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Austria Visa

Hey welcome, I know you’re interested to learn more about Austria visa. Before going into detail, I would love to share some basic information about Austria.

Also I’d share visa requirements for third-national countries person including Bangladeshi. As well the main topic of this post, how to apply for Austria’s work. tourist and business visa from Bangladesh without facing their embassy in India as there are no embassy office of Austria in Bangladesh and which documents need to submit with your visa application form including visa fees and processing times.

Hopefully these information gonna help you to decide to start process application by yourself connecting with an agent in Bangladesh.

So first let’s learn about Austria –

Basic information about Austria

Austria is officially the Republic of Austria; it is located in Central Europe. It is a land-locked country united by nine federated states. The largest city and capital of this country is Vienna.

Area: 83,879 km².
Population: Nearly 9 million people.
Currency used in Austria: Euro.
Official language: German.

How to apply for Austria visa?

You might be looking to lodge a visa application for work, trip or business purpose. But first thing is first, you need to choose of your desire type of visa before lodging an application.

There is two types of visa available for foreigners who wants to travel in Austria for any purpose; that is fall under C and D visa category. One is short-term and another is long-term.

Short-term visa is exit in 90 days while long-term visa for up to 180 days. If you wants to stay longer and there is suitable reason with proof then you can apply for a residency permit. As of now, after two years, you will have an opportunity to become a permanent resident.

Short or long term; it depends on your eligibility as most of the tourist and business visa offering you to stay up to 90 days. But for work visa or business purpose; you can simply apply for PR; if you get then you can stay longer period of time even bring your family with you.

To proceed your visa application, Download visa application form here and fill up with 100% accuracy so the best possibility to get your visa approved.

Which documents required for visa processing?

To process your visa application, you need to submit these following documents listed below.

Visa Application Form – fully completed in English or German language and signed by the applicant.
– Passport – including 3 months validity and two blank pages; travel document should be issued within the previous 10 years.
– Photographs – you need to submit two passport size photographs.

– Proof of accommodation booking (purchase not required before visa).

– Proof of air ticket booking (return air ticket proof for tourist and business purpose) [Purchase not required before visa).

– Travel insurance coverage of Euro 30,000 equivalent to $50,000 USD. (You can purchase from AXA Schengen or Europ Assitance).

– Cover letter: should be explained about purpose of the trip.

– Certificate of student status; original letter from school / college / university, student card, certificates etc. as well registration or admission from an educational institute for the purpose of attending academic or vocational courses (if student visa).

– Evidence of payment of tuition fees or acceptance of scholarship for the intended studies in Austria (if student visa).

– Proof of Sufficient funds – Personal bank statement – last 3 months at least (For business purpose – business bank statement required; For students, to cover overall cost of living during the probable duration of study in Austria

– Employment / work contract for work visa purpose is must required.

– Income tax certificate, Chamber of commerce certificate is required (For business purpose trip). For more information, click here.

Visa fees for Bangladeshi to apply for Austria:

Visa application form, processing and services fees will be between BDT 15000 to BDT 25000 Taka (not more than this amount). You can simply ask for more services in VFS GLOBAL agent office paying fees for photocopies, photographs and other.

To purchase euro 30000 travel insurance coverage, you will have to pay from euro 1.5 / 3 for per day; total fees depending on the how longer you stay in Austria.

Processing times:

The applicants must allow for a processing time of minimum 15 calendar days, excluding the VFS handling time back and forth to the Embassy of Austria in New Delhi.


Finally I’d tell you to ask VFS GLOBAL agent to introduce you with the accurate visa fees you might be looking to do your visa services. I’d recommend those who are highly skilled and has the qualification and experience to work in Austria though it depends on your own decision. I just try to share information researching on my own pace.

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