5 Tips to Maximize Earnings in Remote Jobs

5 Tips to Maximize Earnings in Remote Jobs

Technology hasn’t just changed our ways to interact with friends, family and colleagues, even, it has transformed the way we used to use at workplaces. Now, from online document saving and sharing tool i.e. Google Docs to instant messaging apps i.e. Skype, Slack; we have so many things to ease up our daily doings. And, it is the reason that remote jobs have become real things.

According to World Economic Forum, ‘Remote jobs from anywhere are more productive than those still following traditional work policies.’ WEF further elaborates the importance of having good remote working policy in place by calling it ‘The Big Driver of Transformation.’

There could be many reasons that make people shift from traditional work-style to remote jobs. Whether it could be family, work/life balance, health, travel or whatever; remote working has opened up the big world of endless opportunities and possibilities.

Remote working is the bedrock of a platforms where a talented candidate find a remote work and a potential client can hire affordable and trustworthy web development company or a design agency for upcoming projects.


You should keep one thing in mind – you might be escaping from worst office politics by adopting remote working as a new medium to earn money, but you’re also parting yourself from motivation that you’re accountable to someone, and seriously – it can lead you to instant drop in your productivity as remote worker because there isn’t a drawn line between office and your home.

In short, if you’re planning to retire from the office life and really thinking of kick starting your new career as remote specialist; benefit from these five tips to maximize your earnings in remote jobs.

1- Know your Worth as a Remote Worker

Know your Worth as a Remote Worker

Know your worth as a remote worker and you will definitely start making more money. This best advice will help you to reveal your inner strengths, skills and past experiences to optimize already available opportunities across landscapes for remote working. As a matter of fact, when you’re fully cognizant of your real talent, capabilities and skill-set; you have a competitive advantage to excel, build rapport, and make more bucks.

Let’s take an example; you apply for a post at XYZ and after a few days, you get a call from there, appear for multiple interviews and congratulations- you are onboard there. Even going through this long and tedious process, you would be getting pre-determined salary on the basis of your experience, plus, your new employer has authority to decide how much you should be earning, Isn’t it?

In contrast, a remote worker is the one who decides how much he should be earning, because he is his own boss. He is the show-runner.

Therefore, you must decide your own worth. Evaluate your talent and you will be able to generate more income for yourself. If you possess matchless skills and creative qualities, charge money accordingly but never sell yourself short.

Keep in mind: The work you’ll produce, project you’ll complete, and clients you’ll serve would speak of your professionalism, character, and talent. Ultimately, happy clients will pay you more for your quality work.

Find out what’s your starting rate, you will be better able to improve your skills, performance for quick and high revenue against your services.

For instance, you make $50,000 a year and you work 40 hours a week: your calculation should look something like this:
$50,000 a year/52 weeks (this is the working year) / 40 hours a week (these are average hours in a week) = approximately $24/hours.

This $24 per hour is a crystal clear assessment of your starting rate, and from here, it’s your responsibility to double it by providing best work with top-notch quality: if you really want to earn more money from remote working.

If a client comes to you for a service, it shows that you’re credible, affordable and most importantly, professional. Plus, your new client couldn’t reach to other companies because they might cost a fortune and seem to deliver zero or poor quality of work. So, it’s up to you to avail opportunities and stand out in the competition with foolproof strategies.

Don’t forget- you’re valuable, capable and approachable; you, therefore, should act ethically while fixing your hourly rates.

In the end, the more skillful you are, the easier it will be for you to maximize your earnings as ‘remote worker.’

2- Reduce Productivity Barriers

Remote working is inundated with productivity barriers. They will slow you down and affect your efficiency. If you don’t organize your life wisely as a remote specialist; you are doomed to fail fast.

Therefore, reducing productivity barriers is the second most important tip to help you maximize your earning as a remote worker.

Being organized is inevitable for you to win big, earn more money, and become a reliable source for your clients.

Either you have a big desk at your home for work, or you use a table in a co-working space with free Wi-Fi – Organization is key to your success.

Being organized means that you know where a particular spreadsheet is in your laptop and you won’t have to search for it upon the request of the clients. In fact, being organized means you’re proactive and you work proactively.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the strategic organization as it will reward you with maximum productivity, high efficiency, increased revenue and so much more.

Following are the best productivity mobile apps for remote workers that ensure higher efficiency and well-organized working life:

A- If you want to track your own productivity or your team members’, a remote time tracker that can help you greatly in this regard is Time Doctor.

B- Repetitive work drains energy. They consume a big chunk of time. Try Process Street as it allows you to schedule iterative tasks in intervals.

C- If you want to ensure that all of important documents correctly together, better use Zapier (because it will automate your entire work and gets you connected to all apps and tools to ensure flawless productivity.) In fact, Zapier isn’t an app. It is a tool but it leaves no stone unturned in taking one’s productivity to the next-level.

Reducing barriers to productivity helps you, any other remote worker or a virtual team greatly in many positive ways:

1- You will start achieving more results within a brief period of time.
2- You can evaluate and reflect improvements in every phase of your remote business, service or a digital product.
3- You will have zero or less burden on your shoulders because your professional life is streamlined, managed and organized.
4- Organized work life means satisfied personal life because you achieve career goals timely and wisely.

Lastly, if you’re disorganized as remote worker, chances are you will end up frustrated, failed and fatigued. On the other hand, organized individual enjoys efficient production and undivided focus on more business.

Always remember: Organized work life streamlines productivity, and more productive remote specialist enjoys more money.

3- Manage your Energy, not your Time

Manage your Energy, not your Time

If you want to earn big bucks and that too unstoppably, then you must plan your energy, not your time.

Time is finite source. Energy is all about being active, alert and attentive.

