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Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Beginning step by step guide: How to earn cryptocurrency for free?



Beginning step by step guide: How to earn cryptocurrency for free on Earncrypto?


Beginning step by step guide: How to earn cryptocurrency for free on Earncrypto?


Looking for a legit cryptocurrency earning site that can gives you opportunity to earn free bitcoin solving captchas or doing any other task or even referring friends without any limit? Then you definitely into the place where I only talk about a site that is pure and 100% legit and paying since years without any single complaint.

Before going through details I would like to share with you one think that there is no money without hard work you can earn online and it is 100% true either you believe it or not.


Not only bitcoin but include all other popular cryptocurrency can be earned or accumulate to withdraw into your crypto wallet in 7 days joining this amazing website.


There is many ways anyone can earn free bitcoin but that waste your time to accumulate good amount of bitcoin in a certain period.

You can earn some bitcoin playing simple game each hour though I will share with you a system that can help you to earn unlimited bitcoin without any limits according to your performance on each task you complete. Easy way always hurt and sometimes it takes your times and make you a failure to earn bitcoin.

Yes, you heard right. I am gonna help you to earn free bitcoin solving captcha or data entry task.


8 ways earn unlimited free bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency doing simple task like data entry and more

Yes, 8 ways you can earn bitcoin from this amazing program which 100% legitimate and pays you once you reach minimum bitcoin threshold. Not only Bitcoin but all other cryptocurrency you want to earn for completing simple task. But here I will show you how to earn free bitcoin solving captcha…


First Register with and follow these steps below to get started


First Step: Go to and register your account. Then verify your account clicking on confirmation or activation link sent by this program.

Second Step: Log in to your account with your username and password that is used during registration on this program.

Third Step: Click on the ‘Data Entry’ from ‘Earn Bitcoin’ menu tab. See the image below.


Earn cryptocurrency solving data entry


Fourth Step: By clicking on the ‘Data Entry’, it will take you on a landing page ‘Earn via Data Entry’ as shown image below.


how to earn cryptocurrency free


Five Step: Now click on the ‘Start button’ shown on the above image and it will take you another page as shown on the image below.


how to earn cryptocurrency free


Six Step: Tick the ‘I agree with the Temrs of Use set forth above’ and click on the ‘Next’ button to move forward on the next page.


how to earn cryptocurrency free


Seven Step: Now start answering question with ‘Start practice questions’ to learn how to type data entry or captcha to earn free and unlimited bitcoin. Click on the ‘Start practice questions’ so it will take you on the practice questions page as shown on the image below.


earn cryptocurrency solving data entry captchas


Eight Step: Type ‘Ministry of Health’ in the blank form above the ‘Next’ button and then click on ‘Next’ to complete next practice question. Type ‘Type Co., Ltd.’ accurately in the blank form and click on the ‘Next’ button for next question.


how to earn cryptocurrency free guide


Ninth Step: Complete the next question and click on the ‘Start’ button to start real work to earn free bitcoin solving these simple captcha as shown on the image below:


start earning cryptocurrency solving data entry tasks


Tenth and Last Step: Now start the work and earn free bitcoin doing simple captcha typing as follows on the image below. Type the number from the captcha only; don’t type + or any other words to follow the rules.


how to earn cryptocurrency doing simple data entry


If there is an email address need to type as example on the image below then don’t type @; but type other words and click on the ‘Next’ and do continue (If there is nothing on the image to type then leave the blank form empty and click on ‘Next’ to be continued to do next task).


Earn cryptocurrency for free guide



Hope you have followed all steps and doing good job. Now the question is:

How many bitcoin can I earn? and How do I get paid?

How many bitcoin you will earn depends on your Typing skills and typing speed performance by word per minute (WPM) as well on your internet connection.

By the way there is many other ways that also helps you to earn free bitcoin without any limits.


Here is 8 ways earn unlimited free bitcoin as example:

  1. Data Entry
  2. Earn Offers
  3. Completing Survey
  4. Completing Jobs
  5. Crowdflower Tasks
  6. Installing Apps
  7. Watching Videos
  8. Inviting Friends


Data entry captcha solving will is a simple and easy task that gives you opportunity to earn bitcoin typing on their system.

Earnings of bitcoin count on each point you earn solving captchas. Each 1 point will earn you 0.0000010 Bitcoin satoshi. You can earn more than 100 points per day if your typing skills and internet connection are good enough. Each 100 points will earn you 0.0001000 per day. If you do more, you earn more.


