Audi Q8 Review: Price in India – Interior, Engine, Screens, Seats

Audi Q8 Review: Price in India – Interior, Engine, Screens, Seats

In this post, I’m gonna share the experience about new Audi Q8, price in India, interior looks, how the engine, screens, and seats all about and many other features so you can figure it out.

Flagship offerings, have you choose to film? It is a reflection of the brand’s potential in almost every domain. Take, For example, the Audi Q7 with an unmatched blend of phenomenal presence, comfort, and luxury.

It has been the choice of wheels for film stars and business tycoons alike. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that at the stage said great success over the years.

But when you have such high benchmarks already set it is that much more difficult to go one upon it. This new Audi Q8 has been given the herculean task of going beyond the q7 to be out of these new flagships.

The question then is can it deliver?

Audi Q8 Review: Difference between Audi Q8 vs Q5 vs A6

Over the past few years, the cars that Audi has brought to India haven’t quite been pioneering in terms of design. The Q5 that was launched a few years back was there I say a little bit unimaginative.

The A6 on the other hand was a good quality of elegance and sharpness but clinging on to its predecessor’s A6 a bit too much for a liking.

This q8 is different although it really is the typically Audi element. It is presented in a much more fashionable
and a modern-day package.

Starting from the front the q8 follows the new trend of cars being fitted with a massive grill but unlike some of the BMWs, this one doesn’t look all that unnatural.

In fact, the grille sits flush in the front and the headlamps are sleek and the large air dams give it a sense of sportiness but above all what I really like is the fact that there are no chrome elements on the front end except for the Audi insignia.

Audi Q8 Features

The Q8 is quite unique in a side profile as well, unlike most other coupes an SUV roof lines that start tapering right from the B pillar itself.

This one tip was gradually towards the back culminating in two sharply raked out C pillar this essentially makes more Headroom for the passengers at the back.

It also gets split in the alloy wheels and frameless doors then adds a sense of sportiness to the overall side profile.

When you look at the q8 from the back it’s hard not to be reminded of the Lamborghini USP, especially thanks to
that sharp cut on the tailgate and that gloss black appeal is reminiscent of the old Quattro rally cars overall although the Q8 has typically out the elements. They are presented in a more fashionable and modern-day package.

Audi Q8 Interior

The interior of the Q8 is quite a mixed bag. There are a lot of things that work in this favor but quite a few that don’t quite meet the expectations of a 1.5 crore rupees car.

For example, the overall layout of the dashboard is achingly similar to the A6 a car that costs half as much now.

I personally would have loved to see a bit more exclusive continue but howdy has tried to redeem itself by giving numerous inlay and upholstery options like a lot of luxury cars out there.

Audi Q8 Screens

The Audi Q8 also gets three screens. The first one behind the steering wheel is the Audi virtual cockpit. Now the second one is extremely informative and easy to use.

The Audi Q8 that we have on test today also gets the heads-up display the infotainment screen in the center is responsive to touch and has good resolution but it misses out on gesture control like some of the BMWs.

The third screen at the bottom is for automatic climate control and a few other settings although this one gets haptic feedback. I still prefer traditional knobs and buttons you simply cannot use the screen without moving your eyes away from the road.

Audi Q8 Seats

The rear seat of the Q8 is happily spacious with the driver seat set as per my position. I have more than sufficient leg and knee room in fact, unlike most other Cooper SUVs.

I have decent enough of headroom here as well and that is down to the way. The car is being designed, the seat is not good enough for three adults but can fit two adults and a kid in the center in quite a decent comfort.

I’m glad that the Q8 isn’t a seven-seater. Frankly, you rarely see the third row of such cars being occupied not to mention. It usually doesn’t rank high on the comfort factor.

The Audi Q8 is high on the practicality cushion to its go was 600 liters of the boot means thus enough and more space for your luggage. The loading lip is a bit idle if that still isn’t enough for you. You can even slide the second row forward to make a little more space.

Audi has already announced that they will not have diesel-powered cars on sale starting April onwards in line with
that plan.

The Audi Q8, it has only been launched with a 55 TFSI badge now that is how DS speaks for a 3 liter v6 turbo
that makes 335 horses and 500 nm considering its 2.1-ton weight.

Audi Q8 Engine

The engine has a lot of cars to pull but once you’re on the move, you don’t quite feel the weight gain speed is a rather effortless affair and there is ample of talk right from the lower end of the rev range now that makes it amplified 0-200 comes in under 6 seconds and that is quite impressive considering its 2.1-ton weight.

The Q8 also impresses in terms of refinement and composure even when you give it the beans to make a quick overtaking maneuver. The engine doesn’t quite feel uncomfortable or noisy inside the cabin.

In fact, it does its duty in an extremely calm and unassuming manner. Just like all the other Audi’s.

Audi Q8 Tube

The Q8 tube comes with driving modes switching from comfort to dynamic does make the engine feel a bit more eager but it still doesn’t exude a sense of thrill and that feeling is somewhat magnified given how well the car drives around a series of bends.

The optional all-wheel steering the central locking differential and all other technological wizardry works together to ensure.

The car feels super bleep planted especially for its size. The body is well contained and the tires provide poodles of grip to dynamic mode, add some weight to the steering which further enhances confidence.

Audi Q8 Air Suspension

The Q8 air suspension also does a good job of cushioning most ruts and potholes despite the fact that a test car was fitted with 285 by 45 sections rubber wrapped around 21-inch wheels brought in to India.

Audi Q8 Price in India

Why the CB new route the Audi Q8 has priced at 1.33 crore rupees that pricing is a bit questionable considering some of the other cars you can buy in that range.

Source: Youtube.

The Final Thoughts

Is Audi q8 price in India reasonable? Not really. The Audi Q8 looks absolutely stunning. It impresses in space and comfort departments. It is refined and it rides like a dream. Will it sell as well as the q7? Surely not an Audi is mindful of that fact but it does set new benchmarks as Audis flagship SUV.

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