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8 Steps to Becoming a Top Earner in Your Field

There are steps you can take to become a top earner in your field of employment. Is it luck? Do you need to be extremely charismatic? Do you require some special talent? No, no, and no.



8 Steps to Becoming a Top Earner in Your Field

In most fields, whether medicine, law, business, consulting, or accounting, there are a select few that make far more money than the rest. There are steps you can take to become a top earner in your field of employment. Is it luck? Do you need to be extremely charismatic? Do you require some special talent? No, no, and no.

Consistently being a little bit better than your peers and focusing on success is all that’s required.

Separate yourself from the rest in these ways:


1. Have a goal

Achieving exceptional results requires a goal or luck. Luck is uncontrollable, so focus on creating a goal instead. Have a specific goal in mind that includes a specific dollar amount and deadline. Wanting “a lot of money” isn’t an effective goal.


2. Keep money in mind when making decisions. When choosing a career, consider the earning potential

A personal trainer could choose to focus on bodybuilders or high school athletes. One that works with famous actors, executives, or professional athletes has far more opportunities to earn a large income.

3. Find a mentor

A suitable mentor is someone that has accomplished what you wish to accomplish. It would also be advantageous if they had a genuine interest in providing guidance and advice.

Following in the footsteps of someone that’s already successful can save a lot of time.

4. Spend time with those with similar goals

There are others with the same goals and aspirations as you. Seek them out and become friends. Find those that are already successful at the level you hope to attain. You’ll learn things you’re unlikely to learn from your current crowd.

5. Seek to enhance your performance each day

There are a few fields where the participants regularly attempt to enhance their performance. Musicians, artists, and athletes regularly spend time getting better at their craft.

  • How often have you seen a lawyer or a manager set aside time to boost their skills? Rarely, if ever.
  • If no one else is striving to become more skillful, how much competition do you have?

6. Increase your knowledge each day

Gaining more knowledge will allow you to apply your skills more effectively

  • Thirty minutes each day is enough to get ahead. Spend this time reading books or researching your field online to seek a higher level of understanding.

7. Get used to being uncomfortable

As you stretch yourself to think and do new things, you’re going to feel that uncomfortable twinge we’ve all felt. It’s just a physical sensation, like a sore toe or a hand that’s fallen asleep. There’s no reason to let it control your thoughts and actions.

  • Why would you quit because of a slight queasy feeling in your stomach? Your subconscious knows which buttons to push to encourage you to quit. Avoid giving in.

8. Persevere

If there’s one trait found in all top earners, it’s perseverance. It’s not difficult to be incredibly successful if you’ll keep getting better and refuse to quit. In fact, it’s just about impossible to fail. Some days are more promising than others, but great days are on the way.

Becoming a top earner is well within your reach. Have a goal and keep it in the front of your mind. Find a successful mentor. Continue to learn and increase your skills and knowledge. Persevere until your goal of becoming a top earner has been reached.

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4 Types of Sadqah Every Muslim Should Practice in Ramadan 2019



4 types of Sadqah that all muslim should practice

Sadqah refers to giving charity voluntarily. It means giving something to someone without expecting any reward other than pleasing the Almighty.

It is not mandatory for Muslims to give Sadqah, but it is the righteous duty of all Muslims to make a positive difference in the world. Note that Sadqah doesn’t just involve handing out Ramadan donation or helping the poor, as well as needy, even the simplest of acts such as smiling at someone, removing rocks or thorns from the path, guiding someone on the right way and forgiving people for their mistakes, are also Sadqah.

Following are the four types of Sadqah that every Muslims needs to practice in order to ensure that we promote collective good and help those in need:

Feed the Poor

There’s just something about sustenance that allows it to enable those who have it to lead a good life and those that don’t have it to suffer. You surely would have felt the pangs of hunger in Ramadan when you are fasting, haven’t you? Plus, you would have experienced how one’s emotional and physical well being is adversely affected if we refrain from food for a long time.

Now imagine the conditions of those who have to fight for bits and pieces of food and remain hungry for considerable periods throughout the year. How much pain do they have to go through because of the circumstances that are beyond their control?