To increase your earnings of bitcoin, just use all other ways to earn even more.

Once you reach minimum 0.0003100 bitcoin threshold; you can submit a withdrawal request to get paid. It takes up to 24 hours or 7 days as per their policy and rules to get paid.

There is minimum 0.0003000 bitcoin fee required to withdraw your earnings. But it is not recommended.

I recommend you to reach at least 0.0042067 bitcoin and submit a withdrawal request because there is no fees required for this balance.


To learn more about this amazing program read this post, Earn Digital Crypto Currency For Free


Note: After joining you must complete this task to request to get paid is: Connect your social media account, connect PayPal, Verify your Phone number and you’re done.

If you have a question feel free to leave a reply in the comment box below so I can help you to get started. Thanks for reading this post.

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Bitcoin Affiliate Program


Social media plugins are used for making content easily available to people through various social media platforms. In today’s day and age, the importance of social media is unequalled, so much so that if you want to have any success with your website, you have to be on social media. It plays a big role in getting more engagement for your site, which ultimately improves the SEO rankings.





Social media plugins are used for making content easily available to people through various social media platforms. In today’s day and age, the importance of social media is unequalled, so much so that if you want to have any success with your website, you have to be on social media. It plays a big role in getting more engagement for your site, which ultimately improves the SEO rankings.

Social media plugins are the easiest ways to create a link between your website and social media. There are various plugins which allow you to increase your shares, track the number of followers and they also add to your content. But, since there are so many plugins out there, it might be difficult for you to pick the ones that would work the best for your website! Don’t worry! Here, we have compiled a list of the best social media plugins, making it easier for you and your requirements! Read on.

⦁ Monarch

Monarch better social sharing wordpress plugins

Monarch, being a product of Elegant Themes, is one of the most expensive social media plugins. But there are various reasons as to why it is definitely worth it! First of all, it has five sharing locations, namely, floating social sidebar, inline sharing links, media sharing, social sharing pop-ups and fly-ins. With Monarch, you can add a share button to numerous places, which includes mobile sites. With the pop-ups and fly-ins, one can actually choose how to activate the social share buttons. For instance, once a user leaves a comment, you can choose to display the social share buttons. In such cases, there are greater chances of conversion, because the user has already commented and shown interest in the content of your website. From customizing the style of the social media buttons to adding social share counts, you can do anything with it.

⦁ Social Warfare

Social Welfare WordPress Plugin review

Social Warfare is one of the most popular plugins for bringing more traffic to websites. Although the free version of Social Warfare has a few light features, the premium one is undoubtedly far better. What really sets apart Social Warfare from other social media plugins is that it has some really unique features, such as adding Pinterest-specific pictures, customizing tweets, recovery of share counts, creating links with your account etc. The buttons are attractive and you have the option to select styles and colors you like. Social Warfare also adds UTM tracking to the shared links, so that you get a complete analysis of the social data.

⦁ Mashshare

MashShare WordPress Plugin review

Mashshare helps you to add Mashable-style social sharing buttons. It also increases social proof as it lets you show the actual share count as well as the virtual shares. To ensure that your site doesn’t get slowed down, it uses neat caching for the share counts. If all you want is the Mashable style buttons, then the free version is enough for you. But, you can always get the premium versions for other purposes such as Google Analytics Event Tracking and more social networks. There is also an added feature where you can ask people to like your page soon after they have shared your post. Since they have already shared your post, there is a higher chance that they would like your page as well.

⦁ Kiwi Social Share

Kiwi Social Share WordPress Plugin review

Kiwi Social Share is a reliable social media plugin which is known for its usability. While it might not be highly customizable, it is definitely known for its simple features which are very easy-to-use. It also supports a number of social media sites. Beginners especially love Kiwi Social Share for being lightweight and also for its suitable GUI design. With Kiwi Social Share, social media buttons and floating bars can be customized easily. It also has certain additional features which can change bar sizes, button shapes and sizes, share count and more. For Twitter, it provides a Click to Tweet bar and for Page meta handling, it has a meta-box. All these features are available with the free version of Kiwi Social Share. However, with the premium version, you will get even more attractive features.

⦁ Shareaholic

Shareaholic WordPress Plugin review

More than a social media plugin, Shareaholic is one amazing content amplification platform. From share buttons to social analytics, it has all the functionalities you need. You can improve the engagement of your posts as well as increase your site traffic for free with Shareaholic. You are also allowed to add native ads, promoted content and affiliate links to make your website reach out to more people. It has a simple user interface where you can display social share buttons anywhere, either below the content or above the content or even in both places. It also lets you choose the kind of layout you like and want to use. It is all about your choice.

