Blue blocker glasses review

Blue blocker sunglasses Review

I just want to do a quick review of the blue blocker computer vision sunglasses they block blue light and it has a slight bit of magnification in them to make it easier to read your computer screen. So the ones that I went with as I mentioned are the BluBlocker glasses.

I believe that they are the best look for my face and these are pretty good looking glasses. There are a lot of companies that make relatively inexpensive computer vision syndrome glasses and I like the Blue Blockers because they just looked the best. They had really great branding and I really liked the way that they sold themselves.

Blue blocker glasses review

Their website had a lot of great information about blue light blocker glasses and I felt like they had done their research so I purchased some of their glasses and I put them on and I started using my computer and it was okay at first but then I started to play a little bit of overwatch and me suddenly found myself becoming very motion sick and the reason it turns out is that these glasses have a point two five magnification makes reading a lot easier.

Blue Blocker glasses were incredibly helpful. Their customer support awesome so if you want to try these out you should have a 30-day return policy and they have a 50% discount for their new customer which is really great.

The Main Advantages of Blue Blocker Sunglasses

  • They’re also anti-UV so sun exposure won’t be a problem for your eyes anymore and you can relax. As such, these are glasses that shield us from blue light rays, which protect us from artificial as well as natural light.
  • They are Anti-fog, shielding you from rain.
  • They have high glare so the vision improves. These glasses massively reduce the blue light, so that you can soothe.


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