Canon EOS R5 Review: The Best Camera of 2020?

Canon EOS R5 Review: The Best Camera of 2020?

Is Canon EOS R5 is the Best Camera of 2020?

A new camera is announced that is an absolute GameChanger to the photography and videography community. Today is one of those days just yesterday Canon confirms that the long-rumored EOS R5 is a real camera and it should be coming to our hands sometime this summer now.

Canon EOS R5 Review: Why would I be getting so excited about a camera that doesn’t even come out for months?

Well, because I have been waiting for this camera for years literally I asked anybody a rid poet Peter McKinnon anyone will agree with you if the stats that they released are true this is a game-changer now.

As you might be able to tell I have been quite the Canon fanboy for almost 20 years but this was actually the year that I was thinking about possibly leaving Canon if you’re wondering why let me fill you in. This is a Canon 1dx mark 2 in my mind.

One of the most perfect cameras that has ever been created as well as my main workhorse for all of my videos for the last three years it is a mirrored beast that can shoot 120 frames in 1080 at full frame. This is Canons EOS R5.

Is there a new mirrorless camera that just kind of let me down quite honestly?

Canon is moving in this mirrorless direction and that made me extremely nervous. You might be wondering why I’m waiting for this Canon
EOS R5 and I didn’t just order the brand new Canon 1dx mark 3, we could argue over all the different stats it can do but I needed one thing from the Canon 1dx mark 3.

Canon was very aware that almost every single content creator still shooting Canon has pretty much switched to the 1 DX mark 2 because it shoots 120 frames slow-motion in full-frame and it does it flawlessly the only downside is it can only do it in 1080p.

R5 Review

What’s a new feature on Canon EOS R5?

So what feature was left out of the 1 DX mark 3 that left me wanting better, of course, it can’t do 120 frames in 4k which is exactly what we needed to be able to leave behind the red cameras that I’m shooting on right now.

Long story short the specs come out it’s not on there so I’m not buying it that is until about 8 p.m. last night when and confirms that the canon EOS R5 is real and the stats are incredible. There’s been a lot of rumors on the
internet of what the camera might include but this is as of right now.

What we know canon has confirmed the camera to have first of the canon EOS R5 will be an RF mount lens which means all of the new Canon RF glass like the 51.2 and the much shorter 70 to 200 and even the 28 to 70 f2 are all going to be able to be used on this new R5.

The big news from Canon was that for the first time ever this new R5 will actually have in body camera stabilization which is the first time ever for a pro-level DSLR coming out of Canon now. I don’t know how that was the big news out of Canada because directly after they confirmed that this camera will be able to shoot 8k video.

EOS R5 Review

They claim it’s for future-proofing of video projects but I am actually genuinely curious is this going to be full-frame 8k or are we going to be experiencing a crop factor that might make it unusable and will that 8k video be able to utilize the dual pixel CMOS autofocus but it’s the stats that are rumored still the stats that are not confirmed by Canon that really has me excited now.

I hate to say if a Canon has a track record of leaving incredibly needed features out of their cameras but maybe for once this will be an exception and the 5R will be a near-perfect camera. The rumored specs or things we still don’t know about the camera but we really hope are true first of the R5 is rumored to have a 45-megapixel image sensor which is more than double that of the 20 megapixel Canon 1dx mark 3.

While megapixel doesn’t always matter on a platform like Instagram it does, in fact, help us with resizing and cropping your images after they’ve been taken also. If you’re working in a professional capacity a lot of times clients will need this extra resolution to be able to blow up your image on the side of a building.

If you are lucky, the only possible downside of having this larger image sensor is will this camera still performs as good in low light as the 1 DX mark. A lot of times larger megapixel counts and sensors also equate to more noise in low-light situations now.

Canon did not confirm if this is true or not but it is rumored that the Canon EOS R5 is going to be able to shoot 120 frames a second in full 4k resolution with autofocus. This is a game check if this is true it is an absolute GameChanger.

You’re going to want to sell everything you have and buy this camera system and if it does not have this feature I’m going to be so incredibly disappointed. I cannot even begin to tell you it is also rumored that this camera
will be able to shoot 12 images a second using its mechanical shutter or up to 20 photos a second using its new electronic shutter.

This feature would still allow this camera to be used for sports photography wildlife and even with inexperienced models holding down that shutter to make sure you get the perfect frame now as for the confirmed. Canon leaked this seems to be all the features that are rumored to be in the camera but there’s also one more massive perk that might be at first glance overlooked.

Canon EOS R5

What is the differences of Canon EOS R5 with other DSLR Camera?

The major difference obviously it’s the size and the weight now as cool and tough as the one DX is and looks it actually poses a huge problem. When you go to put it on a gimbal or a glide cam because of this massive battery grip.

The extra height and weight of the camera mean you need a lot bigger gimbals and a lot bigger stabilizers because the weight is constantly falling forward whereas in a camera like the EOS are all of the weight is more evenly distributed right here in a form factor.

So when you put it on a glide cam when you put it on a gimbal you’re not having to deal with the extra height making the camera fall over. I know the bigger cameras might look cool but it also means heavier backpacks bigger support gear and overall more. You’re gonna have to carry to use it so there you have it what are your thoughts on the new Canon EOS R5.

Is this going to be a game-changer?

What you’re looking for? Your camera needs or you a Sony guy who’s going to fight me and say you already had all these things even though you guys haven’t had 120 frames without a crop factor ever but regardless I personally was extremely hesitant with and moving into the mirrorless camera line I loved the one DX mark.

Canon EOS

It’s a beautiful mirror but I don’t know now after seeing these confirmed leaked stats from Canon. I’m thinking this might not be the year that I lead Canon. All I know is if this Canon R5 has 120 frames uncropped 4k. I personally will be making the switch I also would love to see the back swivel flip-out screen.


So that we still have the ability to vlog and create content from more than just this angle. It is also confirmed that this new R5 will have a dual card slot which means all your wedding photographers will not lose your client’s photos anymore.

Rest assured, dual-camera slots are back but whatever your thoughts are on this camera please leave them down below in the comments along with any other cameras coming out this year that you are personally excited about and
other than that is a beautiful day here in Hawaii. So I’m going to load up my 1dx mark 2 with a sigma 35 1.4 with this massive underwater housing.

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