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Brunei Work Visa Procedures | How to Find jobs in Brunei as a Foreigner?



Brunei Work Visa Procedures _ How to Find jobs in Brunei as a Foreigner_

Brief About Brunei:

Brunei is a oil-rich country which is located in the north coast island of Borneo in southeast Asia. It is also called Sultanate of Brunei. It’s population under half million now.

Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan.
Area: 5,765km², water: 500km², land: 5,270km².
Currency: Bruneian Dollar (BND).

Brunei is a small southeast Asian peaceful country where almost 100 percent of population are Muslims. You can call this country as Asian rich country.

Brunei could be a great place for job seeker like you; if you’re looking for a job in any specified role. Having at least one year abroad working experience would help you to find a job in this southeast Asian country.

If you’re serious to work in Brunei then you should first look for a job opportunity, get offer of employment, get work permit from employer and get visa to be eligible to work in Brunei.

In this article, I would like to share you about finding a job, offer of employment, work permit approval & Brunei work visa procedure so your way to understand things will be easy. So read this post till the end and don’t miss any steps…

Finding a job in Brunei:

If you’re interested to find a job opportunity to build your career in Brunei; you need to be hired by a Bruneian employer. The first procedure starts from finding a job for specified position.

There are many classified and job search site around the web where you can look for a job opportunity. But I suggest only one of them which is

Bruneida is one of the top classified website in Brunei; which is the great place to find a job you’re looking for. To find a job via this website, you need to search ‘Bruneida’ on Google. It will be on the first page of Google or Bing (first ranked classified site) and you need to click on ‘Brunei Jobs’ to be appeared on the right page to search for a job in Brunei.

Bruneida classified job search site

You got Brunei jobs and now you need to choose the right category as your choice; I’ve chosen one as example to show you on below image.

find a job in brunei

sales marketing jobs in brunei

Sales & marketing is the best category for me but I’d tell you to choose the correct one for you. Once you get one, click on the specified job position that Bruneian employer are recruiting for their company. The minimum salary for Sales & Marketing is BND 800 (Bruneian Dollar) which is about BDT 48000 (Bangladeshi Taka). You can simply check the exchange rate searching on Google; 1 BND to USD or BDT. There are no maximum.

Once you’ve found a right job for you; now its time to apply right way for better response. Before applying for a specified job, you must read job description, qualification & experience requirements etc.

Once you think you’re perfect for that job, click to ‘Apply Job’ and then filled in the form correctly as shown on image below.

how to apply for a job in brunei

Once you’ve finished, send your cv clicking on the ‘Send’ tab. Now your employer will review and let you know their opinion first. Then contact you for an interview via Skype or over phone call.

Once your interview successfully done; s/he will ask for documents as follows:

1. Passport & Photograph,
2. Medical report,
3. Educational certificate; &
4. Experience Letter.

You need to submit all of these above documents for clarification including no criminal or police clearance record upon employer request. Most of the cased, they’re required only Passport & Photograph only.

Offer of Employment

Once you’ve been selected as a successful candidate after interview; you will received an offer of employment letter from your employer which is the proof of your job achievement. Now you will wait for work permit letter from your employer for final confirmation.

Work Permit & Visa Procedure

Now once you’ve the job offer letter; you will have to ask for work permit letter from your employer. Basically, most of the time you need to ask only once you see s/he is getting late to provide you work permit.

Your employer apply for work permit in Department of Immigration and National Registration in Brunei for work permit approval. To get approval from Brunei Embassy, your employer are required to do these things:

1. The employer must have a quota license from the Labour Department of Brunei.
2. Approval letter pass from the work permit section of the Department of Immigration and National Registration.
3. The worker valid passport / other documents should be submitted by Employer to Brunei Director of Immigration and National Registration.
4. The worker passport must have a validity of more than 6 months before entering in Brunei.
6. Employer required to pay BND20 work permit fees to Embassy.

