading platform for trading but if you don’t know how to use it little bit ex: buy and sell; then there is no point trading with that platform.

Make sure that your broker offers the following things:

– Technical Indicators.
– Basic Order Types.

If you’re an automated trader, make sure your broker offer automated trading services as well one click trading.

Criteria #6: Customer Experience

If you believe your broker loves you so much, taking care of you and a good broker so you need to make sure through a test about their customer experience. If you send them an email just asking for help that you’re in a open trade can’t close and answer coming from them like:

“We’ve received your query, we’ll get back to you within three business days and even you don’t hear them in 4th and 6th days and if another day there is answer is: we’ll only be able to answer in working days then you need to change your broker because they’re not care about. They’re market maker comes to loot your money. As a trader, you should get fast customer service when you’re stuck in.

You should look at if your broker has:

– Fast and instant e-mail services.
– Fast Live chat.
– 24/7 Phone call support.
– Dedicated Customer support.

Criteria #7: Easy to Withdraw

When you’re suppose to withdraw and get the funds within business days that means your broker is good. If your withdrawal takes more than 3 business days and awaiting you then something is wrong you need to make sure choosing this as your regular broker.

If your deposit is faster than withdrawal should take same time or little bit more to rate this broker good. Also make sure that your trading account should be very similar as your bank account.

You should make sure your broker offer deposit and withdrawal using following method:

– PayPal, Bank Account, Skrill and other electronic payment method that is secured.

Also keep in mind that never use your credit card or debit card to deposit fund with broker; because if the broker is scammer then you will loose fund even the balance in your credit card account. So be careful before choosing a broker.

Criteria #8: Good Educational & Supporting Materials

Make sure that your broker offers very good educational and supporting materials mainly webinar, tutorial, seminar to attend every single month that also shows that they’re really care about their customer.

Criteria #9: Comprehensive Market Analysis and Tools

The broker that provide you resource materials, tools which is helpful and useful for your trading that also shows you that they’re care about as a trader or person.

Final Words

If the broker you’re going to choose have a lot of bonus, if they’ve won industrial awards, if they’re ISO certified that shows they’re good broker too. The best broker you wants to pick on your choice and needs. If you’re interested in trading and looking for a broker then we’d highly recommend XM and FXTM. If you’re looking for FREE FOREX SIGNALS then you can join us on WhatsApp. To Join our VIP FREE SIGNALS group you must register as our affiliate so we earn some commission while you make profit. Thanks for read.

Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk when you’re investing or trading in Financial Markets. So be careful before begin your Forex journey. First learn and then earn. We do not encourage to invest we guide you.

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Business & Education

Top 5 Easiest Forex Trading Strategy

There are 5 easiest strategy you should follow is:

1. Range Trading,
2. Momentum Trading,
3. Breakout Trading,
4. Price Action Trading,
5. Pivot Point Trading.



top 5 easiest forex trading strategy

Forex Trading Strategy For Beginners

New at Forex Trading? Most of the beginners; when start trading in forex market they need some powerful strategy to make profit. Before beginning forex trading what you need to know is top 10 things of forex trading which you can read in my previous article so you’re ready to start.

Already read the beginner guide to begin your forex trading journey to make huge profit from the foreign exchange market? If you’re comfortable and learned a lot of things about forex then you can enter in this market or quit right now.

In this article, I’m gonna share you top 5 easiest forex trading strategy that you can consider using as a beginner. So read till the end so you don’t miss out any information to take action to start your first trading.

There are 5 easiest strategy you should follow is:

1. Range Trading,
2. Momentum Trading,
3. Breakout Trading,
4. Price Action Trading,
5. Pivot Point Trading.

#Strategy 1: Range Trading

Our first trading strategy you can consider using is Range Trading. It means that you’re not trading in upwards or downwards market but your trading in a market that is going in straight or sign way. Watch this video tutorial resource how to do Range trading:

Resource: YouTube

#Strategy 2: Momentum Trading

Our second trading strategy you can consider using is Momentum Trading. It means you will use the market strength when trending upwards and downwards. You can use it for short-term and long-term trading.

