Dial vision adjustable lens glasses reviews

Dial vision adjustable lens glasses reviews

Hey folks, I just wanted to show you real quick what I got in the mail today finally my dial vision adjustable lens glasses. I’ve already opened up the box. I just want to do a kind of like a review on this dial vision glasses that I got.

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Dial vision adjustable lens glasses reviews

There is no way a permanent fix for your prescription glasses but they do have quite a bit of while they’re really handy. The dial vision sunglasses are cheaper than regular glasses. The dial vision cost you not more than 40 bucks while a regular sunglass cost you more than 90 bucks. So it’s a quick cheap they give you like little pamphlets and flyers and stuff for like rings and junk.

dial vision adjustable sunglasses

A disclaimer is in the box, I already read through it basically that’s stating that you can’t sell them because you’re the one that bought it and these glasses are not meant for permanent eyewear that just a temporary fix for when you do get your permanent glasses. Here are the sunglasses already opened.

I went ahead and put them on trying them I already got these dialed in for my vision and then here are the regular clear lenses here and come on this box okay. I just pre-cut the little, they have those little serrated plastic things another pan but to open so this is going to be the first time I open the glasses. Here are the glasses it will plastic stand there. So I’ll just set on the side and open up what else is in there okay.

So it looks like all is the clear glasses a little handy pouch. This is dial vision so you can carry your glasses in and then you pull this out here. The inner part should be the ID chart. I’m guessing yes right here and remember this is no way a permanent prescription glasses. It’s just this little example they give you like an eye chart it tells you what the vision is here twenty-five, twenty-one hundred twenty eighty or twenty sixty-three and then all the way down to twenty.

Dial vision adjustable lens glasses reviews

I haven’t used that yet and it tells you how to give you the instructions on how to go about doing it setting it up okay. So now in the back where there is a disclaimer that says,

  • Dial vision is not intended to replace prescription eyewear or examinations by eye care professionals.
  • My examinations can detect health problems that have no signs of or symptoms.
  • Have your eyes checked regularly never discard or delay getting professional eye health care because the purchase receipt or use of dial vision glasses does not correct astigmatism?
  • The L vision should not be used for high-risk tasks driving or operating heavy machinery in a pinch you can.

I went sprayed and I did a couple of things on there. You just got to be careful when you dial your vision in. It’s only basically for looking straight forward. If you kind of look off to the side, you can kind of see but it because it doesn’t focus on your peripheral vision. It just focuses on your straight-ahead vision.

Just think it, these up, they’re made of plastic so they’re kind of they’re pretty stout but they’re kind of I don’t want to say flimsy, I don’t want to down like down talking or anything because of the sunglasses worked for me perfectly okay.

The glasses all facing towards me then there’s there are your dials right here. These little dials on the side and that will slide this lens here or your optical view is to the sides don’t have it. So if you try to use it for the peripheral vision, you’re not going to get it. You got to turn your head either way and then you can see the lens move as I turn it.

You can see how it’s third not go right there and that you see as a little round piece right here and then another round piece. So if you have a really super bad vision, these might work for you and these also work great for reading glasses.

I’m at the age now where reading glasses are more likely going to be a necessity here in the next couple of years so these work as also as a prescription, not a prescription but for reading glasses. You’ll just have to read aisle it once you know look for the distance the clarity is spectacular. I think I could see better with when I had the sunglasses on like I said I haven’t tried the clear lens yet.

dial vision disclaimer

I tried the sunglasses already I had to. I was reading when I was reading the disclaimer and all that stuff, the
arbitration rates and consumer rights an arbitration agreement. It’s basically them covering themselves, in case somebody becomes an idiot and decides to use them for driving and get an ax and I stuff they got to protect themselves which is totally understandable that’s why on the back of the box says that what I read it’s, they’re not intended for permanent use, they’re just temporary.

If you break your glasses these will get you through until you can go to the doctors and another prescription like I said for 40 bucks under 40 bucks is like 37 or 97. They were great so far I mean like I said. I’d used the sunglasses for about the last two hours and they were perfectly worked great. You can’t see very well out the sides because they’re not designed to do to let you look forward. So you can concentrate ahead of you but yeah these little dials are pretty neat they look pretty cool. They don’t look kind of awkward or anything when you try them. They’re pretty comfortable well.

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There are some people out there that have to be with the Joneses and have to have all the high-end stuff for the so I mean why people probably wouldn’t wear these just because they think they’re you know high and mighty and they deserve the best but for me, I’m not that person.

That’s my review and my unboxing of the dial vision glasses, I think they’re going to be great I already tried like I said the sunglasses worked awesomely. Thanks for the read. If you have any questions or queries regarding Dial Vision Adjustable sunglasses or you want to share your own review or feedback feel free to leave a comment below.

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