To get work permit & visa, your employer are required to lodge a visa application to work pass section of Department of Immigration and National Registration.

Once your employer gets work permit for you; s/he will send you the copy of work permit approval including offer of employment and you’re ready to fly in Brunei for work purpose. Once you appear in Brunei, You will have work visa attached to your passport after medical check up and completing other formalities which should be accomplished by employer.


I would highly recommend Brunei as a great destination to work in especially for people those are living in Asia and South Asian country like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India etc. If you’re looking for a job then this article hopefully would help you to understand the fact of work permit visa and finding a job in Brunei.

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Sweden Schengen business visa application process for Bangladeshi



Sweden Schengen business visa application process for Bangladeshi

Looking to travel in schengen Area like Sweden for business purpose and searching for solution? Also wants to learn how to make plan and what documents might required to get your visa application approved? Then this post will guide you to help you so you can start your schengen visa application process easily.

One thing keep in mind that we don’t process any visa but guide you how to apply for schengen visa, where to apply, which documents you need to submit, how much would be visa application processing fees, insurance coverage for your Europe visit and idea for your business and personal bank statement requirements and more.

If you’re seriously looking to travel in Europe then must know that there is no guarantee for visa. If you follow our guide, we feel you have a high chance for your Schengen visa approval. So lets talk more about it…

Note: If you want to travel in Sweden and then visit any other Schengen country without any issue and wants your visa get accepted then you must apply to embassy that will be your first destination or your visa will not be accepted.

How to apply for Sweden Schengen Business visa?

To apply for Sweden business entry, you need to have Schengen visa to visit Sweden and 26 other European country without any issue. But if you wants to visit for business purpose in Sweden then you must obtain Schengen visa from Sweden embassy from your country. Here are the application process you need to do fulfill with:

First, Download Schengen visa application form, filled it correctly and signed on it to submit at Sweden embassy in Dhaka.

Second, you must have a valid passport which have minimum six months of validity. Also you need two blank page without any other country visa stumped on it.

Third, you must submit a cover letter with your visa application. In cover letter, you should mention about your present conditions, your profession or your business, why do you want to travel, plan for trip etc.

Fourth, you must submit an Itinerary letter too. You will have to write about day by day report, travel report, if you travel into other European country that’s report too.

Fifth, you must submit a hotel booking document (You don’t need to purchase). You can simply book a hotel from

Sixth, you must submit an air ticket documents with visa application form which can be booked via You don’t need to purchase before arrival. So don’t worry. Also you can book a air ticket flight from too.

Seventh, You need Euro 30000 for health insurance coverage which can be bought by 2 or 3 thousands Taka at different Air office. You can simply visit Sweden Embassy official website at for reference.

Eighth, you need to submit trade license, income tax and chamber of commerce certificate. Also you need to submit business & personal bank statement.

Ninth, you need to submit one passport size photograph which should be schengen size (35 * 45)mm (70% to 80% head should be visible and an official invitation is needed from a partner living in Sweden.

Visa Fees & Others

To process your visa, they would charge you from BDT 4500 to BDT 10000 including other expenses.(may be less than that). Once you got visa approval from Swedish embassy, you can fly to travel in Sweden and follow the rules and regulations.]


Once you have fulfilled all necessary requirements, it would take up to 30 days to have your visa from your nearest embassy where you had an interview for visa approval. Hopefully this guide will assist you to learn how to process your Swedish schengen visa application by yourself. Hope you have a successful visa application for Sweden.

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Fitter Welder Job in Sault Ste, Marie Canada for Foreigners



Sault Ste Marie Ontario Rural and northern immigration pilot program

Do you know about Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot project? But don’t know in which community started hiring foreigners from selected 11 communities across Canada? Don’t know where to find a job and how to apply and what is the minimum requirements to be eligible start process? Then you have come at right post to learn all about this.