You can use the following indicator in momentum trading is:

– MA (Moving Average).
– RSI (Relative Strength Index).
– SO (Stochastic Oscillator).
– ADMI (Average Directional Movement Index.

Learn more about how momentum trading should be done watching this video resource:

Resource: YouTube

#Strategy 3: Breakout Trading

Our third trading strategy you can consider using is Breakout Trading. It means when there’s a strong resistance and the price is ranging there’s not much volume when there is a sudden news release that price will break the level so you would buy. When the price break resistance level so you would sell but when the price breaks a pot so be very careful before trading.

How to understand that it is breakout trade:

– Swing high or swing low.
– support or resistance.

Watch this video tutorial to understand how the breakout trading strategy works and what it is:

Resource: YouTube

#Strategy 4: Price Action Trading

Our fourth trading strategy you can consider using is Price Action Trading. There are lot of indicators out there they are lag indicators and price action is the one you ever get fear of how the market is feeling right now.

The good thing about price action is that you do not need to have a tons of indicators cutter on your chart and you don’t need to rely on way too much lagging indicators now it doesn’t mean that lag indicators is useless it just means that you use it for different purpose. You don’t use it to enter but you use it as a confirmation. You use this strategy to determine the trends.

This trading strategy can be used as: – To take Profits.
– To Read Candlesticks.
– To cut loss or profit.
– No lagging indicators.
– Underlying message.
– how to trade areas of confluence,
– how to determine the trends.

Watch this video tutorial resource to learn more about Price Action Trading how works:

Resource: YouTube

#Strategy 5: Pivot Point Trading

Our final trading strategy that you can consider using is Pivot Point Trading. This is complicated and I do not recommend to choose and pick this trading strategy if you’re an immediate beginner in forex market.

When you’re trading according to Pivot Point Strategy you’re objective to determine where is –

– the turning point.
– overall trend.
– PH, PL, CP (Period of High data, Period of Low data, Costing Price.

Watch this video tutorial how to use Pivot Point Trading strategy and what it is:

Resource: YouTube

Final Words

Finally you’ve already knew about five easiest trading strategy in forex for you to begin your journey. I recommend to watch these all above videos so you can make huge amount of profits trading in forex market.

Risk Warning: We do not encourage to invest, we guide you how to trade on forex. If you’re going to invest you can’t afford to loose then stop right now. If you can take risk of loosing then begin your first forex trading with our recommended forex broker. To know why should you choose the right broker read my previous article. Thanks for read.

If you find this article informational please leave a comment below if you’ve any question or any suggestion for readers interested in forex trading.

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Forex is the short meaning which has divided in two parts. One is For and another is Ex. For means Foreign and Ex means Exchange, altogether it is called Foreign Exchange.

Forex trading is simply the trading held between foreign currency; which one trade for another. As example: you’re selling your own domestic currency to purchase another foreign currency if you’re going to travel somewhere and you need another currency for spending there. This is one form of Forex trading.




Many of you I see coming into forex market without having any depth knowledge or some of you even don’t know what is forex and how this markets works. If you’re in forex to make money without any knowledge then I tell you quit now because you gonna loose money soon.

These days, most of new Forex trader comes without Forex Market knowledge. They don’t know what is Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, how to choose broker and which forex broker is best, what is lot size, how to trade in foreign exchange currency pairs and how to make a plan and strategy to make the highest profit from pairs of forex.

I am here to help those beginner in forex trading who don’t know anything but eager to learn and start trading in forex market after having a depth knowledge. In this article, I’m gonna share about top 10 things what you need to know.

Before moving into main point, I would like to explain what is forex and how does it works so you will be helpful if anybody ask you about Forex and that is:

What is Forex?

Forex is the short meaning which has divided in two parts. One is For and another is Ex. For means Foreign and Ex means Exchange, altogether it is called Foreign Exchange.

