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Blockchain Technology

Basics of Blockchain Technology: What is Blockchain?



basics of blockchain technology what is blockchain technology

Basics of Blockchain Technology

Basics of Blockchain Technology: blockchain innovation and Bitcoin

Blockchain, the establishment of Bitcoin, has gotten broad considerations as of late. Blockchain fills in as a permanent record which permits exchanges to occur in a decentralized way. Blockchain-based applications are jumping up, covering various fields including money-related administrations, notoriety framework, and Internet of Things (IoT), et cetera. In any case, there are as yet numerous difficulties of blockchain innovation, for example, versatility and security issues holding up to be survived.


Cryptographic money has turned into a trendy expression in both industry and the scholarly world. As a standout amongst the best digital currency, Bitcoin has appreciated an enormous accomplishment with its capital market achieving 10 billion dollars in 2016. With an extraordinarily planned information stockpiling structure, exchanges in the Bitcoin system could occur with no outsider and the center innovation to fabricate Bitcoin is blockchain, which was first proposed in 2008 and actualized in 2009. Blockchain could be viewed as an open record and every single submitted exchange are put away in a rundown of squares. This chain develops as new squares are added to it consistently. Deviated cryptography and appropriated agreement calculations have been actualized for client security and record consistency.


Bitcoin is a digital currency. Which means, it’s a totally computerized type of cash. As the overall population has turned out to be progressively taught about the advantages of cryptographic money, they have begun to genuinely put resources into it. That, as well as it’s really ending up very basic for individuals to utilize bitcoins to purchase all way of things. As of late, it’s significant that there are numerous a bigger number of players in the digital currency amusement than just Bitcoin. Different monetary standards have started to fly up, as: Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, and Ripple to give some examples. The circumstance is the same with these computerized monetary standards. What’s most energizing to us, isn’t really the money itself, however the blockchain! To many, the blockchain is the achievement that can possibly really reform the world and business.


The blockchain innovation by and large has key qualities of decentralization, persistency, namelessness, and auditability. With these attributes, blockchain can extraordinarily spare the cost and enhance the efficiency. Since it enables installment to be finished with no bank or any go-between, blockchain can be utilized in different financial services, for example, computerized resources, settlement, and online installment. Furthermore, it can likewise be connected to other fields including shrewd contracts, open administrations, the Internet of things (IoT), notoriety frameworks and security administrations. Those fields support blockchain in various ways. As a matter of first importance, blockchain is permanent. The exchange can’t alter once it is stuffed into the blockchain.

After the huge air pocket burst in 2008, an unknown individual calling themselves Satoshi Nakamoto, a paper that spread out the convention for another type of advanced exchange utilizing digital money. All the more particularly, Satoshi Nakamoto is in charge of planning both bitcoin and the principal blockchain database.


Organizations that require high dependability and trustworthiness can utilize blockchain to draw in clients. Plus, blockchain is appropriated and can dodge the single purpose of disappointment circumstance. With respect to shrewd contracts, the agreement could be executed by diggers naturally once the agreement has been sent on the blockchain.

The objective of the database was sufficiently basic. Empower individuals to perform safe exchanges without the requirement for an interceding.

What’s more, the blockchain database can achieve only that. There’s no requirement for a mediator like a bank, the legislature, or installment organization.


It empowers clients to send and get cash safely in a flash. Think about the advantages:

  • Reliable
  • Distributed
  • Vigorously scrambled


The blockchain innovation has awesome potential for the development without bounds Internet frameworks, it is confronting various specialized difficulties. Right off the bat, versatility is an immense concern. Bitcoin square size is constrained to 1 MB now while a square is mined about like clockwork. Thusly, the bitcoin arrange is limited to a rate of 7 exchanges for every second, which is unequipped for managing high-recurrence exchanging. In any case, bigger squares mean bigger storage room and slower spread in the system. This will prompt centralization bit by bit as less clients might want to keep up such a vast blockchain. In this way the trade-off between square size and security has been an intense test. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that mineworkers could accomplish bigger income than what’s coming to them through selfish mining system. Miners hide their dug hinders for more income later on. In that way, branches could happen much of the time, which obstructs blockchain advancement.


Subsequently a few arrangements should be advanced to fix this issue. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that protection spillage could likewise occur in blockchain even clients just make exchanges with their open key and private key. Besides, current accord calculations like confirmation of work or verification of stake are confronting some significant issues. For instance, confirmation of work squanders excessively electrical vitality while the marvel that the rich get more extravagant could show up in the verification of stake accord process.