First of all I would love to share a job opportunity with you that may be fit for you, your friends or any family member you have. And this job is Fitter or Welder job which might be a great choice for skilled South-Asian workers who wants to work and live in Sault Ste, Marie of Ontario province in Canada.

So lets introduce you with this job opportunity first and later I’d explain where to find this job, how to apply and what is the minimum requirements to be eligible to apply for this job. So lets get started…

Fitter / Welder Job for Foreigners

Note: This job is only can be performed in Sault Ste, Marie, Ontario and you have to intend to work and live here permanently to know more leave your question in the comments section. This job basically for those who have at least minimum 4.5 IELTS score of language requirements according to Canada Language Benchmark (CLB) law. To be eligible to apply for this job you must have the following:

a. Must have a valid four-position CWB ticket and S & T ticket or provide proof of having passed four-position CWB and S & T ticket.

b. Must possess or be able to obtain a 6-G position P1 Stick ticket or other materials as required.

You must have one of the following:

1. Welder (456A) or (456P),
2. Construction Boilermaker (428A),
3. Steamfitter (307A),
4. Metal Fabricator (Fitter) (437A) and relevant experience will be considered.

c. A valid Gas ticket would be an asset.
d. Must have an understanding of all tools and equipment utilized in the trade and all related safety practices relative to the trade.

Now lets talk about which company offering this job? And the company is –

ALGOMA Steel Company – Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada

Algoma Steel company is a leading manufacturer of hot and cold rolled sheet steels in carbon and high strength low-alloy grades and they are only its plate producer in Canada. To learn more about this company and this particular job, visit here.

How to apply for this job?

To apply for this job, go to Alogma Office Website and follow the process and steps show on the image.

Fitter welder job in Sault ste marie canada
Click on the ‘Apply’ button, and it would take you into a new page as shown on the image below.

create an account to apply for fitter welder job

Then click to ‘Create an account’, that will take you into another page where you need to fulfill your personal information, phone number, street address including other details accurately. Also you need to verify your account from your registered email address inbox confirmation message.

Application for fitter welder job

Answer questions in application to apply for fitter welder job

And attach the ‘RESUME’, ‘COVER LETTER’ and ‘OTHER SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS’ as required. Then you need to answer simply 10 questions as shown on the image above and finally sign to apply for this job.

Sign in to apply for fitter welder job

After completing these steps, you’ll be bring back into the first page where you had started your application, now you need to click ‘Apply’ button to complete your application. Once finished, it will show a succeeded message.

Once they accept you for interview, after successful interview if you’ve been approved, you will get a job offer.

Work Experience and Educational Qualification Required for RNIP Program?

To be eligible to apply for this job and Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program you should have minimum high school diploma and at least 1 year of working experience. To learn detailed, you may find information from

How to apply for RNIP once you’ve got a job offer?

Now you need to visit Sault Ste. Marie official website to apply for this program. To do that, visit Sault Ste Marie website here as seen on image below.

Sault ste marie ontario canada rural and northern immigration pilot program

You will reached in a new interface, scroll down the cursor and click to ‘Applicants’ to start processing your application yourself as shown on the image below.

Application for rural and northern immigration pilot program

It will be guide you to permanent residency application process under Rural and Northern immigration pilot project.


Fitter or Welder is a perfect job position for those who have right skilled and meet the all requirements to be eligible for RNIP program. I personally believe that there is a huge prospect and easy process right now to settle in Ontario Canada under the pilot program.

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Foreign Workers Being Hired Now in Canada




Rural and Norther Immigration Pilot

Good News for foreign workers! Let’s come your dream true to work and live in Canada. You have got the title right. But you may be guessing under which program, right? Yes, all of you might be knowing about long awaited rural & northern immigration pilot program but still not confirmed when it gonna started, so good news for those job seekers who wants to immigrate, work and live in Canada that under RNIP program; the hiring process has been started.