⦁ Sumo

Sumo Social Share WordPress Plugin review

Sumo is a free social media plugin which is also extremely easy to use. With Sumo, your readers can join your email list and share articles posted by you on your website. It also has all the important statistics laid out for you. Some of the primary tools of Sumo are share button, welcome mat, pop-up to build email subscriptions and image sharer.

⦁ Social Snap

Sumo Social Share WordPress Plugin review

Although Social Snap is a relatively new name in the field of social media plugins, it still has a lot going for it. First of all, it has a beautifully designed user interface and some really attractive social share buttons. Also, on top of that, it has a long list of features that are highly beneficial for users. Even if it has a free version, the best features naturally come with the paid one. It lets you share buttons with more than 30 social networks. There are also additional placement options like a “sticky bar” or “share hub”. You also have the opportunity to choose buttons that you like, according to shapes, sizes and color. With Social Snap, you can control the look of your content by editing your social media metadata.


Thus, with all of these trending social media plugins, it is extremely convenient for you to increase your website reach to any point you want. Social media is one of the most popular yardsticks for measuring the relevance of your website today. So, according to your needs and requirements, choose any of the above-mentioned plugins that you like and see your website soar high on the barometer of social media success!

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Bitcoin Affiliate Program

3 Amazing Apps to earn free bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin



3 Amazing Apps to earn free bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin
3 Amazing Apps to earn free bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin
3 Amazing Apps to earn free bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin

Hello buddy, I am Abdur Rakib Sohel, the author of this post.  In this post, I would like to share with you 3 amazing apps that is paying popular cryptocurrency mainly Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) for playing simple games.

If you’re one of those who are interested to earn free cryptocurrency and wants to accumulate to sell whenever market is up to withdraw the profit then you’re on the right place to learn more about these apps which I’m gonna talk in this post.

Before coming to the point, I would like to clear one thing that is you could earn cryptocurrency playing simple games though earnings will be low.

So before getting started to work on these apps make sure you’d feel happy with low earnings.

Here are 3 amazing apps to earn cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Ethereum & Litecoin):

Free Ethereum Spinner

Cast Away Studio named their first app as ‘Free Ethereum Spinner’. You will get 10000 Ethereum gwei instantly to your Coinbase account upon registering on app as bonus.

Free Ethereum Spinner also gives you opportunity to cash out your first payment anytime you earn some GWEI. After that, you will be paid once in every 3 days. 

You could earn more than 2,00,000 GWEI (Ethereum) in every 3 days worth of few cents in USD. 

Anyone from around the world have access to this app. This app can only be downloaded on Android device.

There is no restriction to join. There is no limit; you could earn as much as want.

Interested to earn Ethereum with this app? Download Free Ethereum Spinner from Google Play Store now.

Free Litecoin Spinner

Download Free Litecoin Spinner
Free Litecoin Spinner

This app is also developed by Cast Away Studio, the same developer who first launched Free Ethereum Spinner. 

Cast Away Studio developer Olivier French named this app as ‘Free Litecoin Spinner’. You could earn as much Litecoin cryptocurrency as you want working on this app.

Free Litecoin Spinner also sent joining bonus about 5000 to 10000 Litoshi to your Coinbase account upon registering after installing this app. You could also cash out your first payment instantly whatever you earn from this app.

After first payment, you’re required to wait at least 3 days to request new payment.

You could earn more than 1,00,000 Litoshi in every 3 days and withdraw any amount you earn to your Coinbase account.

This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store to  your android device.

Anyone from around world can join and start earning Litecoin playing coin spin games on this app.

There is no GEO restriction. There is no limit.

Interested to earn from this app? Download Free Litecoin Spinner from Google Play Store now.

Free Bitcoin Spinner

This app also created and developed by Cast Away Studio and owned by Olivier French.

Like other two app, Free Bitcoin Spinner also has same rules and regulations if you’d like to work and start earning free bitcoin playing simple coin spin game.

You will be given 100 to 500 bitcoin satoshi instant bonus upon registering after installing their app to your android device.

You could also earn and able to withdraw instantly your first payment to your Coinbase account.