The blockchain is an arrangement of squares, which holds a total rundown of exchange records like the customary open record.

Blockchain utilizes a asymmetric cryptography component to approve the verification of exchanges. The advanced mark in view of unbalanced cryptography is utilized in a conniving domain.


basics of blockchain technology what is blockchain technology


Blockchain has the accompanying key characteristics:

Decentralization: In traditional brought together exchange frameworks, every exchange should be approved through the focal confided in organization (e.g., the national bank), unavoidably bringing about the cost and the execution bottle-necks at the focal servers. Difference to the brought together mode, the outsider is never again required in the blockchain. Accord calculations in blockchain are utilized to keep up information consistency in the dispersed network.

Persistency: Exchanges can be approved rapidly and invalid exchanges would not be conceded by legit excavators. It is almost difficult to erase or rollback exchanges once they are incorporated into the blockchain. Obstructs that contain invalid exchanges could be found immediately.

Anonymity: Every client can collaborate with the blockchain with a created address, which does not uncover the genuine character of the client. Note that blockchain cannot ensure the ideal security conservation because of the inborn imperative

Thus, this infographic presents by the Fullestop, where you can see all the things about blockchain technology.

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Blockchain Technology

Electroneum ETN Free Cloud Mining Review



Electroneum Free Cloud Mining Review

Many of you’ve already heard about Cloud Mining. And you know to mine any cryptocurrency basically we need to purchase a contract of cloud mining. Those who are looking for free cloud mining contract to earn cryptocurrency without any prior investment this post for you.

In this blog post, I’m gonna review tell you Electroneum (ETN) Cloud Mining that is free and you do not need to purchase any contract to mine this special coin. You will learn how to mine Electroneum (ETN), what is cloud mining, how does it works, how to activate free Cloud Mining for free ETN coin and how to join in this program.

Electroneum Free Cloud Mining Review: What is Cloud Mining?

Electroneum (ETN) is a well-known digital currency (cryptocurrency) powered by blockchain. They are using blockchain to unlock the global digital economy for millions of people in the developing world.

The mission is the company to help people living anywhere in the globe so they can live life on their own terms.

Richard Ells is the CEO and Founder of Electroneum (ETN) digital product who started his interest in back of 2015. He was building GPU mining rigs by 2016 when the Bitcoin was worth just a near US 500 Dollar. He knew blockchain technology would change the world for the better.

electroneum free cloud mining review earn free etn

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud Mining is the new source of earning Electroneum (ETN) on your mobile phone. It helps people like you to grow your Electroneum mining account and exchange for real money. Anyone from around the world with no mining experience can mine Electroneum (ETN) coin using uninterrupted internet connection on their phone.

How does Cloud Mining works?

One you’re done activating Cloud Mining on your account, you will be earning Electroneum without having to keep the app active on your device. All the mining magic is handled on Electroneum servers, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

There are 7 days of Cloud Mining contract before your mining will stop. You need to start mining again and it is because of to ensure there is no bot but only real people earning Electroneum.

After 24 hours of starting Cloud Mining you can extend the amount of Cloud Mining you have left back to 7 days, so make sure you come back to the app at least once a week to keep your mining active.

How do I Join and Download the Electroneum Cloud Mining App?

Go to and Create a wallet if you don’t have an account. Make ensure you open a wallet, filled in personal information correctly, set up a pin code for payment transaction and secure logged in, copy the public address and download the ‘Electroneum‘ Cloud Mining app from Google Play Store.

How do I activate Cloud Mining on my Electroneum app?

Open the ETN app, log in to your account. Take a picture of yourself and your Cloud Mining app will be activated. In a few days, you will be asked for a second selfie, you’ll need to draw a symbol on a piece of paper and take a selfie with that. Once you have been verified , payouts will be unlocked.

How fast can I mine and earn Electroneum for free?

The amount of Electroneum (ETN) you can mine is constantly fluctuating so there is never a defined number, the best thing to do is to leave it running for a period of time and measure the amount you’ve earned.

Does this use a lot of date to mine Electroneum?

No, as the mining doesn’t take place on the device there is very little data usage.

When do I get paid or can withdraw my free earned Electroneum?

Once you’re reached minimum payout threshold of 10 ETN, your earned Electroneum will be moved to your wallet.

