Body Oil (Massage): Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster: Rich Body Massage Oil for Robust, Velvety Skin. Balances Vata dosha

Bala in Sanskrit means strength vitality, ability and sheer ability!

Using iYURA’s Balaayah Body Oil gives you: A rich, embalming sensation that calms the constant anxious tick-tock-tick going on in your mind and assures your heart everything is alright.

Meditative frankincense and warming vanilla create an intoxicating medley that leaves behind a spiritual after-scent and ultra-moisturized yet non-sticky skin.

You feel strong, supported, cared for and luxurious through the day! Your dry skin won’t find itself thirsty anymore, it will not feel weak and emaciated, it will not feel ignored or uncared for because it will be doused in love, pure Ayurvedic herbs in a rich oleating base that will take care of your skin’s every need without shrouding it with chemicals! 

iYURA Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster: What’s more?

Over time, your skin’s self confidence will increase and you will experience better-nourished, softer-feeling, more robust looking skin with every passing day!

100% Satisfaction, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


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