This app is not available outside of US. If you want to earn bitcoin using this app from outside of US then use free VPN (ex: SkyVPN – connect it) then Download Free Bitcoin Spinner from here and open to earn free bitcoin which you can withdraw to your Coinbase account.

Interested to earn free Bitcoin? Download Free Bitcoin Spinner from Google Play Store now.

This is all about 3 amazing apps from where you can earn free cryptocurrency. Hopefully this post comes out helpful for you.

If you find it helpful then please share this post with your friends and leave your feedback.

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Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Earn any digital cryptocurrency free | No Investment Required



Earn Any Digital Cryptocurrency free | No Investment Required


Earn Any Digital Cryptocurrency free | No Investment Required


  • Want to earn free dogecoin, bitcoin, peercoin, ripplecoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, dashcoin, blackcoin or any other crypto-currency?
  • Want to earn crypto-currency watching videos or completing simple offers?
  • Want to earn crypto-currency doing simple data entry task?
  • Want to earn crypto-currency during your online activity?
  • Want to earn and convert into cash?


If you are searching the way to earn any digital cryptocurrency free ex: bitcoin, dogecoin, ripplecoin, peercoin, dashcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, blackcoin, ethereum, primecoin or any other digital crypto-currency without any investment and just for completing simple tasks, completing surveys, watching videos, downloading and installing apps, doing data entry task and referring friends and encourage them to do same to earn more then you are in right place to know how you can earn easily.


Yes, now you can earn free digital crypto-currency from just one faucet and that is You can earn almost all digital currency from this faucet. Below is the most expected links- click on any link to register to set as your main coin.


Click here to Register for free Dogecoin

Click here to Register for free Bitcoin

Click here to Register for free Ripplecoin

Click here to Register for free Ethereum

Click here to Register for free Bitcoin cash

Click here to Register for free Litecoin


Register to earn free digital crypto currency clicking on any of the popular link and you can change your main coin in your account.

You can withdraw as many dogecoin or any other coin you want though there is fees which they deduct from your main balance. For dogecoin, there is 2 dogecoin fees for any amount you withdraw.


Easy Method To Earn 100 to 1000 Dogecoin

I know you probably here to know how you can earn 100 to 1000 Dogecoin per day, right? Is it true or not? I would tell you big YES. It’s true and 100% working for everyone who is searching like this program with no fees or investment required. Follow the step below how you can earn 100 dogecoin or more everyday just for doing simple task is:

  • Data Entry: Data entry is the best option to work on to make more than 100 dogecoin per day. You can earn more than 1000 dogecoin everyday if you work 5 to 6 hour or type minimum 1000+ correct words. Earn even more dogecoin completing offers, survey, installing apps, watching videos & referring friends.


Watch this full video to learn the process how to earn cryptocurrency for free. This video is in another language (Bengali). But you just watch the video so you may understand whole procedure to kick start making cryptocurrency without any investment.


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Bitcoin Affiliate Program Review: Get paid for Every Message You Read


on Review Get paid for every message you read

Did you ever got paid online either in cash or cryptocurrency like bitcoin with social network website? Or Want to get paid for every message you read and cash out earnings via bitcoin? Doubt in mind? Why you are going to be paid for only reading message? But want to find out is it really pay for reading message and answering question?

In this article, you will find out what is and how to get paid for every message you read and answer in; that might not make a BIG fortune for you, but if you apply your best on this network and spend time reading and answering when a task available you are surely going to be paid. 

So let’s get started… Review: 100% Legitimate Social Network that pays for every message you read

What is is a first token-based social network that is very much similar to LinkedIn though there is no similarity between this two network because of it’s nature. LinkedIn is only a social network for employer and employee who engage to find a job or offer a job and communicating between them. 

In other part, is a decentralized token-based social network who connects business owner or employer, employee independent user and people to communicate between them. Business owner can send a paid survey or a paid question to users of and answering this an independent user can earn up to $20 for every task. It is variable and there is no limitation depends on business owner budget.

An independent user also can send a message to ask something they’re need either it is a paid or unpaid question.


Who is behind of token-based social network?

Balaji Srinivasan is the founder and Ben Horowitz is Board of Director of decentralized token-based social network.

Check out images below to see the team of technology experts who has established this awesome social network website. Team Board

Features and more details about is an awesome first token-based decentralized social network that can be used to earn digital currency by simply replying to emails and completing tasks sent to you. going to launch new token but there is no Initial Coin Offering (ICO) system.

You need to get verified signing up with As soon as you are verified, the more tokens you possibly get.

