8 website to get free high quality profile backlinks

8 website to get free high quality profile backlinks

8 website to get free high quality profile backlinks

How To Get Free High Quality Profile Backlinks To Your Website or Blog

Today I will let you introduce with top 8 big list websites where you can make profiles or submit your URL and show you how to get top quality backlinks from a variety of different sources. Each source is very unique and hope I can give you a little insights that help you to create backlinks for your website into top quality websites.


In this article, you will be knowing about what is backlinks, why we need them and how to get top quality backlinks as well as other information:


What is backlinks?

Backlinks is the most important part of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  which simply we get through a clickable hyper link from one site to another site. Backlinks should be the high priority for website if you want good SEO results.


Why do you need backlinks for your website?

Backlinks should be considered as a vote for your website. As many links point back to your website the higher search engines like Google, Yahoo will display website over other websites with similar content.

However, backlinks is not just for search engines but it also can send you traffic to your webpage if when a reader clicked on it from other websites where you have provided backlinks. The more traffic your backlinks provided website has means more chances to get higher percentage traffic to your webpage.


Here is the top Quality Profile Backlinks For Your website

Note: When you’re linking to your webpage you should also try to use your best keywords in the anchor text of the link if possible.


1. Google Profiles:

Google plus is one of the most popular social network that provides free tools to create G+ profile page on google.com. You can create a nice profile with a picture and some text about yourself and then add few links to your websites and save the pages and your done.


2. MSN Articles:

Microsoft Network (MSN) updates with news, articles and about every subject you can think of, to get a backlink you will need to comment on an article leaving behind your thoughts, name and website link.


3. Yahoo Answers:

In yahoo answers, you need to work a little before you can get your links on their site but once you have done this, you are ready to reap the rewards. Create a yahoo account, help others by answering questions, once you have answered about 10 to 20 questions you will be able to add link in your responses. You can get a detail article on how to use yahoo answers here.


4. YouTube:

YouTube is a largest video content marketplace where you can create an unique video with high quality content and write details about content in video description with links to your website which works great. Your video title should be unique and you can tag keywords which define to rank your video on top of the marketplace and you get traffic.

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5. Facebook:

Facebook is a popular largest social media network which allows you to create a profile,  a business or personal page, create a group and connect with other groups where you can post your webpage content in brief with links to your webpage. You will get interested traffic to your webpage and top search engines refer these to rank your website higher on the board.

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6. Other Social Media Network:

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram is the other social media network where you can create or share your content with your webpage links to get top quality backlinks which will boost by website traffic. You can use as many social media as you want and do the same to get good SEO result.


7. Godaddy:

Godaddy is one of the best domain & hosting service provider which you have heard of before for sure? To get backlinks from godaddy, you need to visit this site and watch at least one of Bob Parsons videos. After end of the video you will be able to leave a creative comment including a website link to your website.


8. Free-Web-Submission.com/Blog:

Free-Web-Submission.com is a URL submission service provider that allows you to get a back link from their webpage and lots people doing it too. All you need to do is leave a comment end of the article in the comment sections with your website link.



The listed website above is the free resources to get top quality backlinks to your website. If you want more SEO exposure for your website to get top quality backlinks without wasting time then LinksManagement.com.com is the best platform to purchase SEO service to rank your website on top search engines, directories and forum online.


To get more free backlinks from web directories visit this article 62 Website Directories To Get Link Back Free


If you want a high quality Web 2.0 and PBN backlinks for your business then ask me information. You can also get good backlink to your website via leaving creative comment in other blogger blogs.

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