Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Carpet Cleaning 


Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

In simple terms, commercial carpets are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, while the residential carpets are intended for comforts and appearance. It’s pretty obvious that the carpets in your office require more cleaning and scrubbing than those in your home.

Commercial carpet cleaning from professionals should be your evident choice unless you want to trust your in-house team completely in this matter. Irrespective of scheduling regular cleaning processes, your staff management may not get so successful in keeping the carpet clean for long. It’s a tough work. Every day, every hour there will be so many people spilling something over or walking with soiled footwear.

For instance, the carpet near the entryways will gain a lot of foot traffic and dirt and grime in a very less time. Sometimes, it also depends on the weather conditions. Suppose, it is raining and a lot of people are coming into the building then your carpet will be a complete mess.

The fact is no one can help you keep them clean.

Not even your in-house cleaning staff can keep your carpet in a good condition for a long time. This doesn’t mean you would hire carpet cleaners who are experienced dealing only with the residential carpets. Instead, you should take service from professional carpet cleaning Company experienced in dealing with commercial carpets.


Commercial Carpets, what makes them different from Residential Carpets?

A lot of stress is being given about differentiating the way cleaning and maintenance processes are to be carried out for a particular carpet grade. But what is the need to differentiate them?

Normally, if you observe residential carpets, they appear more comfortable and come with soft patterns. The construction of the carpet will be more subtle. Cleaning them twice a year is sufficient to keep them durable for long. As a house owner, you’ll be taking a lot of precautionary measures to keep them clean always.

On the flip side, you can feel the difference if you just walk over the carpet put in commercial settings. They are designed to be more functional and sturdy. They have tougher construction and will normally have a darker tone. There are fewer chances you will find shag rugs in such heavy traffic areas.

Generally, these carpets will have a shorter pile and compact loop design. The purpose is to withstand the consistent and continuing foot traffic.

The carpets do withstand the heavy foot traffic, but the question is what criterions support that quality?

It’s the detailed cleaning and maintenance work you carry out.

And of course, that excludes the regular vacuuming process and spot treatments.


Things to know about Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

Hiring the best commercial carpet cleaners will not be sufficient. It is also necessary you understand the processes so you make sure the team is giving a proper for your carpet. Here are some of the things that are normally carried out under a professional team.


  • Use of Modern Vacuums (Deep Vacuuming)

Professionals make use of the best, heavy duty vacuum cleaners for efficient cleaning. For the reason, you have to keep an eye that your hired team is also using the same.

Now, I also agree that you cannot call professional carpet cleaners every fortnight just to remove soil and dirt. It will be very expensive as well as irrelevant. You can provide your in-house team, the same grade vacuum cleaners and train them to use the machine.

Also, there should be no problem finding the best heavy duty vacuum cleaners for your office.

Why switch?

As per the Thorne Group Technologies, industrial vacuum cleaning systems are 30% faster than handheld vacuum cleaners. According to them, regular cleaners require you do at least 2 or 3 passes over the surface for removing the dust and soil particles. While the industrial vacuum cleaners will allow you to clean the surface in a single step.

The strong suction power not just takes out the food particles, but even abrasive products like sand and gravel without causing any damage to the carpet material.

Normally, when a professional team is hired for cleaning the carpet, they would be using these heavy-duty vacuum cleaners as a part of the initial cleaning process.


  • Carpet Agitation

Carpet agitation is one of the important steps of the carpet cleaning process. Professionals carry out the process for maximum dry soil removal. Vacuuming removes only the surface dirt layer and not the embedded dirt that can later cause problems.

Normally, the agitation process involves pre-spraying of cleaning solution over the soiled area. Bonnet or rotary method and encapsulation method are some you can find being adapted for carrying out this process.
However, a great care should be taken to make sure these techniques are not causing more damage. Each cleaning method comes with a good number of benefits as well as disadvantages.

For instance, the encapsulation process is taken as a suitable cleaning method for the commercial setting. This cleaning method is definitely a better alternative to the old shampoo agitation process. You’ll be dealing with less moisture and the possibility of carpet re-soiling is very less.

However, this method has never proved to be effective for removing greasy or oily spots.


  • Hot Water Extraction

Significantly hot water extraction is taken as the best cleaning method for both commercial and residential carpets.

Suppose, it’s raining and your carpet will just endure a lot of soiling. The soil just doesn’t stay on the surface, with more foot traffic they will penetrate deeper into the layers. Presume the soil is dried and your staff did a lot of vacuuming and you see your carpet is as good as new. But in reality, the carpet is still dirty, because the normal vacuuming does not remove the soil particles that are penetrated deep inside the fiber.

Professionals, therefore, use hot water extraction for cleaning the carpet. The deep cleaning process leaves behind no soil or other contaminants. They remove even the deepest stain leaving the carpet as good as new.

If your service providers are using some other cleaning techniques, and then chances are there would be at least some residue left behind on the carpet. It will not be much time before this small patch of sticky residue turning into a dirt magnet making the place look filthier.

However, hot water extraction method promises better results.


You‘ll enjoy three good advantages if your carpet is cleaned through the hot water extraction process.

  • You’ll achieve deeper cleaning.
  • Harsh or harmful reactive chemical cleaning solution will not be used. That means you’ll keep the carpet from damage and people safe from allergic reactions.


This one is important.


  • There will no residue left on the carpet- that means you don’t have to worry about re-soiling.



What happens when the Carpets are Unclean?

It affects both your business as well as health. A filthy carpet is not a welcome sign. Neither your clients would appreciate your hospitality nor do your employees feel working in an unclean workspace. The air-quality will decrease and may impact the quality of work of your employees. It’s obvious if they often fall sick, your business operations will be affected at some point in time.


The Bottom Line

Keep the workspace clean and fresh and that starts with cleaning and maintaining your office carpet. Hire the team that follows the best cleaning methods. You’ll not just keep the environment clean, but protect your investment as well.

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