ERN is the symbol of as token with 100,000,000,000 token supply which price will be listed on exchange as soon as the total token supply gets off after launch.

You will receive ERN token as soon as its launches. If you want to receive ERN token from airdrop system, then you should sign up as soon as possible and get verified. After ERN token launch this offer will be closed.

How does works?

With, you can make money online by joining in the lists of people with similar skills and completing targeted and paid micro tasks and answering question sent by a business owner.

All you need to do apply to one of the business lists in and when you get accepted to a list, you will receive a stream of list-specific tasks sent by businesses that you need to complete to earn money.

As example, If you are a programmer and you can apply to the programmer list to get paid to reply recruiters and complete tasks on new technologies. 


If you are Bitcoin or Ethereum holder, then apply to the Bitcoin or Ethereum lists to allow the founders of new ICOs and Cryptocurrency owner to distribute ledger products to pay to reach you prior to their launch.


If you are a student or affiliate of a network, then apply to the specific network list to get paid compensation paid by entrepreneurs who want to hire your or have you to try out new apps.


If you are none any of these above also you can join this network and get paid completing task when an offer comes to your inbox. Simply answer and earn money or cryptocurrency. partner with many popular network or company who giving away free ICO coins for answering question as airdrop basis.

How do I get paid from

You can get paid for answering question, reading emails, accepting promotional offers which can be redeemed through Bitcoin. 

You will get paid to read email from your outside network with an profile.

You also get ERN free token from an airdrop system after its launches and distribution and redeem it through cryptocurrency exchange services to convert it into any other cryptocurrency or dollar.

You can use your Google Mail to connect with to get paid when anyone wants to reach to you for a promotional or business purpose through this social network. 

How much can I earn with has a new update where they have introduce with you a simple method to earn $100 worth of free bitcoin for inviting your friends.

You can earn even more because there is no limit as they will pay $1 for each user invited by you who have joined and verified their account.

When I will be paid?

As soon as you have earned $2, you can request payment to withdraw your earnings via bitcoin.

You can exchange your bitcoin with Changelly to convert it into cash ex: Euro, Dollar, Pound etc.



There is no doubt that is a great token-based social network website that is paying for answer and tasks completed by you.

I highly recommend everyone who are interested to earn money online. If you can not earn here then it is hard to make some money elsewhere.

For any query about this topic feel free to leave a reply or share your thoughts.

I have earned $45 worth of Bitcoin from answering 45 question. Need payment proof? Ask in comment…

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Affiliate Marketing

Top Six Bitcoin Affiliate Programs



Top Six Bitcoin Affiliate Programs


Top Six Bitcoin Affiliate Programs


The growth of cryptocurrencies in the last decade has been more than evident. Ever since the Bitcoin became the first decentralized digital currency in 2009, millions of people around the world have decided to start using it. People who engage in a process called mining are rewarded with a (portion of) Bitcoin, and they can be exchanged for other currencies, products, or services.

In this article we take a look at five of the best Bitcoin affiliate programs:



Exmo is an exchange platform and wallet service for cryptocurrency. It pays a 25% commission to every transaction made by referrals. It is used by half a million traders and it uses Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, and Dogecoin. One of the best features about this platform is that it has a live chat which can be used by traders for sharing information between them.



Coinbase is recognized as one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms where Ethereum and Litecoin are traded and $20 billion have been exchanged so far. It offers its 10 million users a $10 bonus for each referral.



Coinmama is used by half a million traders from every part of the world. You can buy there Bitcoin and Ethereum. When a referral is made, Coinmama gives a 15% commission which is paid towards the end of each month. The only catch is that one must make three successful orders from three users to get a payment.



LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange that also provides online wallets. The lifetime commission of 30% is one of the highest commissions out there, and it operates by making the payment directly to the wallet of an affiliate. In order for the referral to be successfully paid, the referral needs to make a purchase or exchange in a year from the registration date.



LakeBTC is involved in the trade of around 40 digital currencies. It is one of the exchange platforms which give the highest commission, as it gives up to 30% on all the referrals made. The Shanghai based exchange platform has three main points which make it one of the best platforms: security, liquidity, and service.



CoinFalcon is a cryptocurrency exchanged and trading platform with more over 40 digital currencies which a coin holder can hold altcoin or sell to make the highest possible profit. CoinFalcon offers 50% commission for each and every referral send by a member when their referral make deposit and trade buy and sell. This London based UK company running their service to all over the world.

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