By feeding the hungry, you can not only immensely benefit yourself from the rewards that Allah will shower upon you but also aid those who truly are in need. Such is the importance of feeding the ones in need that Prophet (PBUH) said: “He is not a Muslim whose stomach is full while his neighbour goes hungry.” (Muslim)

Give water to the needy

Water is integral, and without it, life cannot sustain. This is precisely why Prophet (PBUH) said: “The best form of charity is to give someone water.” (Ibn Majah)

All of us not only need water for nourishment but also to clean as well as refresh our body and soul. The reality is that there are millions of people around the globe and even in our societies that do not have access to clean drinking water. Therefore, it becomes the duty of those that have the luxury of water and can afford to provide water to help out the ones in need. Note that giving water to human beings as well as to animals and plants is considered Sadqah. Afterall, they are also the creation of Allah who need water to stay alive. So, next time around, don’t even think twice before providing safe and clean water to others.

Help out Orphans

Children are our future. They are the ones who are going to carry our legacy as we did of our ancestors. Hence, they must be encouraged and nurtured so that they can find their unique path to success in life. Remember that children, especially when they are really young are quite susceptible. It is their surroundings and the people around them that shape them and help them develop skills, attributes, and even their attitude that in turn set them up for life.

While parents are solely responsible for their children and they are the ones who take care of all their needs, there are numerous children out there who don’t have the luxury of parental support.
Who should take care of the children who don’t have their parents to look after them, provide for them, groom them, and make them respectable members of the society? Don’t orphans too deserve the benefits that all children who have their parents get?

The points is that Orphans really need our help. Hence, these children should be considered the responsibility of the entire society, and we must all protect them and raise them like we would raise our own children. As Prophet (PBUH) said: “Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor, the orphan and the wayfarer.” (Muslim)

Extend a helping hand to widows

It is not a hidden fact that life can be extremely cruel without one’s partner, primarily when one depends on her partner for financial as well as moral support. Such is the case of most Muslim widows. Once their husbands pass away, they are left alone to suffer both emotionally and financially. With no where to turn to for help, widows
Therefore, if the Muslim Ummah can come together to support widows either by giving handouts or helping train them to get in the job market and even by employing them, then such acts will be greatly rewarded by the Almighty.
Plus, it is not a hidden fact that women bring a diverse skillset and attitude into the workplace that can really come in handy for companies. All that needs to be done is give the widows a chance to prove themselves and the entire community will benefit as a result.

The Takeaway

Sadqah has been given immense importance in Islam so much so that both Allah and Prophet (PBUH) have encouraged it. By giving Sadqah one can not only help promote equality and ensure social welfare but also purify one’s soul and get closer to Allah. What’s even better is that Allah generously rewards all good deeds, which are a foolproof method of attaining His blessings as well as mercy.

It must be pointed out that not everyone is privileged enough and in the worldwide Muslim community, which includes over a billion individuals, many are oppressed and stuck in circumstances that are beyond their control. This is where answering Zakat appeal and generously giving Sadqah comes into the picture. Hence, all Muslims should give Sadqah and act as a beacon of light for as many people as they possibly can. Even a small good deed can make the day of someone or solve someone’s problem. So, don’t think of any good act as small and meaningless. Just go ahead and help others as Allah will in turn help you.

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How to Find MRI Scan in Mumbai?



MRI Scan in Mumbai India

There are many places for MRI Scan in Mumbai. Let’s have a look at what an MRI scan is to start with: –

What is an MRI Scan?

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans are used to obtain pictures of human anatomy and processes mainly physiological of the body. This process is based on the usage of strong magnetic fields, their gradients, and radio waves in order to generate images of various internal organs in the body. No usage of X-rays or ionizing radiation is involved in this process, making it safer and different from a CT scan.

How to Search for Best MRI Scan Centres?

There are quite many MRI Scan Centre located in Mumbai, how to choose which one to visit for accurate and precise results. When it comes to MRI Scans precision is the key, it requires a high amount of precision as a single mistake can change the entire report to the other side. Often doctors associate themselves with scan centers and have royalty-based tie-ups, they blindly recommend the patient to that particular center without looking at the facilities and actual condition of the center. It is your duty then to choose the correct and advanced centre for MRI scan, you should look carefully into the services and past reports of the concerned centre.

