FBS Review: 100 USD No Deposit Bonus Withdrawable?

Many Forex broker company offers no deposit bonus to its client but the question is that withdrawable? Or What is the requirements to withdraw the profit make by trader? My answer is ‘YES”, if the broker is reliable and regulated from trusted authority.

Are you looking for a reliable broker who offers 100 USD No Deposit Bonus which can be withdrawn and you can try risk free trade? I know your answer should be ‘BIG YES’.

In this blog post, I’m gonna tell you about a forex broker that is FBS. And I’ve decided to review this forex broker due to many reasons but one of the most questioned reason is 100 USD No Deposit Bonus Withdrawable or not? Or Is there any hidden terms?

In this review, you will learn more about FBS, features and benefits, how to withdraw no deposit bonus profit. Also will get you the information about its credibility and regulation so you can easily find it that is scam or legit forex broker. So request to you read till then end so you don’t miss out any information.

Let’s start…

FBS Forex Broker Review

FBS Forex Broker Full Review

FBS is a one of the most reliable forex broker in the world and best forex broker in the region of Asia; especially in Indonesia and Thailand.

FBS was founded in the year of 2009. They’ve received numerous international awards for best forex service provider broker in Asia.

FBS Forex Broker Awards:

The Best FX IB Program, Best FX Broker Indonesia, Best Forex Broker Southeast Asia, Best Forex Broker Thailand, Highly Recommended Broker Insurance Company in Indonesia of the year, Best Broker in the Middle East, Most Transparent Forex Broker – 2018, Best Copy Trading Application Global – 2018, Best Investor Education – 2017, Best FX IB Program – China 2017 and more…

FBS Forex Broker Awards

FBS is an international forex broker with more than 190 countries as well as 12000 thousand traders and 370 thousand partners.

FBS Forex Broker with more than countries

FBS Forex Broker Benefits and Features

Most of the forex traders love to open personal and business trading account with a low-spread broker. And Here FBS is the difference between the Ask and Bid price of a currency pair.

The spread of FBS is only from 0.20 to 1.1 pips which is far better than any other low spread brokers. It’s spreads are much lower than XM, FXTM, FXCM and other reliable broker.

They allow traders to trade up to 35 currency pairs, 4 precious metals, 2 CFDs and cryptocurrencies. When you’re looking for a reliable and trusted broker you need to see if they meet the below standards to rate them.

FBS Forex Broker Benefits and Features

A reliable broker should meet with all of the above requirements (shown on image) which most of them met by FBS.

Some brokers charge commissions for income, so does FBS. There are different commission rates based on the type of account by FBS. For the cent and Standard accounts, there is no commission.

FBS Forex Broker Benefits and Feature

There are four type of account in FBS Forex Broker:

1. FBS Cent Account:

This is the cent trading account for Beginner or New Trader’s. The required deposit to start trading with FBS is only $1. The spread for this Beginner account is very low, which is around 1 pip only. With $10 deposit you can trade in real-life conditions for up to 2 months. The order volume is from 0.01 to 1000 lots.

2. Standard Account:

Trader’s with a bit of experience start trading using Standard account which leverage is about 1:3000 and spread is 0.5 pip. The order volume for standard account is about 0.01 to 3000 lots. The spread is better of FS than any other broker standard account as example XM have 1.888 leverage and order volume 0.01 to 500 lots.

3. FBS Zero Spread Account:

FBS Zero Spread Account has zero (0) spread. Minimum $500 required to start a zero spread account. This type of account charge commission and FBS charge about $20. Broker earns profit from spread; if they’ve no spread or zero spread so they will charge commission. The leverage, pips and order volume for this account type as same as Standard account.

4. FBS ECN Account:

FBS ECN account is for expert and experienced trader only. It is about $1000 required to open a zero spread count. Commission is only $6 which is far better than any other broker.

Need A Low Spread Trading Account? Join now (Fill in the form below),

FBS offers many types of bonuses like no deposit bonus, welcome bonus and loyalty program bonuses. FBS 100 USD no deposit bonus is my most favorite bonus which is fully withdrawable. They also offers 100% deposit bonus and cashback program. Their cashback program rebate you $7 for every lot traded.

As a trader, you can trade using MT5 and MT4 Android and Windows platform. I do use Android MT4 platform but Windows / Linux / MacBook platform is highly recommended.

How to withdraw 100 USD No Deposit Bonus Profit?

Welcome 100 USD No Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn only when you fulfilled the required conditions as follows:

FBS Review No deposit bonus withdrawable conditions

Here are the conditions mentioned in the no deposit bonus personal area in FBS Trading Account:

1. The Bonus is available on MetaTrader5 platform;
2. The order volume is 0.01 lot;
3. The available leverage on the account is 1:100;
4. The profit available for withdrawal is $100. Notice that you can withdraw the profit only once;
5. The maximum number of positions opened at the same time is 5;
6. The conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to withdraw the profit:
a. The required number of active trading days is 30 (active trading day is a day when the order was opened or closed);
b. Positive pips difference (the total number of pips from profitable orders has to be bigger than the total number of pips from losing orders);
c. Client should have at least 5 lots traded in the period of 30 active trading days
d. The conditions of the bonus should be fulfilled in 50 days in order to withdraw the profit;
7. Once you fulfill all the conditions and earn your profit, you will have an opportunity to manually transfer the money to your trading account. Fifty days after the moment of bonus activation, the bonus will expire, all the deals and the bonus account will be closed. If you have met all the conditions, your $100 profit will be automatically transferred to your trading account;
8. Only orders with 10 points (100 pips) difference between opening and closing prices meet the conditions.
9. Only trading of Forex major currencies pairs is allowed;
10. In MetaTrader your account is displayed like Demo until you fulfill the Trade 100 Bonus conditions;

Read more in your FBS account.

License and Regulation

FBS is one of the most reliable forex broker that is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and International Financial Service Center (IFSC) authority. So your money is in safe hand. You do not need to worry about this. You just focus on your trade and make awesome profit.

Is FBS Forex Broker Scam or Legit?

There is no doubt that FBS broker is a legit cum regulated broker. There are over hundred’s of review about FBS but only legitimacy proof will be there but not scam. So If you’re new or experienced or expert forex trader join without any hesitation.


Final words after review this forex broker is ‘This is a broker that met with all requirements to become a reliable and legit broker in the forex industry. They have a excellent customer service people who take cares of their every individual client nicely. Start trading with them and make money right now.

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