Recently 11 communities was selected across Canada to participate in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Project (RNIPP). They’ve started hiring foreign workers for 3 communities to test the pilot right now which is a very good news for foreign workers who want to work and live in Canada.

Currently foreign workers hiring process has started in these communities which are as follows:

– Sault Ste, Marie from Ontario.
– Thunder Bay from Ontario.
– Altona / Rhineland from Manitoba.

The Pilot project was delayed to start due to the requirements for Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot project, as they were not able to accept applicants until later in November, 2019.

In the interim, they’re open to ask any questions to learn regarding the City and the RNIPP.

Who is eligible for the Pilot program?

You need to fulfill these criteria to be eligible for the Pilot program to start the process.

– You need to get a recommendation from a designated community economic development organization.
– Have qualifying work experience or have graduated from a publicly funded post-secondary institution in the recommending community.
– Have a qualifying job offer.
– You meet or exceed the minimum language requirements.
– You meet the minimum educational requirements.
– You have to prove you have enough money to support your transition into the community.
– Intend to live in the community.

Ask yourself and if you think you’re fit and meet the all above requirements then start process. There is no need to hire any agency or third-party to find out a job and start the application process as it is simple and easy.

What is the minimum language requirements? How many years of work experience required to apply for a job?

You need IELTS score minimum 4.5 to apply for a job to start the process to work and live in Canada. For more details, visit

To apply for a job to start the process, go to and find out a job, apply to your desired job vacancy sending a best Canada format CV including all educational and minimum two reference certificates (from current and previous employer).

There are 4 final steps to start the process which you can learn from

To learn more in Bengali about the Pilot program, watch this video till the end. Watch now,

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Schengen Visa: Types of Schengen Visa Available



Schengen Visa: Types of Visa Available

If you’re willing to travel from EU or EEA then you do not need any visa to stay and work in any country that included in Schengen area. But if you’re a third national citizen, living outside of EU or EEA; then you must apply for a Schengen visa prior to 15 working days before your planned trip.

In this post, I gonna share exactly what a European union or EEA citizen can do and what’s not by any third national; also you’re going to learn,

1. What is Schengen visa?
2. How many types of Schengen visa available?
3. Benefits of being a EU / EEA citizen.
4. Who need visa to travel in Schengen area?
5. Can I work and live in Schengen area having a Schengen visa?
6. What types of documents required to submit with visa application?
7. How to book an appointment with Embassy?
8. How much does it cost for Schengen visa application fees?

Hopefully this would help you to figure out exactly which types of visa you need to travel in one or more than one country in Europe without any issue. So let’s start to explain,

1. What is Schengen visa?

Schengen visa is one kind of entry medium to travel into Schengen area. According to Wikipedia, it has been explained this way and said,

“The Schengen Area is an area comprising 26 European states that have officially abolished all passport and all other types of border control at their mutual borders. The area mostly functions as a single jurisdiction for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy. The area is named after the 1985 Schengen Agreement.”

Originally, it is a free movement concept through that anyone living in Schengen area can easily move from residence country to another country without any visa. European people can freely travel and settle in any EU state.

2. How many types of Schengen visa available?

There are eight types of visa available which is called Schengen visa. Here are the types of visa which you should choose to travel for any purpose:

1. Transit visa.
2. Tourism visa.
3. Business visa.
4. Visa for family and friends.
5. Visa for Cultural and Sports activities.
6. Visa for Official visits.
7. Study visa.
8. Visa for Medical Purpose.

These are the types of Schengen visa available for third country nationals who wants to travel in Europe under these guidance.

3. Benefits of being a EU / EEA citizen

As a EU / EEA members citizen, you do not need to obtain any visa to travel, work and live in the European countries that included in Schengen area. You can stay up to 90 days in the six months period. This is the benefits got by a Schengen country citizen.