Time lost never comes back. When you lose Energy, you will fail to achieve anything. Time can’t be created but you can create energy- which is a competitive advantage. This is true that managing your energy makes clear sense because it is real and controllable.

Time is elusive, sometimes it is on your side but most of the times- it is not.

Therefore, you should manage your energy instead of time to optimize your efforts and increase your weekly, monthly and yearly earnings as a remote specialist.

Following are the rituals that you must adopt to keep yourself energetic and they will keep you upbeat, no matter how tough going may get:

1- Walk for 15 minutes in the morning or evening. At the start, it will look tiresome but stick to it.
2- Learn Mindfulness exercises because a mind at peace is actually the healthier mind. And healthy brain produces healthier body.
3- Take breaks before you break down. Schedule your daily work plan in a way that you could get breaks in a small chunks. And, go out somewhere or detach yourself from your surroundings, refill yourself with energy and get back to your work.

Rest assured: managing energy is really important than managing time. Because, you always need energy. Time is a finite source. Especially, for remote workers, energy is inevitable.

Let alone actual physical health, make your time for mind exercises and meditation and you will realize drastic improvement in your well-being. Short breaks get your blood flowing, increase in-take of oxygen and consequently, boost your energy.

4- Don’t Set Smart Goals, Always Set R.I.G.H.T Goals

Don’t Set Smart Goals, Always Set R.I.G.H.T Goals

Don’t fall victim of S.M.A.R.T goals trap. It’s cliched now. It’s time to set RIGHT goals.

Believe it or not- you do need R.I.G.H.T goals as a remote worker, not just to enhance your efficiency and productivity but also inflow of money in remote jobs.

With ‘R’ in RIGHT means relevancy. A goal which you’re pursuing should be relevant as it must bring real-time value in your efforts. As a remote worker, you can’t sacrifice your time and energy in pursuit of goals that are irrelevant and add zero value to your massive purpose.

With ‘I’ in the R.I.G.H.T, it means Indicators. While you’re working your tail off in a fragile world of remote working, there should be milestones of progress. It’s easy to understand the importance of indicators in throughout the process.

Let’s say; you were working 5 hours on a single project. Now, you work 9 hours and oversee 10 projects. It indicates that you’ve increased your timing along with the number of projects. In fact, Indicators bring a sense of harmony throughout the process. Plain simply, it helps us move from Point A to Point B with visible improvements.

‘G’ is for Gravity in RIGHT goals. Gravity is analogous to magnetism between you and your goal. It says that you should be breathing your goal. You must be living your goal. In other words, you must be ready to sacrifice anything to achieve your goal. A remote worker’s life is filled with challenges, obstacles, disappointment, sleepless nights.

Success in remote working doesn’t happen overnight, it takes long nights. That’s why; passion, love for work, and professionalism are must-haves.

H in RIGHT means Hype. A remote specialist’s goal should have an elevation. In your mind, your goal should have a place. A goal larger enough might make you hold on, dreaded, and frustrated, and too small big, possibly make you adrift, too lazy. So, hype comes here for your rescue.

T in RIGHT stands for Time. Understanding what is the correct time to execute a plan, what is not the correct time to reach out to clients, and what is the best strategy to save time. Learning to benefit from time is indispensable for a remote worker. Time with clarity is a surefire solution to stand out in the competition and grab the glory.

Always set R.I.G.H.T goals as they are realistic goals. They are pragmatic, time-bound and result-oriented and will take you closer to your destiny.

5- Learn to Communicate Well

Learn to Communicate Well

If you want to excel in your profession as a remote worker, you must learn to communicate well. It’s faculty that sets extraordinary apart from ordinary. This is the trait which separates professionals from amateurs.

Therefore, you need to pump your communication skills because not everybody has well-built capabilities to exchange, share and convey ideas.

Right here, I’m sharing a few tips to help you hone your communication skills to better understand your clients and be understood by clients:

1- Understand preferences – Building rapport is a sure short way to connect with your client or anybody. It is a mere folly to build trust without empathy and empathy can be built only with mutual understanding. So, learn to understand the preferences of your client; If your client prefers emails- better leverage the power of email writing, if he’s okay with voice chat- call him and talk to him. Likewise, you can benefit from other tools i.e. instant messaging and video calling. Anyways, learn to understand the preferences of your clients and go along.

2- Always Stick to the 3 C’s – With three C’s, it means clear, concise and consistent message. Whatever, you’re communicating, make sure that your message is clear because your client is also busy, he doesn’t have enough time to ponder over your message. With Concise, it means that you don’t need to use redundant words, expressions or points in your message. Try to go as minimal as possible to save time and energy. Similarly, Consistency means that people (your clients, and/or team members) know that when and how you’re going to communicate your message with them.

3- Never Underestimate the Value of Personal Contact– Though, it is requisite to improve communication on all medium namely email, voice etc for connecting with your clients across the globe. But, underestimating the real value of personal contact is like the last nail in the coffin. Carol Morgan – A Communication Professor, and TV personality writes in her article :- ‘Body language contributes 80%-90% of your true communication. No social media platform can substitute a few minutes of face-to-face conversation.’

Final Words: What works for you to maximize earning in remote jobs?

Well, it’s quite complicated to foretell what’s going to work well and what’s not- but these tips ,certainly, these tips won’t let you derail because they are stepping stones to start flourishing remote jobs.

Maybe, you’re a good communicator, but you don’t know your true worth. Perhaps, you manage your energy well but your goals are not R.I.G.H.T and they sap your enthusiasm along the way. Anyways, it comes to experimenting and learning which tip suits best to you and helps you achieve greater results.

All-in-all, working remotely is an emerging phenomenon and it’s going to offer so many opportunities that you’ve never experienced before.

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