Forex trading is simply the trading held between foreign currency; which one trade for another. As example: you’re selling your own domestic currency to purchase another foreign currency if you’re going to travel somewhere and you need another currency for spending there. This is one form of Forex trading.

What are the major currency pairs in Forex?

Forex Currency Pairs Fore Trading Market

Source: Bank of Internationals Settlements

The major currency pairs in Forex trading is:

EUR/USD (Euro / American Dollar).
GBP/USD (British Pound / American Dollar).
USD/CHF (American Dollar / Swiss Franc).
USD/JPY (Swiss F. / Japaneese Yen).
AUD/USD (Australian Dollar / American Dollar).
NZD/USD (New Zealand Dollar / American Dollar).
USD/CAD (American Dollar / Canadian Dollar).

Among these 7 currency pairs top 4 of them usually has bulk of transactions with the most liquidity.

Who trades in Forex?

Forex Currency Pairs Fore Trading Market

Source: Babypips

Forex traded by:

  • Central Banks
  • Banks
  • Corporations
  • Retail Traders

Top 10 Things You Need to Know in Forex Trading

Now let’s come to the point about which top 10 things you need to know before begin trading in forex market.

1. Technical Analysis

When you prepare to learn Forex from any institute in your forex trading book, the first chapter about the first term you need to know about basic technical analysis which most of the beginner and experience forex traders focus on.

There are lot of things to learn but in Basic Technical Analysis (TA) you need to know most important things which is:

1. How to evaluate the volume for trade.
2. How to trade the market momentum.
3. How to read price action. (It can be indicators you use, candlesticks and other).
4. How to properly define where is S & R (Support and Resistance). (It can be trend lines or horizontal resistance lines).
5. How to define the Moving Average in Forex trading.

These things you need to learn before begin trading in Forex market because It helps you to make good amount of profits choosing the best indicators of your own.

2. The Fundamental Analysis

The second thing you need to learn is the Fundamental Analysis of Forex trading market. This is what the most pro forex trader focused more on. If you don’t focus more on what the pros do to trade longer using Fundamental Analysis tactics then you can’t make any profit. Learning this you can trade for long-term and if wants to do scalp trading and wants to trade on long-term based fundamental forex analysis report you can do. But if you’re doing short-term timeframe trading and thinking when market is going up or down like that then short-term trading is not for you.

There are lot to learn but the most important things are:

– Economics.
– Central Banks.
– Interest Rates.
– Random-Political events.

3. Risk Management

If you want to be a successful forex trader then most importantly you have to learn the risk management aspect. In basics you need to know –

How do you determine

– your go down.
– your risk per trade.
– you calculate your lot size

When it comes to calculating lot size you should determine your value per pip. Also you need to understand how would market risk and counter part risk effect your trading. So have your risk management in place.

4. Trading Psychology

All you need to learn as a forex trader is trading psychology. The best way to opponent is true practice because there are so many emotion need to handle – fear of missing, fear of loosing and fear of winning too much money. The best way to success in forex trading is more practice. Because more practice makes sense and it take you towards profit.

Learning more about trading psychology will teach you:

– How do you handle desperate time when you really need money.
– How do you know those days when you’re depressed but there is a trade.
– Even though those days when you’re super excited and there is a tray.
– How do you handle string of loosing streaks and get back in next day.
– How do you handle those days when you don’t want to do anything still there is a trade.

5. Sentiment Analysis

Next thing is to learn, where Sentiment Analysis need to put in simply is how the markets feeling right now, how the traders feeling right now, how the investors feeling right now, are they feeling bullish optimistic or they feeling pessimistic bearish, how do you evaluate that some of the ways you can do it is by using Volatility Index (VIX).

Usually you learn how to evaluate COT reports (the basic of forex trading) and you need to learn how to determine the market psychology. In other words, you also need to know a little bit about behavioral finance and there’s a whole entire topic itself.

If you’re talking about successful hedge fund managers; they will say that successful traders and investors have a contrarian flavor to their decision-making process.