4. Who need visa to travel in Schengen area?

If you’re living outside of Europe or Schengen area, as a third country national (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), you need to obtain a Schengen visa if you’re willing to travel under 8 types of category of Schengen visa. You will get 90 days visa entry to Schengen country you’ve chosen to travel. According to Schengen visa policy, You can simply move to any other country from the present one as you’re in Schengen area.

5. Can I work and live in Schengen area having a Schengen visa?

You can simply find a job while you’re visiting in European country during your stay and get employment contract from your employer and get work permit to get work visa or residence visa to work and live in the particular country in Europe.

6. What types of documents required to submit with visa application?

To apply for Schengen visa, you need to submit form, filling up with 3 blank pages Schengen visa application and leave N/A for not required answer. Here are the mentioned documents you need to submit with your visa application which are:

1. Valid Passport.
2. Two copy passport size photos (35 * 45)mm size.
3. Purpose of Visit proof.
4. Travel Insurance. (You can purchase online through Europe Assistance or AXA Insurance).
5. Health Insurance certificate.
6. Proof of Accommodation.
7. Return air ticket purchasing proof; &
8. Financial funds (bank statement) means you’ve ability to bear your expenses.

For exact documents, you can simply contact with your nearest Embassy in your country.

7. How to book an appointment with Embassy?

Once you’ve submitted all required documents and paid euro visa application fees excluding embassy service fee, you need to contact chosen Schengen country embassy to book an appointment online.

Most of the countries embassy allow to book an appointment online for Schengen visa purpose but few are offline based yet. You can collect their contact number or mail them to book an appointment.

Once you’ve been asked questions regarding your visa application and given answer to them. They will reply you within 15 days either you’ve got visa successfully or not. It may not take more than 30 days.

8. How much does it cost for Schengen visa application fees?

Schengen visa application fees is 60 (Sixty Euros) Euro. But there may be embassy service charges which you need to pay if required.


These are the all important information, you’ve been looking for to prepare to travel in Europe under Schengen visa on any purpose. This visa application guide would help you to know types of visa available for your country citizen, visa fees and which types of documents must required to get approved for Schengen visa.

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Maldives Work Permit Visa: How to find a job as a foreigner?



Maldives Work Permit Visa_ How to find a job as a foreigner_
Maldives work permit visa - How to find a job

Brief About Maldives

Maldives is a most beautiful South Asian country (Republic of Maldives). It is located in the Arabia sea of Indian ocean. It has total of 1,192 coral island grouped by 26 Atolls.

Language: Dhivehi.
Currency: MVR (Maldivian Rufiyaa).
Economy Stands by: Resorts & Fish business.

Maldives is one of the popular destination for traveler which has 200 inhabited islands and over 150 luxury resorts. It is portrayed by travel companies.

Maldives also recruiting manpower to filled in their different project for country economy development. It offers job in different category; as example: Resorts, Hotels, Shopping Mall, IT, Engineering and others.

If you’re looking for a job in Maldives; you need to get work permit to be legal to worked in. In this article, you’d learn about how to find a job, offer of employment & how to get work permit to travel in Maldives.

How to find a job in Maldives?

It is as simple as easy to find a job in Maldives but hard if you do not have any specific job (position) target or if you’re not experienced. If you are higher secondary to post graduation degree passed having at least one years of work experience then it is easy to find a job within a month or two or even faster.

I will mention one of the top classified website of Maldives and other jobs site so you can choose right job for you. Here are the list of website where you can check out to find your desired job position:


Ibay is one of the top classified website (alone) which is a great place to find a job and apply immediately after confirmed registration. Also you will be able to connect with employers directly via messaging or chatting using this platform. You can contact them directly over phone too which is not recommended.

To find a job via, you need to open their web page and choose the jobs via browse category as shown below on the image.

finding a job via ibaycommv in maldives

Then, choose the right category from Jobs section as shown image below (example: retail),

choose the right job category from Jobs section

Here are an example of job I’ve chosen for you if you’re a marketing expert; where you can apply to: To apply for a job, you always have to be logged in your account, write an excellent cover letter. Also send a quality resume or curriculum vitae for better response.

