Best Smartwatch 2020 Review: Top 5 Best Smartwatches

Best Smartwatch 2020 Review: Top 5 Best Smartwatches

Looking for the best smartwatches for the March of this year? Look no further a gray smartwatch is more than just a way to get the smartphone notifications on your wrist. The device has to be everything in one, a fitness tracker, a wallet, and even a phone that being said we have a huge variety of smartwatches available in today’s market.

So it’s important to note that each one has different specifications, offers different features, and excels at certain things thus it can be a bit confusing to pick the one that is best with it for you and your requirements.

Smart watch review: Top 5 Best Smart Watch Review

So we came up with a list that will hopefully help you choose the right SmartWatch for you. These are the top 5 the best SmartWatches are available on the market in 2020 right now.

1. Best for Overall: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2:

Meet the Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 which is a newly designed LTE connected smartwatches. Leave your phone at home and learn invaluable insights to achieve your health goals all on-the-go. The thin lightweight and durable designs are ready for everyday wear. Built with a brilliant Super AMOLED edge-to-edge display.

Best for Overall: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Its touch bezel easily navigates with a quick turn touch or tap and has a long-lasting battery that goes all-day stay in touch without your phone and manages one number with number sync, make calls, send text, stream music and more even if your smartphone isn’t with you with fitness features like a running coach you’ll get real-time coaching to improve your pace.

Its built-in sleep tracking helps you monitor sleep habits and the meditation and breathing guides assist you in managing your stress levels and tape from your wrist with one tap using Samsung pay.

2. Simply Great: Samsung Galaxy Watch 42 MM (Silver):

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42 MM – I believe that smartwatches should give you the freedom to stay connected longer introducing the all-new galaxy watch. The galaxy watches elegantly blend state-of-the-art technology with classic analog aesthetics enhanced by the ticking secondhand.

Simply Great: Samsung Galaxy Watch 42MM

It’s signature circular bezel and vivid as AMOLED display create a unique experience that elevates your style mix and match the galaxy watch with over 60,000 watches pieces and a wide selection of straps. It’s five ATM water resistance enables you to be more active outdoors.

Its custom-made dual-core processor is built on low-power architecture to make the battery last several days on a single charge. Spotify with LTE takes your music on the go and you can now take calls and send messages without needing your phone nearby thanks to its integrated movement sensors. The galaxy watch becomes your personal trainer encouraging you to choose from 39 predefined workouts and times each rep as you move from one exercise to the other for heart rate sensors check your pulse to monitor your health and well-being.

The galaxy watch provides focused breathing guides that help you relax these sensors also track your sleep and REM patterns to feel more rested. The daily briefing presents your schedule and weather forecast while day watch face takes care of your calendar alarms and reminders of all kinds of galaxy watch give you the freedom to control your IoT (Internet of Things) devices whether you’re at home or on the go and with Samsung pay you can leave your wallet and phone at home.

This watch tells time and takes phone calls and turns on lights and opens up doors, communicates with satellites twelve thousand four hundred and twenty-seven miles above the earth. It wakes you up and gets you onto subways, this watch tells time and sets timers and set to your pace and warns you when it’s too loud and text your friends and opens portals, kidding and tracks your distance.

Underwater it starts competitions and accepts challenges and tracks your workouts and tells you which direction you should be going. It has an app that measures the exact timing of the electrical waves traveling through the upper and lower chambers of your heart otherwise known as an electrocardiogram.

3. Best for Casual Athletes: Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch:

Fitbit Versa 2 – Switching the display technology to Amoled from last year’s LCD means the colors are more vibrant and black pixels are truly black. That means graphics really pop beneath the Gorilla glass, It is with this Nixie Tube watch face. Somewhere under that Amoled panel sits a more powerful processor than last year Fitbit Versa, too.

Best for Casual Athletes: Fitbit Versa 2 smart watch

Which matters to more than just spec geeks. It means the interface really zips along now. That’s impressive because of the Fitbit Versa 2 also has more features.

NFC for Wallet payments, which work well and Amazon Alexa. It has the built-in microphone to set reminders, ask questions, and dictate messages. In other big names, Spotify is here too alongside Uber, Starbucks, and a handful of others in the Fitbit App store.

For me, the best bit about Versa 2 is that it improves on something Versa 1 was already great at, battery life. Where a typical Apple or Galaxy watch must be charged every other night at the best, The Versa 2 got me through six full days on one charge. And that’s not vacation days, but trade show days where my wrist never stopped buzzing from notifications.

And then it didn’t even get a break overnight because it was tracking my sleep too, I’ll come back to that in a second.