Is Electroneum Cloud Mining Scam or Legit?

There is no doubt about this great project. It is a great profitable product and service that will make you millionaire or earn you couple of thousands dollar in upcoming days if you’ve as much ETN in your wallet. If you don’t have collect it. This is a legit project; not scam and you can start mining to earn free Electroneum (ETN) coin using their official mobile Electroneum app.

Final Words

Earn as much free ETN Electroneum coin as you can so it will earn you thousands even millions of dollars when the price goes to higher level as expert predicted like this. Go ahead. Wish your success. If you find this post helpful then scan the below QR code or copy the referral code to join in my team.

Electroneum Free Cloud Mining Review _ Referral code scan qr

Electroneum Cloud Mining Review

Electroneum (ETN) Free Cloud Mining Review

Cloud Mining is the new source of earning Electroneum (ETN) on your mobile phone. It helps people like you to grow your Electroneum mining account and exchange for real money. Anyone from around the world with no mining experience can mine Electroneum (ETN) coin using uninterrupted internet connection on their phone.

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Blockchain Technology

Top 5 Bitcoin Publisher Networking Platform in 2019: Monetize your website today



Top 5 Bitcoin Publisher Networking Platform in 2019: Monetize your website today

Do you have blockchain or cryptocurrency based website or blog?

Want to monetize your blog or niche site displaying cryptocurrency or blockchain related ads?

Want to get paid via digital currency like bitcoin?

If you say YES, then you’re in right way to maximize your earnings displaying crypto advertisement on your blog.

In this blog post, I am gonna share with you about top 5 Crypto advertising & Publisher network that offers huge income opportunity via (CPM) Cost Per Impression and (CPC) Cost Per Click.

Read this post till the end and don’t miss out… So let’s get started…

What is Blockchain technology?

“The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.”
Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016).

Here are the top 5 crypto publisher or advertising network that you would like to monetize your blog with:

1. BitcoAdz:

BitcoAdz is a crypto based digital advertising network that provides high quality traffic to their client / advertiser business website.

There is a huge earnings opportunity for publisher who monetize with BitcoAdz.

I’ve used and continue using this publisher network which you can try to maximize your revenue.

Payment Processor: Bitcoin.
Minimum Payout: 0.004 Bitcoin.
Advertising Type: CPM / CPC / CPA.

2. Coinzilla

Coinzilla is one of the most popular advertising networks who provides high quality crypto based website traffic to its customer. Publisher gets fast approval after initial website submission. Your website must be at least 3 months old for approval.

The following policies you should check before apply as a publisher:

– You are posting content regularly on your blog.
– The contents you’re posting should be related to crypto and financial industry.
– You’re not displaying ads from any other advertising network.
– Your website should have a valid SSL certificate.
– Your domain should be purchased one and not used free sub-domain like,

Payment Processor: Bitcoin.
Minimum Payout: 0.0001 Bitcoin.
Advertising Type: CPM / CPC.

3. CoinTraffic

CoinTraffic is another of the top quality bitcoin advertising networking platform. Publisher are eligible for fast approval upon submitting top quality domain to their network.

If you want to monetize your website with CoinTraffic, must follow below requirements:

– Domain should be paid one and not allowed free domain like
– Website should get 10000 unique visitors every month.
– Should have a website that you own and related to crypto.
– CoinTraffic not allowed adult-content.

Payment Processor: Bitcoin.
Minimum Payout: N/A.
Advertising Type: CPM / CPC.

4. MellowAds

MellowAds is one of the leading bitcoin advertising networking platform who specializes providing banner and pop-under advertisement model. They provide 10% pay for network campaign which is managed by its automatic payment system. This is the very fast growing advertising network where you can make money from

Publisher website gets approved manually if followed required policy below:

– Website must be at least 3 months old.
– Have manageable Alexa ranking history.

Payment Processor: Bitcoin and other available payment method.
Minimum Payout: N/A.
Advertising Type: Banner, Pop-Under.

5. Bittraffic

This is one of most leading bitcoin / crypto advertising network platform for those publisher who has niche related website.

In order to earn money monetizing website or blog, you can apply as publisher to earn money effectively on Bittraffic displaying their ads on your website.

Payment Processor: Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies.
Minimum Payout: N/A.
Advertising Type: N/A.

Final Words

That is all crypto advertising and publisher network platform I’ve choosen to introduce with you so you can get quick notices about them to choose which platform is best fit for you to earn money monetizing your blog or niche website.