Marketing Executive Job in Maldives

To apply for this Marketing Executive job and others click on Apply / Send CV highlighted tab. There will be a messaging and attach option where you can write cover letter or attach both CV or Cover letter.

send resume or cv to apply for marketing executive job in maldives

To find more jobs visit and browse by each categories to find your desired job opportunity.

Note: Do not apply if they’re mentioning that the job posted by not available for foreigner.


Job-Maldives is the largest job search site in Maldives. It looks like a blog related job site where different types of jobs category posted regularly which most based on Resorts and hotel industry.

This job search site takes longer time to load and that is why it is not recommended from my point of view. But still you can search because you will get latest jobs which is genuine.

If you’re using high speed internet connection then you can visit this nicely. While searching jobs on this site, close all other tabs so it will hopefully load faster.


Vazeefa is 2nd largest job search site in Maldives. You can easily find out the right jobs you’re searching for. But the main issue with the jobs posted on this site copied from other sources which looks not great for me.

Still if you’re having less time to watch out jobs on then it is probably the best option to search jobs quickly as it is much faster than all other job search site found in Maldives. You can visit:

4. is a new job search site in Maldives which you can use to find a job easily. It is somehow similar to and other job site online.

5. is another new job search site which can be used to find a job. You need to choose the exact category, find the right job the apply. It is very much similar to Vazeefa and


Career-Maldives is another new classified job site for job seekers who are search for a job. It is also similar to other job search site in the Internet. You can simply browse the jobs by category.

All of these classified and job search site are good but is excellent from my prospective to find a good job as it is posted by employer and I got it very useful. Now its up to you.

Offer of Employment:

Once you are selected for a job interview you’ve applied for and chosen as a successful candidate your employer provide you an Offer of Employment which is the proof of your selection.

Note: To be chosen by an employer, you’re required to submit these documents as proof of your qualification which should be attached when you apply for a job.

a. Curriculum Vitae or Resume,
b. A great Cover Letter,
c. Educational Certificates,
d. Previous Employer Details,
e. Service Letter or Experience Certificates.
f. References by a company or co-workers.
g. Additional work activities.

Why do you think you’re a great fit for specific position should be included.

Maldives Work Permit & Visa Procedures:

Once you’re qualified for an Offer of Employment after successful job interview; your employer apply for work permit to Immigration of Republic Maldives. It takes not more than one week but you’ll be asked to provide below documents to start processing your work permit by employer.

1. Passport.
2. Photograph.

Once your employer received work permit approval from Immigration of Republic Maldives; s/he will send you via mail. Now you’re ready to purchase fly ticket from your destination to Maldives. You must have work permit letter copy, passport and your home country permission Migration card to fly for working in Maldives.

Once you reach into Maldives, your employer will send you to reputed hospital or health center for medical check up and the result comes in next few days. It would take couple of weeks to get Identification Card (ID) to work in Maldives and the original work visa(1 year first and renew it each year) will be issued on your passport. That’s it.

Now you’re ready to work in Maldives but most of the time when you arrive in Maldives; from next day your works start so you do not need to be worried as your employer would take care of you.


Finding a job, getting offer of employment and work permit approval is the only way to travel and work in Maldives. There should be any issue after all. So hopefully this sort of information would help you to search a job and understand the work permit and visa procedure of Maldives.

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How to get Romania work permit visa as a foreigner?



How to get Romania work visa as a foreigner

Romania is one of the most beautiful European country located in the Eastern, Central & South-Eastern Europe. It borders with Black Sea, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia and Moldova. It is about 238,397 square kilometres in total area. Its capital city is Bucharest; having at least 20 million inhabitants.

Romania Work Permit Visa

If you’re citizen of Romania and living in a country of the European Union; so you do not need work permit that follows the European Union rules & regulations where every EU/EEA citizen enjoys the same labor rights as the ones applied to Romanian citizens.