MRI scan basically involves realigning or protons of the hydrogen atoms and direct radio waves into the body with the help of strong magnetic fields. The spin of protons is detected as a slight signal by a detector. The information is processed by computers which creates an internal image of body organs for further diagnosis.

MRI or CT Scan?

MRI Mumbai is considered to be far better than CT scan as CT scan uses X- rays and ionizing radiations, which are quite harmful when exposed to the human body. It can cause mutagenic changes and cell damage inside the body too. There are no such harms in MRI scans as it simply uses a magnetic field to obtain images of internal parts of the human body.

What is an MRI scan is used for?

CT scan has many benefits including disease diagnosis and making the way to cure. It is helpful for doctors to catch every minor detail about the disease like location, effects and other stuff related to it before starting medication or surgery. It helps doctors to gain all the information about the infected part, other than that this scan can be used for detecting diseases like cancer in its early stages and also internal bleeding of the organs. It helps doctors to know about the disease and cure it, even before it starts showing symptoms.

Is an MRI scan painful?

MRI scan is not a painful process at all, though some patients are provided with sedatives to prevent trouble from getting claustrophobic inside the tunnel of the machine. So it can be said that MRI scan is not painful but phobia can be a reason of panic.

MRI Scan in Mumbai

There are more than 100 MRI scan centers in Mumbai, you can select anyone who provides excellent services at minimum costs and has excellent infrastructure and advanced services and functionalities. Many mri Mumbai are available and open 24/7 to serve you in case of an emergency. You should keep their contacts in handy and mark their locations to use them whenever required.

How to find a budget Friendly MRI scan center in Mumbai?

To get your proper scan done with precise results at low cost is quite a difficult task in a city like Mumbai from so many options to choose from. You can use online websites to compare costs and services to know the better picture. You can choose a center depending on the situation and the patient’s condition. There is a list of mri Mumbai scan centres on different website along with their specification and estimated cost budgeting. You can compare the services offered by each center and select the best and most budget-friendly center to visit.

How cancer tissues are detected by MRI scan?

It is possible to detect the cancer cells with the help of MRI scan as they radiate slightly different signals from normal human cells and normal tissues. You can undergo MRI scan time to time even if you’re not suffering from any disease as it is not harmful and can serve as a routine health check-up. It will help you to keep diseases like cancer in check and prevent them from spreading on to the next stages. By doing such practices, you can cure a disease even before it starts showing symptoms.

There are many best places for MRI Scan in Mumbai, you can easily compare them all on online website to get the best ones near your location. You should carefully sort out every choice and should not only focus on cost-cutting.

A premise offering MRI scan at low costs might be using old machine and technologies which can produce inaccurate and not precise results. You should consider not only the cost but every aspect before visiting any MRI center. And in this case, a doctor’s advice may not always be true, as it can mislead you at times having inaccurate results.

You can use the online website to gain additional knowledge regarding the MRI scan centers near your location. There are quite many options when it comes to a huge city like Mumbai, with so many options and choices it can be confusing and the task of going back and for each center can be tedious and lengthy. But once you find the appropriate center, you can visit the same center every single time to get your scan done.

And it is obvious that the center with a good reputation will offer all type of scans and tests at good quality and lower costs along with accurate results, so you can trust that center without a single thought after choosing it once.

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How often Are Polypropylene Storage Cabinet Inspected?

Polypropylene is basically a thermoplastic which has been derived through combining the polymer and propylene monomer. Polypropylene has been extensively used by the packaging industry. For high quality packaging of the fragile goods, it is considered as the trusted solution.



Are Polypropylene Storage Cabinet Inspected_

Are Polypropylene Storage Cabinet Inspected?

Polypropylene is basically a thermoplastic which has been derived through combining the polymer and propylene monomer. Polypropylene has been extensively used by the packaging industry. For high quality packaging of the fragile goods, it is considered as the trusted solution.

Apart from packaging goods, furniture manufacturing industry can also find extensive use of this material. Different sorts of furniture has been developed and most of them are basically storage furniture.

For example, cabinets are designed using Polypropylene. For laboratory equipment storage, low cost Polypropylene cabinets are used. There are many advantages and drawbacks of such cabinets. The major advantage is the cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, major drawback could be the maintenance. This type of cabinets is not used in day to day life. Thus, people have limited knowledge about their maintenance.