If you feel this post was helpful for you, please spread the love sharing this post because sharing is caring. Leave your feedback in comment box any question you might have. Thank you.

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Bitcoin Affiliate Program

3 Amazing Apps to earn free bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin



3 Amazing Apps to earn free bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin
3 Amazing Apps to earn free bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin
3 Amazing Apps to earn free bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin

Hello buddy, I am Abdur Rakib Sohel, the author of this post.  In this post, I would like to share with you 3 amazing apps that is paying popular cryptocurrency mainly Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) for playing simple games.

If you’re one of those who are interested to earn free cryptocurrency and wants to accumulate to sell whenever market is up to withdraw the profit then you’re on the right place to learn more about these apps which I’m gonna talk in this post.

Before coming to the point, I would like to clear one thing that is you could earn cryptocurrency playing simple games though earnings will be low.

So before getting started to work on these apps make sure you’d feel happy with low earnings.

Here are 3 amazing apps to earn cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Ethereum & Litecoin):

Free Ethereum Spinner

Cast Away Studio named their first app as ‘Free Ethereum Spinner’. You will get 10000 Ethereum gwei instantly to your Coinbase account upon registering on app as bonus.

Free Ethereum Spinner also gives you opportunity to cash out your first payment anytime you earn some GWEI. After that, you will be paid once in every 3 days. 

You could earn more than 2,00,000 GWEI (Ethereum) in every 3 days worth of few cents in USD. 

Anyone from around the world have access to this app. This app can only be downloaded on Android device.

There is no restriction to join. There is no limit; you could earn as much as want.

Interested to earn Ethereum with this app? Download Free Ethereum Spinner from Google Play Store now.

Free Litecoin Spinner

Download Free Litecoin Spinner
Free Litecoin Spinner

This app is also developed by Cast Away Studio, the same developer who first launched Free Ethereum Spinner. 

Cast Away Studio developer Olivier French named this app as ‘Free Litecoin Spinner’. You could earn as much Litecoin cryptocurrency as you want working on this app.

Free Litecoin Spinner also sent joining bonus about 5000 to 10000 Litoshi to your Coinbase account upon registering after installing this app. You could also cash out your first payment instantly whatever you earn from this app.

After first payment, you’re required to wait at least 3 days to request new payment.

You could earn more than 1,00,000 Litoshi in every 3 days and withdraw any amount you earn to your Coinbase account.

This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store to  your android device.

Anyone from around world can join and start earning Litecoin playing coin spin games on this app.

There is no GEO restriction. There is no limit.

Interested to earn from this app? Download Free Litecoin Spinner from Google Play Store now.

Free Bitcoin Spinner

This app also created and developed by Cast Away Studio and owned by Olivier French.

Like other two app, Free Bitcoin Spinner also has same rules and regulations if you’d like to work and start earning free bitcoin playing simple coin spin game.

You will be given 100 to 500 bitcoin satoshi instant bonus upon registering after installing their app to your android device.

You could also earn and able to withdraw instantly your first payment to your Coinbase account.

This app is not available outside of US. If you want to earn bitcoin using this app from outside of US then use free VPN (ex: SkyVPN – connect it) then Download Free Bitcoin Spinner from here and open to earn free bitcoin which you can withdraw to your Coinbase account.

Interested to earn free Bitcoin? Download Free Bitcoin Spinner from Google Play Store now.

This is all about 3 amazing apps from where you can earn free cryptocurrency. Hopefully this post comes out helpful for you.

If you find it helpful then please share this post with your friends and leave your feedback.

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Blockchain Technology

What is IOTA and how it prepares us for the future?



What is iota? about future?

About IOTA and its Future

There are literally thousands of varieties of cryptocurrencies available today to suit any preferences, but the only one talked about is Bitcoin, with the rare exception of Ethereum.

However, the industry has plenty of interesting representatives.

The assumption is that in the future, “things” will become active participants in business, as they will be able to interact and communicate among themselves, reacting to and influencing the processes taking place in the world, without human intervention.

These things may need to perform transactions with each other. This is exactly why the cryptocurrency IOTA was created. In order to fully understand the differences between cryptocurrencies, you need to have a general understanding of how they work.