6. Forex Broker

The next thing, you should learn about how do you choose and pick the right broker. There are many different types of broker but you need to understand that is – how market makers operates, how STP markets operates, how an ECN broker operates.

In addition, go through a proper checklist and test one by one so you can decide to work with any particular forex broker you want. Avoid those broker who loves your money, play game with your mind in silence and don’t listen to you properly.

7. Portfolio Allocation

The next things need to learn how do you properly allocate your portfolio in such a way that you have a diversified and balanced portfolio. You need to learn how to diversify properly, you also need to know how a different markets affect the movement of the forex market, how does the stock price movement, how does the oil price movement affect to the consider your trading. In other words, you need to learn how to do intermarket analysis.

8. Trading Platform

The very next thing, you need to learn how to use your trading platform. Personally I’ve used Meta Trader 4 earlier and now using Meta Trader 5 but you also can use Bloomberg.

As a beginner in forex trading market if you don’t have any financial background I recommend you to use MT4 (Meta Trader 4) terminal.

As a beginner to use this forex trading platform you need to learn how to execute the orders as follows:

– You need to learn how to buy sell pairs.
– how to buy stop and sell stop.
– short term, long-term,.
– how to use indicators etc.

Bloomberg is a very powerful forex trading terminal you can use when you’re all set because it is highly recommended by experienced and financial professional forex traders.

If you’re trading with news from your trading platform, because you are in the finance industry there will be dragon, there are a lot of financial professional use.

9. Basic Terms

The next thing is – you need to learn about basic finance trading terms which every traders and investors need to follow whether you’re a beginner or professional.

Business Aspects

The next thing is about to learn your trading business aspects. You also need to understand that –

– how do you sustain your first trading business in long-term rather than pursuing this like a freaking get rich quick scheme so in order to run this like a real business you need to learn properly craft your trading plan and you need to know how to properly we cut down onto your trading journal you need to determine how much money should you invest back into your business to make a lot of money from the forex markets.

Also need to know how much portion of your profits should you withdraw and compound so does the many other things you need to learn. And it has done by most successful forex trader to become successful in this field.

Final Words

Finally, I would say you need to learn every single aspect properly to implement on your trading to become a successful trader and make profit like other professional does. If you have any question or wants to join a broker recommend by us then we would like to invite you become our affiliate to XM Forex Broker.

Just click on the XM broker on this website and it will take to XM official website where open a real trading account and join us on WhatsApp +8801719162671 to get free forex signals if you don’t have knowledge but wants to make profit investing minimum $200.

Leave your feedback in the comment below. Our guide about investing in forex trading is only educational. We are not responsible for any loss occur while you trade. Its’s your own responsibility and you should learn first and take risk to make profit in forex industry. Thanks for read.

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Forex and Binary Broker

Future of the Forex Markets



Forex Exchange Trading Markets Future of Fx

Future of the Forex Exchange Markets

Forex is called as a non-geographical, existential and the foreign exchange market exists where one currency is traded for another. This is one of the largest exchange market in the whole world.

With billions traded every day includes trading between large banks, individual investors, corporations, governments and various other institutions.

Beginning of Forex Trading Market

Forex was established in the year of 1971. Forex trading has recently become an individually traded market.

Until the present time, only major institutions could trade on this market. Retail traders are currently a small, but constantly growing, part of the Forex.

Ten years ago, the Wall Street Journal estimated the daily trading volume in the forex market to be in excess of $1 trillion. Today that figure has grown to exceed $1.8 trillion a day. Based on the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1945 aimed to stabilize international currencies and prevent money fleeing across nations, the U.S. dollar became fixed at a rate of $35 per ounce of gold.

Thus, the gold standard was formed and Forex trading became a possibility. But only in 1971, when the Bretton Woods Agreement was abandoned, was the Forex market established. By 1973, major currencies became free to the push of supply and demand. The power of speculators came to be.

With the advent of technological innovations like computers in the 1980s, money was soon able to be traded across time zones. Within minutes, like never before, massive amounts of currency could be exchanged. Today, London holds the worlds largest international financial center and the major site for Forex trading.