Characteristics of the Polypropylene

Polypropylene comes with a few unique characteristics. Understanding these characteristics is important as that will help you to understand the process of maintenance for the Polypropylene cabinets. The most significant properties of Polypropylene are described in the following section.

  • Chemical resistance: The reason why Polypropylene based cabinets is preferred at the laboratories is the chemical resistance property. Amazing chemical resistance is the main reason behind choosing such cabinets for storing the chemically sensitive items.
  • Toughness and Durability: As a material for building furniture like cabinets, Polypropylene shows excellent toughness and durability. Durability is something that will fetch great cost-effectiveness. These cabinets are tough and amazingly durable.
  • Insulation: Insulation is another reason why this material is used quite extensively for the purpose of storing chemical and materials inside the cabinets. For keeping the electronic components, this is quite a useful thing.
  • Transmission Power: Polypropylene can be made transparent. This is why storage of various kinds of goods becomes easier with the Polypropylene based cabinets.

Maintenance of the Polypropylene Cabinets

For the purpose of maintenance of the Polypropylene Storage Cabinet in your laboratories, you need to take care of a few important things. The most important thing is to know or understand the process of maintenance. For cleaning Polypropylene cabinets, you do not need water or wet cloths. Dry clothes would be fine, as it does not catch chemical stains at all.

Using the dry clothes will also help to wipe out the dust. Apart from this, it does not require any other heavy cleaning solution. However, cleaning has to be done on regular basis otherwise dust may cause damages to the materials that are stored inside the cabinet.

Now, the question is how often should you inspect the cabinet for cleaning? As stated, it should be inspected as frequently as possible. If it is possible, you should conduct it on daily basis.

If not, you can conduct the inspection in a gap of two to three days. The main reason behind frequent inspection is to find the dust.

If dust keeps accumulated for a long time, it would become difficult for you to clean the cabinet. Nevertheless, materials that are stored inside the cabinet can also be damaged due to dust.

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Top 7 Kid Friendly Hotels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

No marvel then, that it’s such successful with families. That the next time, you want to form sensible on your promise to require the children for an excellent vacation, keep in mind to mark Dubai on your list. And whereas you’re at it, here are a unit seven kid-friendly Dubai hotels for epic family holidays. Book away!



top 7 kid friendly hotels in dubai uae

Thanks to its proximity and a bunch of engaging business facilities, Dubai has emerged united of the foremost widespread departing destinations for Indian travelers.

With a skyline to die for, a particular mix of traditionalism and contemporaneity, and doctrine peeking out at you from each corner – Dubai sets a brand new normal for healthiness. 

Apply for a Dubai visa online to arrive in this city and experience the grandeur of these 7 stunning hotels:

No marvel then, that it’s such successful with families. That the next time, you want to form sensible on your promise to require the children for an excellent vacation, keep in mind to mark Dubai on your list. And whereas you’re at it, here are a unit seven kid-friendly Dubai hotels for epic family holidays. Book away!

Top 7 Kid Friendly Hotels in Dubai, UAE

Atlantis the Palm Hotel & Resort

Much has been aforesaid regarding the mythical place Resort, that has left no ends loose in invocation the charm of a legendary underwater kingdom – complete with a water park associate degreed an underwater marine museum.

Hosting its own non-public 800-meter-long beach, mythical place The Palm edifice & Resort offers a bunch of activities for the limited ones. From lawn tennis courts and recreation rooms to multi-cuisine restaurants, fitness centers, whirlpools, lagoons and far else – the mythical place has one thing for everybody.

Whether or not its activities like swimming with the dolphins or thrill rides at Aqua venture Park, or creating friends at totally different teens clubs – mythical place Dubai keeps the recreation issue cranked up throughout.

* Price: Starting at Rs. 30,508 per night
* Location: Crescent Road – Dubai

Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek

Only quarter-hour off from Dubai International landing field, Radisson Blu edifice Dubai Deira Creek has the excellence of being situated right within the city district of town – creating it apt for business travelers and families.

The squash courts, pool, running, walking, and Dubai’s tracks area unit different activities that may keep your children busy whereas you relish the gorgeous Deira Creek.