The well-known Bitcoin uses blockchain technology. This is a continuous chain of blocks of information that is formed according to certain rules. IOTA’s main innovation is an alternative to the blockchain that is called Tangle. It involves a new distributed ledger architecture – effectively, a new version of the blockchain. You could call this system a “blockchain without blocks and chains” (semantically, Tangle is blockchainless).

The blockchain almost always functions without a central administrator to configure the network nodes, which means that the architecture of the blockchain is not just distributed, but decentralized. In this regard, it is essential to the blockchain that all participants share a single view of the transaction ledger. To solve this problem, Bitcoin uses consensus node blocks. They are handled by miners (people who use the computing power of their PC to process transactions), who get a portion of cryptocurrency in return.

IOTA doesn’t have any “blocks” per se. Instead, each transaction refers to two past transactions. This transaction reference is treated as approval: with your transaction, you explicitly confirm that the two transactions and the Tangle are valid and comply with the protocol rules. And IOTA doesn’t have miners, either! Instead of leaving the smaller part of the network (just the miners) responsible for the general consensus, the entire network of active participants (i.e., devices that make transactions) directly participates in the approval of transactions. As a result, consensus is no longer separated from the transaction process in IOTA: it is an integral part of it, and this is what allows IOTA to scale without any transaction fees.


Let’s look at the most important features of IOTA:

No Commission – Yes, it’s true. You can make transactions for less than one cent in IOTA, because there aren’t any commission fees!

No Mining – With no commissions, mining doesn’t make sense economically. So instead of a small group of users, all active participants are responsible for consensus.

Scalability – Modern blockchain networks have specific limitations related to their restricted scalability, demanding hardware requirements, and high transaction commissions. With the new technology, it is normal to expect high scalability and adaptability to high-level systems where devices perform thousands and millions of transactions.

Offline Transactions – Blockchain represents a concept of a global state, where each participant of the network synchronizes with a universal system in order to make a payment. Tangle’s requirements are not as strict, allowing users to join together in clusters and even make offline payments using coins.

Internet of Things –  This is an interesting concept that refers to a network of physical objects (“things”) equipped with built-in technologies for interacting with each other or with the external environment. This could be a phenomenon that completely reconstructs economic and social processes. Practically, the main purpose of IOTA is to provide symbiosis and cooperation with the Internet of Things. Given the potential of these technologies, the price of IOTA is expected to continue growing from year to year.

If you believe in the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, if you want to secure a place for yourself in a future where cryptocurrencies reign, and if you want to witness the origins of a new financial system, then it is best to invest now.

The best way to do this is on the IQ Option platform, which is one of the largest online exchanges in the world.
IQ Option offers its customers a wide range of cryptocurrency assets, a steadily growing number of available trading instruments, everything necessary for technical and fundamental analysis, a user-friendly interface, 24/7 customer support, lightning-fast credits and withdrawals of funds, and much, much more.
May you and your assets continue to grow!

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Blockchain Technology

Enecuum ICO (Token Sale) Review



Enecuum ICO Review

Enecuum is online world first blockchain to unite millions collected devices into a single network. With more and more devices connected to this network, the higher the speed with no cap on scalability.

It is a state-of-the-art blockchain environment that promotes security through smart contracts, allowing instant transactions with zero commission. The project aims to solve the problem of network scaling by simultaneously supporting three algorithms for mining: Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Proof-of-Work (PoW), Proof-of-Action (PoA).

Enecuum ICO Review


Enecuum ICO Review:

Mikhail Sayfullin is the CEO, Founder of Enecuum ICO blockchain technology and Ivan V. Ivanov is Co-founder of the network and many other professional are within this ICO network who working behind this project.

This project has been launched in 2015 which aim was to analyze the architecture of various known blockchains for existing problems and ways to solve them. In 2017, form a team of developers to create a new architecture and system was launched in test mode in December 2017.

The project implementation was happened to create its protocol, RFC API and wallet in mid 2018. System PoW, PoA, PoS and Smart Contracts SHARNELL built in the end of the same year. They have plan to create a gateway to make an automatic transfer system of smart contracts from other system to Enecuum in 2019 and continuously improve the protocol.



Enecuum is a token under Ethereum platform; who makes its token name as ENQ which ERC-20 based. 

Price of each ENQ token is equal to 0.04 USD and they accept ETH for investor. They’ve already distributed over 46% in ICO.

Soft cap of ENQ market capital is 5,967,552 USD, Hard cap of ENQ market capital is 23,870,246. They have 596,756,160 token for sale which you can contribute here for profit.



