Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence


Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence


The world is witnessing the arrival of a new technological era. But much of this new era depends on the minute details that are often ignored by futurists, scientists and entrepreneurs too. Two very important elements of this technological era are – AI and Blockchain which have become burning questions a few years ago.


These are giving a new shape to the future generation by influencing each other. Blockchain is like a launch pad in the technological world which is responsible for a successful future. There are many factors linked to blockchain industry on which many entrepreneurs are debating like security concerns, capacity and ease of access.

Different perceptions of people are judging this technology from different angles which are both negative and positive. Some is calling it a building block to successful future whereas some is calling it a
bad vision of future. Amongst all the massive hype around blockchain, let us tell you a clear definition of it.



Blockchain is a linked list of blocks. A block here is a group of ordered transactions. You can take it as a database with a few additional properties. There is one major thing which distinguishes it from a database and that thing is it can’t create a dispute with other data that’s already available in the database. It means that it is consistent and fixed.

The data remain locked to the owner. The whole scenario is decentralized with the agreement of everybody. Decentralization makes this process interesting and attractive as it enables no single point of failure. It means there will not be any single authority which will be able to take away all your assets as per their requirements.


Artificial Intelligence

Now comes the AI – Artificial Intelligence which is considered as the magic of the current era. AI is in the market since 1950’s. It is a desire of making software and hardware a combined entity which will be able to possess human-level intelligence. It refers to a computer system which is designed to learn, make decisions and carry out tasks that require human intervention. Progress in Artificial Intelligence will make it possible to look robotic butlers, robotic police, robotic friends, robotic transportation, robotic surgeons and many more in coming future. Viewpoints on Artificial Intelligence varies from person to person. Some think that robots will take over the world in the future which whereas some feel that interaction with humans is essential to get any work done.

You must have seen various movies which have showcased AI like The Terminator, The Matrix, Ex Machina, etc. AI can be confused with Machine Learning ML and Deep Learning DL. These things are interlinked and intertwined but are different from each other. AI comprises machines which perform tasks that are characteristics of Human Intelligence.Whereas, Machine learning is a method of achieving Artificial Intelligence. And, Deep Learning is one of the many approaches to Machine Learning. All these three elements are different but are interdependent.


There are a lot of concerns regarding AI, ML and DL about how they will impact our society and its future. And, this impact is going to be profound with ongoing advancements and endless imaginations. In future, there will be no jobs or very fewer jobs. Every employment can be replaced by machines that showcase human intelligence. Very soon, the concept of gigs will be introduced which refer to short-term project-like jobs for earnings. People nowadays need to be updated.

Ray Russo is author of this article. Ray is from San Francisco. He is a passionate crypto enthusiast and crypto blogger. He writes for cryptocurrency exchange website.

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