Whereas the edifice boasts of the many restaurants giving world cooking, trust U.S. after we say the children can love the noodle fusion meals at YUM edifice. The edifice additionally offers associate degree arcade and novelty shop, wherever you’ll be spoilt for an alternative once it involves shopping for gifts for everybody within the family.

* Price: Starting at Rs. 7000 per night
* Location: Baniyas Road, Dubai

The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina

Situated at the prime location that’s Jumeirah Beach, the Westin Dubai myna bird Seyahi Beach Resort offers a relaxed keep commanding the exotic Arabian Gulf.

The resort is heavily targeted on providing the right atmosphere for families and kids to rejuvenate themselves whereas on vacation. So, once the limited one’s area unit back from the daily cares of looking at and activities, there’s masses to try to among the edifice itself.

From beach games that embrace sand-castle building and pool activities to children’s clubs, babysitting services, and special kids’ menus at the feeding areas – the Westin Dubai ensures a snug setting for teenagers to have interaction in whereas visiting a Dubai.

* Price: Starting at Rs. 17,000 per night.
* Location: Al Sufouh Road, Dubai

Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel

Conveniently situated regarding 10 minutes off from Dubai International landing field, Park Regis crease Kin edifice establishes easy accessibility to sites like the Dubai depository, Bur Juman Mall, Dubai Mall, and therefore the Dubai World Trade Center.

With an upside pool, steam, sauna, Jacuzzi, and fitness center – the edifice is well outfitted to fulfill its guests’ needs for a few elegant rejuvenation. children will benefit from the vary of recreational facilities – from lawn tennis and squash lessons to a bath once the day journeys take an excessive amount of out of them.

With a world edifice, a low lounge and a bar with a billiard table, Park Regis crease Kin edifice excel on the preparation front. Finally, the hotel’s Club Seven spot implies that you’ll let your hair down while not ever having to exit the lobby.

* Price: Starting at Rs. 7,500 per night.
* Location: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St, Al Karama, Bur Dubai, Opp Burjuman Center – Dubai.

Majestic Hotel Tower Dubai

Majestic Hotel Tower Dubai lives up to its name in terms of accommodation expertise and facilities. Children can like to play within the outside swimming bath, whereas you’ll relish the sun terrace, steam bath, and steam centers.

The edifice offers guests a range of feeding choices, like Lamb, a signature Greek edifice and Tirquaz well-known for its glorious breakfast buffet. Beach lovers area unit certain a special treat – Majestic edifice Tower Dubai offers free shuttle service to most of Dubai’s glorious beaches.

* Location: Plot No. 317-106, Mankhool Road, AL Mankhool, Bur Dubai – Dubai.
*Price: Starting at Rs. 6,000 per night.

Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Al Mina

Situated within the Port Rashid district and giving splendid property with landmarks like Jumeirah Beach, Dubai depository, and therefore the Heritage Village – Hilton Garden Dubai Al myna bird could be a widespread keeps alternative.

From 3 distinctive decisions for intake and drinking, as well as the Garden Grille and bar, the collapsible shelter storage room, and therefore the Garden Bar – guests will have their fill of no matter suits their roof of the mouth.

An upside pool space giving desirable views of the Dubai skyline, as well as the Burj Khalifa, do not go amiss either. Children will play within the pool for as long as they like whereas you’re taking in views of the skyline. Different recreational facilities embrace fitness centers and recreation areas.

All this comes at an awfully economical tariff rate that is bound to form the Hilton Garden hostelry Dubai Al myna bird a favorite amongst family travelers.

* Location: Al Mina Road, Dubai.
* Price: Starting at Rs. 5,168 per night.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The first-factor one notices regarding the Jumeirah Beach edifice is its spectacular design. Wanting sort of a cross between a company headquarters and an area station, Jumeirah Beach edifice directly raises eyebrows.

Venture within and you’ll notice that the value tag is worthwhile. The sheer array of recreational facilities, accommodation comforts, services, and proximity ensures that even the foremost fanciful of needs area unit taken care of here.

Whether or not it is frolicking amidst the non-public sandy white beaches, enjoying at the lawn tennis and squash courts or disbursement time at the kids’ clubs with rising walls and water play areas, there’s a great deal for your children here.

The edifice additionally features a youth activity center to inspire hobbies like music and special DJ nights. The seventeen feeding choices at the edifice more increase your keep expertise.

