Beginning step by step guide: How to earn cryptocurrency for free?


Beginning step by step guide: How to earn cryptocurrency for free on Earncrypto?


Looking for a legit cryptocurrency earning site that can gives you opportunity to earn free bitcoin solving captchas or doing any other task or even referring friends without any limit? Then you definitely into the place where I only talk about a site that is pure and 100% legit and paying since years without any single complaint.

Before going through details I would like to share with you one think that there is no money without hard work you can earn online and it is 100% true either you believe it or not.


Not only bitcoin but include all other popular cryptocurrency can be earned or accumulate to withdraw into your crypto wallet in 7 days joining this amazing website.


There is many ways anyone can earn free bitcoin but that waste your time to accumulate good amount of bitcoin in a certain period.

You can earn some bitcoin playing simple game each hour though I will share with you a system that can help you to earn unlimited bitcoin without any limits according to your performance on each task you complete. Easy way always hurt and sometimes it takes your times and make you a failure to earn bitcoin.

Yes, you heard right. I am gonna help you to earn free bitcoin solving captcha or data entry task.


8 ways earn unlimited free bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency doing simple task like data entry and more

Yes, 8 ways you can earn bitcoin from this amazing program which 100% legitimate and pays you once you reach minimum bitcoin threshold. Not only Bitcoin but all other cryptocurrency you want to earn for completing simple task. But here I will show you how to earn free bitcoin solving captcha…


First Register with and follow these steps below to get started


First Step: Go to and register your account. Then verify your account clicking on confirmation or activation link sent by this program.

Second Step: Log in to your account with your username and password that is used during registration on this program.

Third Step: Click on the ‘Data Entry’ from ‘Earn Bitcoin’ menu tab. See the image below.


Earn cryptocurrency solving data entry


Fourth Step: By clicking on the ‘Data Entry’, it will take you on a landing page ‘Earn via Data Entry’ as shown image below.


how to earn cryptocurrency free


Five Step: Now click on the ‘Start button’ shown on the above image and it will take you another page as shown on the image below.


how to earn cryptocurrency free


Six Step: Tick the ‘I agree with the Temrs of Use set forth above’ and click on the ‘Next’ button to move forward on the next page.


how to earn cryptocurrency free


Seven Step: Now start answering question with ‘Start practice questions’ to learn how to type data entry or captcha to earn free and unlimited bitcoin. Click on the ‘Start practice questions’ so it will take you on the practice questions page as shown on the image below.


earn cryptocurrency solving data entry captchas


Eight Step: Type ‘Ministry of Health’ in the blank form above the ‘Next’ button and then click on ‘Next’ to complete next practice question. Type ‘Type Co., Ltd.’ accurately in the blank form and click on the ‘Next’ button for next question.


how to earn cryptocurrency free guide


Ninth Step: Complete the next question and click on the ‘Start’ button to start real work to earn free bitcoin solving these simple captcha as shown on the image below:


start earning cryptocurrency solving data entry tasks


Tenth and Last Step: Now start the work and earn free bitcoin doing simple captcha typing as follows on the image below. Type the number from the captcha only; don’t type + or any other words to follow the rules.


how to earn cryptocurrency doing simple data entry


If there is an email address need to type as example on the image below then don’t type @; but type other words and click on the ‘Next’ and do continue (If there is nothing on the image to type then leave the blank form empty and click on ‘Next’ to be continued to do next task).


Earn cryptocurrency for free guide



Hope you have followed all steps and doing good job. Now the question is:

How many bitcoin can I earn? and How do I get paid?

How many bitcoin you will earn depends on your Typing skills and typing speed performance by word per minute (WPM) as well on your internet connection.

By the way there is many other ways that also helps you to earn free bitcoin without any limits.


Here is 8 ways earn unlimited free bitcoin as example:

  1. Data Entry
  2. Earn Offers
  3. Completing Survey
  4. Completing Jobs
  5. Crowdflower Tasks
  6. Installing Apps
  7. Watching Videos
  8. Inviting Friends


Data entry captcha solving will is a simple and easy task that gives you opportunity to earn bitcoin typing on their system.

Earnings of bitcoin count on each point you earn solving captchas. Each 1 point will earn you 0.0000010 Bitcoin satoshi. You can earn more than 100 points per day if your typing skills and internet connection are good enough. Each 100 points will earn you 0.0001000 per day. If you do more, you earn more.


To increase your earnings of bitcoin, just use all other ways to earn even more.

Once you reach minimum 0.0003100 bitcoin threshold; you can submit a withdrawal request to get paid. It takes up to 24 hours or 7 days as per their policy and rules to get paid.

There is minimum 0.0003000 bitcoin fee required to withdraw your earnings. But it is not recommended.

I recommend you to reach at least 0.0042067 bitcoin and submit a withdrawal request because there is no fees required for this balance.


To learn more about this amazing program read this post, Earn Digital Crypto Currency For Free


Note: After joining you must complete this task to request to get paid is: Connect your social media account, connect PayPal, Verify your Phone number and you’re done.

If you have a question feel free to leave a reply in the comment box below so I can help you to get started. Thanks for reading this post.

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