The interbank market is beneficial for both the major commercial turnovers and large amounts of purely speculative trading that takes place on an everyday basis. Some large banks trade billions of dollars daily.

While some of that trading is on behalf of the banks customers, much is for the banks own account. Until recently, brokers on the market did most of the business of trading for a small fee, but now individual investors can jump in on their own.

The benefits of individual investors gaining hands-on access to Forex trading really came to be when the large inter-bank units began to offer small traders the opportunity to buy or sell smaller units (or lots) on their own.

Forex Trading Before 2006

In past, the Forex market is appealing because of its massive trading volume, extreme liquidity, the number and variety of traders in the market, long trading hours, factors that affect the currency exchange rates and the geographical dispersion of the market.

Between April 2005 and April 2006, Forex trading increase by 38 percent and has more than doubled since 2001. This can be attributed to the increasing importance of foreign currency exchange as an asset and an increase in fund management assets.

Also, the vast array of execution venues, like Internet trading platforms, has also made it easier for retail traders to trade.

In May 2006, a European exchange survey company found the top 10 investors in the Forex market were mostly American banks such as Bank of American and JP Morgan Chase, as well as international investors like Deutsch Bank and Barclays Capital.

Present and Future of Forex Trading Market

At present, forex trading is the best profit making option for individual investors and more individual still joining in the forex market. Forex trading increased a lot from back 2006 to 2019 now.

Trading on the foreign exchange market is up and coming as an investment opportunity and solution for people, companies and institutions worldwide.

Future of the Forex is bright. You can choose Forex Exchange Markets for your investing platform and make money from it trading daily learning all the required strategy and knowledge.

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Forex and Binary Broker

Pocket Option Review: Is Regulated or Scam?



Pocket Option Review: Scam Legit or Regulated?

Pocket Option is a binary option broker that is offering both form of forex pairs and crypto coins to precious metals and oil trading. If you’re planning to start trading with them then read this review till the end.

Pocket Option Review

Pocket Option Binary Option Broker is an offshore broker that is not directly regulated by any reported authority. This broker is operated by Gembell Ltd. It is registered by Trust Company Complex group.

Gembell Ltd is regulated by IFMRRC.

100% deposit bonus by pocket option


As a Pocket Option trader, you will have the advantage of a great choice of trading instruments over 30 forex pairs, some exotic currencies, crypto coins as well as other assets from precious metals to oil and CFDs.


They will be offering no deposit bonus if you’re a new trader registering on their broker website. If you want to make profit and withdraw instantly then deposit minimum US 50 Dollar. Or you will have the opportunity to receive US 50 Dollar no deposit bonus which need to turnover to US 1500 Dollar to withdraw the profit you make.

Good Payout

Pocket Option binary broker offers up to 93% payout for forex currency pairs, which is considered good payout.


As we have already mentioned that Pocket Option is not a regulated broker directly but authorized to run brokerage activity by Gembell Ltd which can be quiet uncomfortable for traders as there is no guarantee that your money will be safe.

As of now, Pocket Option says that they are registered by IFMRRC though they are not any official regulated body.

Proper regulation is the most important factor for the safety of investment on the retail of forex market. We recommended all potential traders to choose the right broker for yourself to start trading and enjoy making profit.

MetaTrader not supported

Pocket Option not support MetaTrader for their trading partner. They offers web based trading interface with good classical features which might be another disadvantage to trade with this broker. But as they’re giving away 50 USD no deposit bonus to try their product you may take the advantage of it and make profit to withdraw. Then you will know if they are a good broker.

Is Pocket Option Scam or Legit?

Pocket Option is not regulated which ensure that this broker is not legit but right now can not say it is scam too. We recommend you to trade with a regulated broker so your money will be safe. If you’ve already experience with Pocket Option then feel free to share your opinion about them in the comment.

Final Words

We do not recommend this broker as well not discourage anyone at this moment. I would request you to leave your feedback about your personal trading experience with them so other will be benefited from your help. We will update this post soon. Stay tuned.

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