7 Types Of Technology Trends To Embrace In 2018

7 Types Of Technology Trends To Embrace In 2018

Technology Trends Embrace 2018


2018 has successfully shaken up the restaurant industry in all the right ways. Technological advancements have made the functioning of restaurants much better. Some of the major trends to embrace include;


Mobile Payment

Mobile phones have for a long time made lives easier. Now, they are making payments in restaurants easier. More and more restaurants are beginning to accept payment via mobile phones. This trend is safe, cleaner and a lot more convenient for both customers and restaurant managers. In fact, restaurants are starting to decline cash payment.


Mobile Ordering

Many restaurants have been receiving orders from their mobile phones for some time now. In 2018, however, the need to embrace mobile ordering is becoming more apparent. Restaurants that offer mobile ordering and delivery services attract more customers. When customers have access to menus on their phones, they can easily make orders from the comfort of their homes. Restaurants with mobile ordering services have mobile apps from which customers can also book reservations. The menu is updated frequently to avoid any complaints. They also save restaurant staff from having to deal with too many calls for reservation when they should be serving other customers.


Full Self-service

Many big and small restaurants offer self-service to save time. In 2018, restaurants are continuing to make use of self-service kiosks. The trend was pretty popular in 2017 and it is expected to gain even more popularity. These kiosks make use of safe and user-friendly technology to provide complete self-service. They make service faster and more accurate while saving restaurants the cost of operations. Over 49% of people that have used these kiosks say they are pleased with the ordering experience.


Digital Receipts

As other sectors do away with paper, restaurants are not left behind. Restaurants are beginning to prefer digital receipts. They allow customers to save all their receipts on their phones so they cannot be lost as easily as with paper receipts. They are also good for the environment since paper-making involves the use of trees, water, and oil. On these receipts, restaurants can conveniently add information about their specials or promotions.


Shift Management

With the increase of people eating in restaurants, restaurants’ staff members can be overwhelmed. More restaurants are embracing better shift management to ensure that their staff members get enough rest so they can serve customers better. Working in shifts gives restaurant staff the option of working during hours that are most convenient for them. It also helps employees that are still undergoing training to work at the same time.


Online Training

There is always a demand for well-trained restaurant staff. Since they are not always available, restaurants are turning to online training programs to offer more skills to their existing staff members and to get new ones.


Delivery Route Optimization

To optimize a route means to find a path that is not only short but also more convenient. The use of route optimization software helps restaurants establish which routes to use when making deliveries. By embracing this trend, restaurants are able to lower delivery costs, make deliveries on time and reduce wastage of food.


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