* Location: Jumeirah Beach.
* Price: Starting at Rs. 21,000 per night.

Top 7 Kid Friendly Hotel in Dubai, UAE


No marvel then, that it’s such successful with families. That the next time, you want to form sensible on your promise to require the children for an excellent vacation, keep in mind to mark Dubai on your list. And whereas you’re at it, here are a unit seven kid-friendly Dubai hotels for epic family holidays. Book away!

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Tarot Court Card: Tarot Spread for Your Love Partner

A good Tarot Reader never gives false hope or leave a client feeling disturbed,”
― Leslie Anne Franklin.

The personality cards are often referred to as the Tarot court cards. 16 in number these cards are grouped on the basis of similar families.



Tarot Court Card

“A good Tarot Reader never gives false hope or leave a client feeling disturbed,” 
― Leslie Anne Franklin.

The personality cards are often referred to as the Tarot court cards. 16 in number these cards are grouped on the basis of similar families.

As per love tarot card reading for singles, these cards are divided into four groups of four cards each compromising fours of each Queen, King, Pentacles, and Swords.

Each group different of characteristics, but that does not mean that free tarot reading for love life can predict the specific traits of a person but to a certain extent they can provide a substantially accurate idea of the dominant one.

Keep Reading Further to Learn About the Court lover cards for love Reading

The Kings of Tarot cards with the love Potentials

Often considered the top of the deck, the kings are physically and intellectually powerful as per tarot card reading love predictions.

These cards have defined set of preferences, behavior, habits and are highly focused and attentive.

  • Kings of Wands: People falling under this category are highly passionate and attentive. You get irritated easily with a sudden flare-up in your temper; however, that does not last long. Charismatic, strong-willed and assertive, you love trying new things in life.
  • King of Cups: Your open-hearted and gentle nature makes you a thoughtful and sweet personality. Out of your harmful habits, drinking is the most prominent one. You prefer a routine love life and avoid trying anything new.
  • King of Swords: Your authoritative and focused nature makes you a highly sharp and witty person. You are excellent at expressing your emotions and usually end up making lifelong relationships. Depending on the circumstances you can either take or lose control for a better love life.
  • King of Pentacles: You enjoy others company but tend to show-off at times. Working hard and partying harder is one of your life mantras. As a lover, you are highly considerate but have difficulty in displaying your emotions towards your partner.

The Queens of Tarot cards with the love potential

This mainly consists of women of all ages including the married ones and singles. Your energy is highly likable and is reflected with equal intensity.

  • Queen of wands: Your extrovert and aggressive nature make you a big personality. You are destined to be in the spotlight and achieve professional success. If reciprocated well, you can become a loyal friend, and as a lover, you are highly passionate and romantic.
  • Queens of cups: Loving, creative, good listener and attentive are few of your prominent characteristics. Your decisions are usually based on how you feel rather than being rational. Your emotional quotient helps you connect easily with people around you.
  • Queen of Swords: With your intellectual and perspective nature you are not readily available for everyone, but those who can cross the walls will discover your true nature, often loving and well-balanced. As a lover, you are exceptionally needy.
  • The Queen of Pentacles: You are highly practical and helpful in nature. At work you are one of the strongest support pillars and are highly reliable. You make a pragmatic and enthusiastic lover with a particular inclination towards your sexual needs.

The Knights of Tarot cards with the love potentials

As per, free love tarot reading, this category comprises of single men in their twenties/thirties.

  • Knight of Wands: Highly liberated and lusty, the knight of wands cannot be faithful to anyone and are always seen jumping from one relationship to another. Well, like a lover you desire for each and everything, but at times you go way ahead.
  • Knight of cups: You are the most romantic types of all. For you, a good impression always helps in building a long-lasting and sustainable relationship. You are both adventurous and tender.
  • Knight of Swords: Characterized by your impulsive nature, you will fall in love very quickly and will come out of it even more rapidly. As per free love tarot, you will have a series of romantic relationships, but if you learn to apply breaks, things might turn in your favor.
  • Knight of Pentacles: Believed to be the sexiest of all court cards, you enjoy a natural inclination towards sex. Your ruling element earth makes you a highly dependable, faithful and loyal lover. He always ensures doing things which makes you happy and content.

