Captcha Club Review: Scam or Legit? Does Captcha club really pay?

Captcha Club Review: Scam or Legit? Does Captcha club really pay?

Captcha club, they say that you can earn ten cents per capsule code. Let’s say that to accomplish ten of them every minute and there are 60 minutes in every hour so with this calculation you could earn $60 per hour. Let’s have a look at what is up to you guys it’s Sohel here and welcome to our captcha club review.

They say that they provide legitimate cuts our typing jobs at the best revenue. As our calculations say that if they really pay what they promised you could potentially earn $60 per hour but is it really true? It’s Captcha club scam or legit? We are going to find out but hey if you’re new to our website and proper cute to the founder of your own man revenue come and my mission is to help ordinary people to make a life chasing income online.

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Now let’s take a closer look at this CAPTCHA club website –

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Captcha Club Review:

Basically what you would need to do is to register here but don’t really do this the right away because I will tell you what this is all about so basically what they tell you here is that you need to fill out the CAPTCHA. So let me show you how captcha looks like.

captcha club

Usually when you have been logging into some websites sometimes they ask for CAPTCHA so you can see here. I’m not a robot or you need to fill out these numbers or you can see different examples here. I guess that you are familiar with CAPTCHA so how much can you really like, is it really true what they say as you can see.

How much can you earn with Captcha Club? Does Captcha club really pay?

There are three different practices and privilege sees standard for $30 per month, the premium for $450 per month. You don’t need to pay this, you earn this, they say earn unlimited monthly okay standard premium, premium plus and they say this 100% free account so basically if you register here you would get this free account but then they say these are premium, premium blues accounts you would need to pay for these accounts and I highly recommend at this
point do not register and do not pay this website is actually is being around already for a couple of years people are creating reviews about it already back in 2016 so it’s not a new website but now comes the challenge.

captcha club accounts

So, first of all, they say that here you could earn 3 cents per captcha code and if you want to earn more you need to pay money so basically they say you need to pay money for working for them like this is not even a business this has job you need to pay for a job.

Is it insane as if it would be a real online business like you pay for some training or this kind of thing? Okay, then it would be fine but in this case, you would be paying for a job that is usually a red flag like if some companies asking you to get payments for jobs then red flags like you should be careful okay.

So then they say that they have 24/7 support for all this kind of stuff. They say it’s secure SSL certificate north on Alex everything maybe they have but good that you are doing your research because I have also in the past reviewed many similar captchas company.

Now this Captcha Club and all of these websites are paying very little for captchas typing by its user. There are 2Captcha, mega typers, and based on my researches captcha club is the worst one.

I’m not saying, the 2Captcha and mega typers are not good. They would be good but I don’t recommend them either because they pay so little but based on my research is Captcha Club doesn’t pay at all of if they paid very little so have a look at them.

Is Captcha Club Scam or Legit?

I work with this website and never got paid. I reach 100 dollar mark you need to withdraw all and on top of that or in lost $40 that they required withdrawal money in my experience. This website is a fraud and here they also say captcha club is a fraud.

So basically, what they require you to do is they require you to have least $100 on your account but when you want to withdraw of your account then they ask you how you need to pay $40 that’s what people are saying basically here so let’s read a little bit more captcha club is a fraud. Also, I spent my time and $200 but they didn’t approve my cash out so people are trying to cast out the money but they aren’t paying off.

I worked ten days and the 11th day they say that this account is inactive so do not waste your money. Please, my friend, do not waste your money on this website.

A lot of people have written reviews of these days, give you a lot of feedback on their website, forum site and on YouTube. A lot of red flags like lots of people are saying who I will be using this website a lot for 10 days for 11 days for 12 days, they are used for hours and hours and hours and $100 and they have paid for this website and they have just taken the money.

So based on all the reviews stay far away from this website. If you want to earn some serious money, well, there are many other captcha job sites besides this one. If you want to take a look they pay something, they are legitimate in that way but they pay so little.

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The Bottom Line

I hope this captcha club review was helpful. This captcha club is not a recommended captcha working place to work on. It is completely a fraud site that doesn’t pay anything but takes all your hard work money in the end. I hope you will avoid this scam website and make money online for free in a legit way. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Million Aireft
    May 7, 2020 at 5:33 pm

    Your article is great and well described about CaptchaClub spam activities.This Captchaclub review might be a great tips who looking for Captcha typing jobs.

    1. Abdur Rakib Sohel
      May 8, 2020 at 12:33 am

      Thanks for your opinion regarding Captchaclub. I’m glad that you’ve found it useful.

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