Bitles Review Updated: Bitcoin Investment Platform – Are they legal or scam?

Bitles Review Updated: Bitcoin Investment Platform – Are they legal or scam?

Hello, what’s up, guys? Today I am here because I want to do a review about Bitles bitcoin investment platform that combines a classic investment model with a new proprietary cryptocurrency (BTL token), which they claim will grow in price due to an increase in the number of its holders. And you will learn is it true what it says? Or it just another scam? So read this post till the end to learn more what is Bitles, how you can make money with them, what features it has and a lot more.

Bitles Review Updated 2020: What is Bitles?

Bitles is a platform for convenient interaction between its members from all over the world who think and speak the same language, the language of cryptocurrencies. They strive to build the most global community ever to bring its members new knowledge about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, to open up opportunities for making money and to enjoy a life of luxury.

A team of distinguished professional financial managers, analysts, and experienced developers are behind the Bitles who made a universal platform for cryptocurrency that was founded in May 2019, and during a fairly short time, it managed not only to point out excellent results but also to become fully independent.

Janis Lacis is the founder and chief developer who possesses rich experience at Latvia’s top banks and in multi-national companies that concentrate on technology, finance, and trading. He was the head of the IT team in the Latvian Norvik Banka.

What do you get at the Bitles?

  • You will have a multi-currency account including 18 currencies for working with the platform;
  • There are eight different savings plans with guaranteed monthly returns of up to 30%;
  • You will have the excess profits of up to 5% per month, depending on the results of the BTC/USD pair trading;
  • There are an unique affiliate program that will boost you earnings with the Bitles.
  • They make all of payments in BTL tokens with a monthly increase from 10%;
  • You will have access for instant exchange of all currencies supported in your account;
  • They also provide regular awarding of valuable prizes for BTL holders.

It is not all and everything, there are more things to know about which you can find on this pdf link, learn more.

How can I make money with Bitles?

You make money with Bitles following the 4 simple steps which are as follows:

1. Revenue from Cryp-Spider’s algo-trading system operation: from 0.3% to 6% daily from Monday to Friday.
2. Affiliate Program: Binary Bonus (up to 10%), Direct Bonus (up to 10%), Passive Bonus (up to 20%), Leadership Bonus (up to 10%), Quick Start Bonus (from $250 to $500), Career Plan (from $500 to $3,000,000).
3. Excess Profit: up to 5% per month, depending on your forecast for Bitcoin against USD.
4. BTL Token: additional profits from 10% to 60% per month due to the increase in value of the BTL token.

How do I join?

It is very simple and easy to join with Bitles. create an account and confirm your registration. You will then able to login and deposit account via Bitcoin and all other available payment method to start earning with Bitles.

Can I join from inside or outside of the US?

Definitely, you can join from inside or outside of the US. And there is no GEO restriction to join in Bitles as it isn’t a stock exchange, it doesn’t conduct IPO/ICO/IEO, and you’re not buying any securities or currencies from us.

How do I withdraw money from Bitles? What is the withdrawal fees?

1. First of all, click “Withdraw” within the Personal Account table.
2. within the next window, select the foremost convenient coitus interruptus, specify the withdrawal amount and click on “Continue”.
3. Please note that you simply cannot manually fill within the withdrawal wallet address, it’s automatically inserted into the sector in accordance with the address indicated on the “Settings” page of your account. If you have not yet indicated the withdrawal address, please go to your account settings and do it.
4. If you have set additional methods for your account security (SMS/Google authentication, payment password), then in the next step you will see a window for entering the appropriate security code/password. Do this and click “Confirm”.
5. Next, check your email and confirm the withdrawal by clicking the “Confirm” button.

If you need additional information about the transaction or you want to cancel the withdrawal, you can open the transaction history by clicking the “History” button in the main menu of your account. This page will display all the details of your withdrawal and a button to cancel the transaction.

The standard withdrawal fee is 5% and the urgent withdrawal fee is 10%. Standard withdrawal can occur no more than one times a week. If you are withdrawing one time a week, the fee will be 5%. With each subsequent withdrawal within the week, the fee will increase to 10%. However, if 20,000 BTL or more is held in your Personal Account for 15 days, the standard withdrawal fee is reduced to 1% and the urgent withdrawal fee is reduced to 5%.

How long it does take to get paid my withdrawal?

It takes 1 hour to a maximum of 96 hours to receive your withdrawal made by you. But in most of the time, you get faster payment.

Where is Bitles located? Are they legal or scam?

Yes, they are legal. Bitles is registered under the name ‘Bitles Limited’ within the UK, also as Bitles OÜ in Estonia, and is licensed by the ECU regulator “Financial Intelligence Unit”.

For more information, you can visit about section of Bitles.

The Bottom Line

Bitles seems going to be a good bitcoin investing platform as there is more positive feedback in their reviews section. There are more positive reviews all over the internet that they are legal as what they claim. I do not encourage you to invest the money as it is your own decision if you want to take the risk. It is always risky investing on the Internet. But hopefully, there is a good opportunity to make money with Bitles. I will edit this post according to your feedback and experience with them. So leave your feedback and share the love with others.

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