Coobis Review: Make Money Publishing Sponsored Post

Have a blog with good Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)? Looking to Make Money Publishing Sponsored Post in your blog? In the other post I have talked about Sponsored Blogging Opportunity For Bloggers and today I am going to share with you another good website that is

In this review, I will share with you about What is Coobis? Who eligible to make money from Coobis? And other features of this website how to make money publishing sponsored content in your blog.


Coobis Reviews: What is Coobis?

Coobis is a sponsored blogging network who works as a middle-man or third party between Blogger and Advertiser who connects each other.

It is a content marketing platform created by CODIGO BARRAS NETWORKS, S.L.U. which is a registered Spanish company situated in Calle Marques de Riscal 11, C.I.F, Real Madrid, Spain.

It has more than 10,000 publishers and 2,000 companies from all around the world. An Advertiser can easily manage their influence campaign using the ‘easy to use’ interface of Coobis and blogger are ready to bid on opportunity to make money creating content and publishing on their blog upon sharing post over all social media.


Who eligible to make money from Coobis?

Coobis is a blogger and advertiser network where everyone are allowed to take part in their content marketing platform to make money who are passionate in writing and reviewing  about products and business required by an advertiser. There are no limitation for any blogger as long as they are good at writing and have a powerful blog for publishing sponsored post.


How many ways can I earn from Coobis?

Coobis offers 3 ways to make money from their content marketing platform. There are certain steps below to make money from Coobis is as follows:

  1. By writing Sponsored content for brands and products and publishing in your own website or blog.
  2. Publishing Sponsored Copied content or Press Release in your blog given by an advertiser.
  3. Publishing sponsored content in blog and Social Media Network like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Twitter.
  4. Publishing video about an advertiser brand on YouTube.
  5. Participating in Coobis affiliate program.


How do I Register and start work with?

I think now you understand what is Coobis all about and who eligible to make money from it’s platform. So you will be interested if you’re a blogger for sure and for your seeking I would guide you here to start work with Coobis.

So follow these steps to get start working with this website.

  1. First, Register here and verify account.
  2. Set up your billing details to receive payments (Click on the ‘My Account’ tab from Dashboard and fulfill everything which is required.
  3. Create a new publisher resources and submit to get approved instantly. (Click on the ‘Create a Resources’ from Dashboard, select the type of resources you want to add, fill up information, set your prices for content and save it.)
  4. Grow your resources portfolio and wait for proposal from sponsor and complete the task provided.
  5. You will get paid your earnings through local bank or paypal once each week.


How much can I earn with Coobis?

You can earn up to $40 by creating content for brands and products, up to $20 for posting sponsored press releases or copies content. How much money you will earn depends on your website or blog quality and writing quality & sponsored proposals. Be prepare, do task and get paid.

If you are a writing professional, blogger, social networker and online activist with huge potential looking to earn money then you can earn money with Coobis content marketing platform and get paid for your work from the comfort of your home.



Coobis is a content marketing platform that connects Bloggers and Advertiser and deduct some fees when a blogger got paid upon a successful task completion. A Blogger may find this website very helpful to make some extra money working for advertiser while an advertiser would feel comfort providing their task to a blogger who are passionate in its profession.

Got experienced about Coobis? Wants to share your story? Please leave a feedback in the comment section so I would feel somehow you got this post helpful and it would encourage me to write more post like this. Thank you for read.

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