5 Things to Do In an Outbreak of Electrical Emergency

5 Things to Do In an Outbreak of Electrical Emergency

When you consider staples of modern convenience, electrical appliances are your best choice. Electricity helps in a lot when it comes to preparing your food, getting your dishes in the washers and drying them off or while doing your laundries. Electricity comes as a rescue while you are into your daily cleaning regimes.

In this modern world, electricity is an absolute necessity. A frayed cord or an overloaded circuit might be the trigger behind the outbreak of an electrical fire or a cause a shock. Electrical emergencies can happen at all-time though you are protected in a much better way from electrical emergencies when you regularly have the electrical items well-checked and properly maintained through the electrician Northern Beaches.

Electrical fire can be caused due to short circuit or a frayed cord which is placed near some curtains most of the times. Electrical fires can be dangerous to deal with no matter how they turn up happening. If you suspect that there is an issue of short circuit then you should always look up to the electrician Northern Beaches Sydney to do the job for you.

an Outbreak of Electrical Emergency

The following are the 5 ways in which you can respond to electrical fires before calling up an electrician of Northern Beaches:

  • Cutting the power

Cutting the power to the electrical system which is causing the issue to happen is the first thing which you need to do. Once you flip the switch of the breaker box, you can easily cut the power. If the cause is a frayed wire or an overheated appliance, simply unplugging the appliance or flipping the switch would generally cause a great risk.

The most important step which is involved here is handling the fire which would surely allow you to use further resources while you are out trying to put a stopper to the outbreak of flames. This reduces the effect of you facing the risk of getting an electric shock.

  • Beneficial use of a fire extinguisher

When you are equipped with a fire extinguisher in your home, you should very well know how to put out a fire by using this. Cutting the power which is the source of the fire would be your first move. For this you will have to use Class C-rated fire extinguisher as you are unable to cut the power which is sourcing it. They usually use dry chemical extinguishers or carbon dioxide.

You should be suing a Class A extinguisher which is usually water based if the power was cut. These minute details should be very well known and you can contact the Northern Beaches electricians to know everything about using an extinguisher. Class A and C fire extinguishers are distinguishable in their own genres. They cannot be used interchangeably. For only the suitable cases should be address accordingly through them.

5 things to do in an Outbreak of Electrical Emergency

  • Putting out the Fire

If your home is not equipped with a fire extinguisher then you should be well sound of how to put off a fire without one. If the power is already put off then you can very well use a fire blanket or water to have a smothering effect on the fire.

Do not use water and do not approach the fire or else you will be risking electrical shock if you cannot turn off the power. All you need to do before hand is to check your electric flow routinely checked through the emergency electrician if you suspect anything fishy.

  • Practicing Fire Safety

Exit the building as quickly and calmly as possible before calling up for the authorities if you are unable to control the fire. To avoid smoke inhalation, remember to keep close to the ground and stop, drop and start to roll if your clothing catches fire.

  • Calling 911 and exiting

Never forget to call 911 even if the fire is out. If you were unable to cut power to the source of the fire smoldering objects are still able to reignite.

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