  • The main advantages of Enecuum’s blockchain and cryptocurrency are speed, scalability and network security. Enecuum solution aims to allow handling up to 1 million transactions per second.
  • Enecuum is based on a hybrid consensus algorithm. One of its development components is an improved version of Bitcoin-NG, which allows the network process new blocks faster. This is an important part of the architecture that potentiates the high throughput of the network. The project will also be resistant to ASIC mining due to the CryptoNight algorithm with several additional modifications.
  • Enecuum uses two-factor proof of activity. PoA miners will reach consensus by forming teams of 64 participants. Each team publishes a chains of 62 microblocks, 40 transactions in each, and adds them to the network. PoA mining can be performed on mobile devices.
  • Enecuum uses a PoS algorithm to reach consensus as well. Miners will constantly check the balances of all the wallets in the system, receiving a flexible reward.


Token ENQ

The team will issue ERC20 token, which can later be exchanged for internal cryptocurrency in the ratio of 1 to 1. It will also be a functional token with which users can access the functions of a decentralized environment: launch of SHARNELL smart contracts, payment of commissions for transactions and access to complex calculations.


More information to come… Leave your comment if you want to know more or wants to share your own experience.

Enecuum ICO


Enecuum is online world first blockchain to unite millions collected devices into a single network. With more and more devices connected to this network, the higher the speed with no cap on scalability.

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Blockchain Technology

Snips ICO (AIR Token) Review: Private Voice Assistant & Skill Store?



Snips ICO (AIR Token) Review: Private Voice Assistant & Skill Store?


Snips ICO (AIR Token) Review: Private Voice Assistant & Skill Store?

What Is Snips?

SNIPS is a French-based start-up seeking to unravel its ICO as a measure to fund the venture’s release of an advanced voice assistant primarily focused on the privacy of the individuals. With different voice assistant within the market, SNIPS sets itself apart by paying attention to the privacy of the individuals through incorporating blockchain technology or their devices. The company explains that their SNIPS devices operate privately by design despite no internet connection present.


The Technology Behind Snips

Unlike other voice assistant modules within the industry, SNIPS sets itself apart through the following set of features present on their platform and devices.

On-Device Mechanism

Every function within SNIPS devices from the wake word to the ASR, dialog, and NLU runs natively on the device of the users. Additionally, SNIPS can still run on different hardware platforms and operating systems, depending on the user’s preference.

High Performance

The SNIPS Assistant resolves all the user queries in less than 200 ms while operating on a Raspberry Pi. That is despite using only 100 MB of memory, making it accurate than other cloud-based voice assistants.

Open Source

The SNIPS NLU engine is open source, with the source code available for public scrutiny. In the future, SNIPS plans to open source more of the platform.


All functions within SNIPS from the ASR, NLU, TTS to the dialog mechanism operate on a modular structure. Users can customize these features to either run them individually or simultaneously.


Building The AI Voice Assistant

As part of their consumer push, SNIPS already enlists the process for each to create their voice assistant.

  • The initial phase would require the user to create the voice assistant by starting off with picking a name and language of choice for the program.
  • The next step would entail making the assistant understand what you want to say by selecting from the community of created intents.
  • One can also create or share their intents by giving the SNIPS program possible examples of what they intend to say during voice commands. Additionally, the SNIPS protocol can automatically infer what the user wants to say or use the thousands of examples already within the assistant.
  • Once with the voice assistant one can then deploy the program to any of their devices be it the Raspberry Pi, Linux or Android devices.


Why Pick Snips?

  • On-device processing
  • Personal Wake Word for devices
  • Open source availability
  • Works offline (Without internet)
  • Completely customizable


What’s Positive About Snips?

To be honest, decentralization is making strides in a different sector and SNIPS idea of using a decentralized model is sure enough to make their concept revolutionary. The embedding of voice commands within the various devices might not seem different, but tokenization is a sure way to grow their funds.

Snips AIR Token Details

By building a B2C component, SNIPS will incorporate an enterprise concept that combines with the device units to facilitate the ability to purchase the SNIPS AIR Base and AIR Satellites. By default, this means the users will need to settle using the AIR tokens to enable them to buy the extra abilities.

There is also the ability to generate the voice assistant training data through the use of the AIR tokens. The digital currency is available through the redeemable airdrops although potential investors can also request allocation through email.

Snips Token Sale Airdrop Contest is LIVE. You can simply participate in contest here.

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