Crucial Things You Need To Appreciate When Decorating A Large Room

Crucial Things You Need To Appreciate When Decorating A Large Room


Crucial Things You Need To Appreciate When Decorating A Large Room


Some people believe that living in big apartments/homes with large open floorplans is more comfortable than in smaller places. On the contrary, moving into a large room has its challenges. Here are crucial things to consider when decorating your new place.


Potted Plants

Fill empty corners in your room with tall potted plants. However, ensure that there is adequate light for the plants to grow well. It’s advisable to review the instructions displayed in your garden store.


A Screen

At times, living alone in an ample space may be boring. Adding decorative screens offers you an excellent experience. It makes you feel safe. You can partially fold a screen and place it in your living room to make your house appear smaller without restricting free movement and air flow.


L-shaped Sofa

Most modern L-shaped sofas are ideal for large spaces. They create a relaxed atmosphere in your room and they help in reducing area. A couch is also useful in subdividing a large room. You can place it strategically in the middle of your sitting room to create a somewhat separate dining and a living space.


Wall Space

When decorating a large room, it’s wise to position your furniture in a cozy arrangement away from the walls, nevertheless, be careful not to leave a massive gap behind them. Instead, space can be one foot wide. It aids in filling up your room. A beautiful arrangement plan includes placing a console table against a wall. You can put several small benches or cushions underneath that can be pulled out when extra seating is needed for company.



Placing additional chairs helps in utilizing the vast wall space in your room. You can set a table between them and large artwork or mirrors above. Furthermore, when hosting friends, you can pull the seats closer together.


Intimate Space

Often, people perceive large rooms to be venues for hosting house parties. This is great if you entertain often but, instead, try to create a private place for you and your partner. It may include placing a tiny table against a wall or having 2 chairs side by side in a nook. Moreover, you can use the space to read or have dinner with a lover. To enhance its look, it’s advisable to frame the wall with decorative furnishings.


Two-tone Walls

Potted plants help in catching the attention of visitors and luring them into looking at your high ceiling. On the contrary, painting different colors on your walls up to a certain height makes one think that the roof is quite low. If it’s your first time, use wainscoting as a guide and paint all décor beneath it.



If there is a massive gap between your coffee table and sofa, your room might feel empty. To fill up space, you can purchase a vast upholstered ottoman instead of an ordinary coffee table.


Benches and Chairs

You can create a big seating arrangement by placing several armchairs and benches in front of your fireplace. The benches can also act as side tables and footstools.



If your room still has a lot of space, you can create two separate seating spaces. Ensure that one can quickly move from one zone to another by leaving adequate space between the furniture. To achieve this, you can use a bench or a daybed.

There are numerous techniques that you can use to fill up your large room. It’s advisable to devise affordable and creative seating plans that you can sustain. Also, they should enhance your room’s comfort. If you’re still a bit overwhelmed, finding a good interior designer is a great way to make your space the awesome place you know it can be.


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