If you’re from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan; living in a third world country and citizen of these countries and looking for job then you need to obtain a work permit to work in Romania and also you need to apply for long stay visa to work and live in.

Types of Work Permit Visa

There are several types of work permit visa for foreign citizen which any of these they are eligible to obtain. Here are the types of work permit available right now which as follows mentioned below:

1. Permanent workers,
2. Seasonal workers,
3. For trainees,
4. For athletes,
5. For cross-border workers,
6. nominal workers.

You’ve rights to extend your temporary stay for employment purposes for up to 1 year. It depends on the category of your activity. If you’re high skilled workers; you can extend your stay for up to 2 years.

How to obtain a work permit?

To obtain a work permit, you’re required to be entitled an offer of employment by the Romanian employer. Your employer need to submit the all necessary files as well pay the required taxes at the offices of the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) behalf of you to obtain a work permit for you. It would take up to 30 business days for IGI to solve your requests. For additional information, you can visit the official IGI page regarding work permits.

For more details regarding work permit as foreigners, you’re requested to visit the official website of the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly, Work Section – Information guide for third-country national or citizen.

How to apply for Romania work permit?

Employer and company can obtain work permit for you if you’ve an offer of employment then your employer should obtain a work permit. So you will be eligible to apply for work visa. You need to keep all documents after receiving from your employer as well other stuff. Your employer will face Romanian Immigration to obtain work permit while you will face local embassy to obtain temporary work permit. You will stay 90 days after arrival in Romania. Then will apply for long stay work visa supporting by employer.

You just need to submit these files below:

  • Curriculum Vitae and An Affidavit stated your personal information, qualification, experience, preferences and there is no criminal record on your name in the home country.
  • Medical certificate stated that you’re fit to work at.
  • Clear criminal record by authority (Local Police Station or country).
  • Graduation record; which should be translated and certified in Romanian language, also all scientific degrees and certifications, accompanied by validation certificate issued by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research;
  • Passport or ID (including long stay visa original and duplicate copy).
  • Two ¾ photographs;
  • Updated medical and tax registration certificate.

Other Work Permit Procedures

After submitting application for Romanian work permit, the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) must answer the request within 30 days. The term for verification may be extended by a maximum of 15 days. These procedures carry out by your employer so you need only to wait for work permit letter which will be sent to your mail by your employer upon request or while gets it.

After getting approval for work permit, whether you go before obtaining a long term work visa or staying in your home country to obtain; you need to apply within 60 days for long term visa at the Romanian diplomatic missions and consular offices. Otherwise permit will expire.

For more details about long stay visa visit,

Salary & Living Cost in Romania

Basic salary for a non-experience about 300 to 500 Euros while semi-skilled workers earn maximum 700 Euros and skilled workers earn approximately 1200 Euros per month.

As a non-experience employee, a worker do not need any special educational background while a semi-skilled workers required minimum graduation degree and a skilled workers required post-graduation degree to be eligible to work in Romania as well to apply for long stay visa.

Living cost in Romania is somehow expensive if you choose to rent an apartment which may cost over 500 Euros. If you look for an apartment with one bed; you will have to pay about 250 to 300 Euros. And for double bed, the cost is above 350 Euros.

If you have relatives, friends or any dearest one in Romania and the place you’re gonna live then you can contact with them and find a shared apartment which saves you some money.


At the moment, I would recommend you to understand about their culture, language and see if there living cost and salary is OK for you and you can manage then acquire a job first, then get work permit from your employer and finally apply for long stay visa and settle your life in Romania.

If you’re from Bangladesh or your language is Bengali then For more information I would like to request you to watch video about Romania work permit above this article. And SUBSCRIBE my YouTube channel, press the BELL button and share with your friends and family so they’d be helpful I believe. Thanks for read.

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