Enecuum ICO (Token Sale) Review

Enecuum is online world first blockchain to unite millions collected devices into a single network. With more and more devices connected to this network, the higher the speed with no cap on scalability.

It is a state-of-the-art blockchain environment that promotes security through smart contracts, allowing instant transactions with zero commission. The project aims to solve the problem of network scaling by simultaneously supporting three algorithms for mining: Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Proof-of-Work (PoW), Proof-of-Action (PoA).

Enecuum ICO Review


Enecuum ICO Review:

Mikhail Sayfullin is the CEO, Founder of Enecuum ICO blockchain technology and Ivan V. Ivanov is Co-founder of the network and many other professional are within this ICO network who working behind this project.

This project has been launched in 2015 which aim was to analyze the architecture of various known blockchains for existing problems and ways to solve them. In 2017, form a team of developers to create a new architecture and system was launched in test mode in December 2017.

The project implementation was happened to create its protocol, RFC API and wallet in mid 2018. System PoW, PoA, PoS and Smart Contracts SHARNELL built in the end of the same year. They have plan to create a gateway to make an automatic transfer system of smart contracts from other system to Enecuum in 2019 and continuously improve the protocol.



Enecuum is a token under Ethereum platform; who makes its token name as ENQ which ERC-20 based. 

Price of each ENQ token is equal to 0.04 USD and they accept ETH for investor. They’ve already distributed over 46% in ICO.

Soft cap of ENQ market capital is 5,967,552 USD, Hard cap of ENQ market capital is 23,870,246. They have 596,756,160 token for sale which you can contribute here for profit.



  • The main advantages of Enecuum’s blockchain and cryptocurrency are speed, scalability and network security. Enecuum solution aims to allow handling up to 1 million transactions per second.
  • Enecuum is based on a hybrid consensus algorithm. One of its development components is an improved version of Bitcoin-NG, which allows the network process new blocks faster. This is an important part of the architecture that potentiates the high throughput of the network. The project will also be resistant to ASIC mining due to the CryptoNight algorithm with several additional modifications.
  • Enecuum uses two-factor proof of activity. PoA miners will reach consensus by forming teams of 64 participants. Each team publishes a chains of 62 microblocks, 40 transactions in each, and adds them to the network. PoA mining can be performed on mobile devices.
  • Enecuum uses a PoS algorithm to reach consensus as well. Miners will constantly check the balances of all the wallets in the system, receiving a flexible reward.


Token ENQ

The team will issue ERC20 token, which can later be exchanged for internal cryptocurrency in the ratio of 1 to 1. It will also be a functional token with which users can access the functions of a decentralized environment: launch of SHARNELL smart contracts, payment of commissions for transactions and access to complex calculations.


More information to come… Leave your comment if you want to know more or wants to share your own experience.

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