For now let’s just give Fitbit props for all workweek endurance, well done. In other words, it doesn’t matter if something lasts a long time if you don’t enjoy using it and as a smartwatch, Versa 2 doesn’t address a lot of my complaints from last year.

4. Best for Apple lovers: Apple Watch Series 5

What is new with the Series 5? At least, compared to the Series 4 from last year? Honestly, it’s not that much, just three things, really. You can get it in aluminum, steel, titanium, and ceramic. It’s identical to the Series 4, which was already great. They have larger screens than the older models of the Apple Watch and the screen is the second thing that’s really new with the Series 5.

Best for Apple lovers: Apple Watch Series 5 Smartwatch

Both the Apple Watch Series 5 and truly the Series 4 has a special quite OLED screen that Apple developed. It’s a low temperature, polycrystalline oxide or LTPO for short.

What really matters is that the Series 5? It has a bunch of other chips that let it have a variable screen refresh rate, So the Series 5 can change the pixels on the screen as often as 60 times a second or as little as once per second. That lets this use radically less power than other screens.

You know, your watch doesn’t need to be refreshing that often when it’s just sitting there in ambient mode and that saves battery life. So now, rather than the screen just being off, it shows a dimmed version of your watch face and it actually even still has some color which other smartwatches don’t do.

And the, of course, when you raise your wrist up, it goes full color, just like any other Apple Watch. But all these means is you can check the time without being that jerk who obviously looks at his watch in the middle of a conversation with somebody.

Now, the large question is does that always-on screen hurt the battery life? And my answer is that it doesn’t seem to hurt much. Apple claims that this still gets the same 18 hours of battery life that every Apple Watch is supposed to get. And it does for me, even with kind of heavy usage. But it doesn’t get much more than that.

5. Best for Beginners: Huawei Watch GT 2:

The GT2 model is the latest SmartWatch from Huawei. Just before we start I’ve been using the 46 millimeters model of the watch there is also a 42 millimeters version available in the box. You get the USB cable, a charger and a rubber strap which may be a very nice touch by Huawei.

Best for Beginners: Huawei Watch GT 2 Smartwatch

The GT2 looks like a regular watch and it’s just beautiful. I’m also surprised at how light it is even on my tiny wrist also. It’s comfortable to wear for hours even while you are exercising. The case is made of stainless steel that gives the device premium look and feels and the overall build quality is just excellent.

The water resistance up to 50 meters lets you use the device without worries while exercising or even swimming. The display is one of the highlights of the GT2, it’s not only tack sharp vibrant and easily viewable outdoors but it also has the so-called 3d design that means that the edges of the screen and card bezel are made of a single sheet of glass for that boundless display look a 22 millimeters genuine leather strap is really comfortable to the skin.

The battery life is probably the best you can get out of this kind of smart wearable watch especially considering all the features. it has. I could get over 10 days of battery I use the continuous heart rate monitoring all the time. I received plenty of notifications which by the way work very well and there are no delays like on some other watches.

Overall the battery life is pretty insane especially if you are coming from other wearables like the Samsung galaxy watch active that is thanks to no small part of why we skew in which is the company’s first wearable chipset.

The GT2 has a built-in speaker that can be used for listening to music. If you forget the Bluetooth earphones you can also control your phone’s music. It works seamlessly with spotter which I use most of the time you can also store up to 500 mp3 files right on your watch. So you can leave your phone at home and use that while we watch with your favorite set of wireless buds.

The speaker is also used for hands-free calling and you can now use this feature even if your phone is up to 150 meters away. This may sound like a gimmick but I actually found this feature really useful especially while I’m in the gym and your phone is far away from you.

The user interface is pretty simple and straightforward. You just swipe from the left to right through the menus swipe from the top to access quick settings, toggles, and swipe from the bottom for notifications. The upper key exposes the most menu to access all the features of the watch and therefore the lower-key triggers workout options but you’ll customize this button to your liking.

I use it mostly for outer running and exercising at home my experience the watch tracks my heartrate very accurately as I always try to keep it in that pad burning zone. You may ask how do I know that I compared the Huawei watch to the brand new $700 Garmin Phoenix 6s pro and the heartrate numbers were pretty similar.

The GPS is also very accurate and that gets your position fast even though the watch looks kind of big on my wrist. I found it to be comfortable to wear while dealing with push-ups pull-ups and even working with dumbbells.

The Bottom Line

These are the top 5 best smartwatch review for you from my side. And I am very hopeful you’ve got it useful. Keep in mind one thing before buying any of these that compare yourself which is a better fit for you and which fulfills your requirements according to your budget.

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