Tarot pages and their love potential

This category usually comprises of young individuals who have just started to learn about their love potentials.

  • Page of Wands: You have just started with your journey of romantic adventures and are enjoying it thoroughly. However, as a lover, you are always seen hopping from one relationship to another so be sure of your choices before you get into a relationship with them.
  • Page of Cups: Mostly virgins, you are never in a hurry when in a relationship, and choose your partners very cautiously. Your emotional and immature nature makes you quite nervous. Try and learn to be confident to experience a fruitful relationship.
  • Page of Swords: Being the most logical, you think rationally before starting a relationship. You know what exactly you want and choose your partner very wisely. However, your young age put you on the trendy-edge with low experience.
  • Page of Pentacles: With your common-sense, you are the most likable partner. You ensure that everything is in place before you get involved in a potential relationship. You are quite enthusiastic, but patience will help you go a long way, feels your free tarot reading for love life.
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Business & Education

The Public school advantage: Why you should choose a public school for your child?

Public schools are for everyone

Public schools serve everyone in the community. Everyone can take admission to public school. There are no criteria which one has to follow to get admission in public school.



Why you should choose a public school for your child?

The Public School Advantage

Most people have a false perception regarding public schools that these schools are second rate schools and if you can send your children to a private school then you should do so. But what if I say your assumptions are completely wrong and what if I say that public schools are better than private schools.

These days, the biggest question that parents have is that “which school is a better school for their child”? Most parents take education very seriously for their child and look for better schools at the early age of the child. That is such a great sign that people know the importance of education. Parents have several numbers of options to choose from, they can choose a public school, a private school or a home school for their child.

How home school is not a good option?

The biggest reason why parents choose a home school for their child is to keep their child protected from bullying or outer activities. Right? Yes, protecting your child should be your priority but one day your kid will have to face the world. If you keep your child constrained to home then you can’t prepare him/her ever for the world. Your kid should be aware of the situations and dangers across the world and should be prepared for the same. That is why the home school can’t be considered a wise decision for your child.

This makes public and private schools better options to send your child. Because here your child will face the social situations of the world and learn to handle them as well. Your child will learn to make friendships.

How public schools outperform private schools?

Public schools are for everyone

Public schools serve everyone in the community. Everyone can take admission to public school. There are no criteria which one has to follow to get admission in public school.

Thus when you attend a public school, you will get to know the people from every corner of the community. You will meet people from a different religion. Public school is for everyone. The one, who born without any power or money can make their lives better with the help of the public schools.

The students at public schools perform better than private school students

Several politicians say that charter schools are a better option than that public school but when it comes to the results then public schools perform better than charter schools. The charter schools don’t have to follow the same rules and regulations that public schools need to follow thus charter schools are more flexible as compare to the public schools.

According to research, it has been proven that the student’s performance at charter schools is worst when compared to the performance of the public school students. So, as a parent, consider the performance of the schools at first and then choose the right school for your child.

Private schools are not always better

However, private schools portray them as a better option when compared to the public schools but it is not always the truth. It is very easy to show off the scores of the students with the support of family and lots of available resources. Right? When we compare similar students with same backgrounds and same family income, then the result shows that public schools perform well than private schools. The statistics prove that your child will get an excellent education in public school as millions of other students are getting. If you want overall growth of your child rather than just seeing their scorecard, public schools are a better option.

Public schools works

Statistics show that students that learn and studies in public schools take admissions in the world’s top colleges and universities. So no one can deny the fact that public schools do not work. The parents who can’t afford to send their children in private schools and can’t help them in their increasing homework at night then sending your children in public school is an ideal option. Public schools decrease the gaps between the students whose parents can help their kids in all subjects such as algebra, science and can help them in their homework to those whose parents can’t help their children.

Students whose parents don’t have time, whose parents are doing multiple jobs, whose parents can’t speak English and whose parents can teach their children don’t have to worry because in public schools all students can learn and can make their future brighter.


Considering all the above-given facts, if you want to choose the best public school for your children then Academia Avance Charter is the right school for them. It is a public charter school where the school has the flexibility to change a few rules if there is a need to offer a better education to the students so that they can grow well and can have a bright future ahead.

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