5 Best Wireless Charger For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

5 Best Wireless Charger For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Hi guys, I’m Sohel, and today I’m going to show you the 5 best wireless charger pads for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 plus. So before we get started don’t forget to subscribe to our website newsletter.

Let’s start with the best wireless charger for Samsung S10 and S10 Plus is –

Five Best Wireless Charger For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

1. Samsung duo wireless charging pad

If money is no object to the 12-watt Samsung duo wireless charging pad not to be confused with last years to your charger which cannot achieve fast charging 2.0 speeds. The newer model is currently 90-pound in the UK or $99 in the US with the power brick included.

Samsung duo wireless charging padSamsung duo wireless charging pad

Thanks to the inclusion of fast wireless charging 2.0. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 plus are actually capable of receiving 12-watts of wireless charging power that means the fastest wireless charging experience of any Samsung device to date but at present, there are actually very few changes that can output that type of power and luckily for us, this is one of them and although this may seem like a lot of money at first because it is you have to remember that you’re not only getting a 12-watt wireless charging pad on the left but also a 7.5-watt charging pad on the right for another device such as your Galaxy watch or Galaxy earbuds and to make passing away with your money a little easier.

Samsung has made what might be one of the best quality wireless charging pad I’ve ever got my hands on so whilst the Samsung Galaxy charger is the most expensive wireless charging pad on this list. It also just so happens to be one of the fastest not to mention the only one which can charge two devices at once.

2. Anker Power Wave wireless charging pad

Anker power wave wireless charging pad is the best all-rounder in this list. The Anker power wave has a 15-watt charging pad with USB. It’s 36 pounds without the power brick in the UK or around 50 dollars with the power brick in the US and that’s right 15-watts of charging whilst it’s nearly double the price of the cheapest wireless charger on this list.

Anker Power Wave wireless charging pad

This is still one of the best value ways to max out on your wireless charging speed without breaking the bank as always with the anchor, the build quality reaches for high-end and lamps gracefully despite the modest price tag.

It has a sleek design with metallic trim and an anti-slip surface to prevent any unwanted movement, as well as a blue, LED light to indicate charging. It has an incredibly compact frame at three-point four-six inches square and
less than a half an inch thick.

It has no problems charging through cases that are up to five mils thick but as with most wireless chargers just make sure there are no metal parts in your smartphone’s case as that will interfere with charging but 15-watt charging.

The price is incredibly reasonable, the build quality is well above average and aesthetically it’s actually my favorite on this list. So if the Samsung duo charges price is too cheap for you or its supplementary charging pad just isn’t useful to you the 15-watt anchor power wave wireless charger is definitely your best bet.

3. Belkin boost up charging pad

Wait, there’s more because there is another option for a 15-watt wireless charger and that’s the new Belkin boost up charging pad at 60 pounds or $50 U.S. power brick included.

Belkin boost up charging pad

It’s another 15-watt wireless charging pad and for some reason, it seems to be an absolute steal in the US right now at just under $40. So go make the most of that while you can but, to be frank, it doesn’t fare well when compared to side to side with the 15-watt anchor charging pad.

I just mentioned though it’s charging speed is the same. The Belkin is much bigger, thicker, heavier and it will only charge through cases less than three millimeters thick compared to five millimeters with the Anker model plus. I just feel like Belkin’s boost up looks like the type of UFO looking wireless charger I was reviewing last year whereas Anker Chargers are looking a lot more futuristic and compact right now.

So being brutally honest the only way I picked the boost up over the Anchor is if I could get it cheaper, after all, they do charge at the exact same speed and even then I might just be tempted to shell out for the extra cash for a smaller lighter, sleeker, alternative instead-but if the Belkin charging pad isn’t still $40 when you’re reading this.

4. RAV Power wireless charging pad

Here’s your cheapest option wireless charger number four is like I said the cheapest out of the bunch the RAV Power wireless charging pad which charges at 10 watts with the quick charge 3.0 power brick despite missing out on 2 watts of charging power to the first three charging pads in this list.

RAV Power wireless charging pad

You might not be so worried about that when you hear that it’s only 21 pounds 99 or $29.99 and yes that is with the power brick included as well plus you can rest assured that 10-watt charging is still faster than any iPhone on the market can currently receive and if you largely intend to charge your phone overnight that charging speeds aren’t such a big deal then a cheaper 10-watt wireless charger is probably something that you should consider.

The rated power also offers everything that most high-end wireless chargers offer in terms of build quality and it’s incredibly nice and compact to Roffe power have actually stopped including the power brick with their newer wireless charging pads now. So make sure you grab this one while you can it’s still one of the best value ways to achieve 10-watt wireless charging last but not least.

5. Upright wireless charging pad

The best upright wireless charging pad is 10-watt power wave wireless charging stand at 19.99 pounds or twenty-five dollars ninety-nine in the US. Don’t forget that this charger doesn’t come with the power brick though. Unlike all the others on this list, the upright orientation of this charger means that you actually have a hope in hell of using your phone while it’s charging something that is surprisingly difficult to do with a flat charging pad.

Trust me I’ve tried this makes it perfect for placing your desk where you can almost use your phone as a second screen to aid working or just encourage the procrastination like I usually use it for me just having a smartphone in an upright position where you can clearly see your notifications without having to lean over to see them or pick it up.

It’s actually something that I now can’t live without as a neat little bonus. You can actually place the S10 and S10 plus on the stand in a portrait or a landscape position and it’ll still charge in either position which is pretty damn awesome.

You can purchase Charger Boost Pro for fast wireless charging too here.



I find these really handy. Obviously, this best wireless charger for Samsung S10 plus is the most portable thing in the world that award definitely belongs to all of the flat charging pads of this world. But if that’s not something that you’re looking for it’s just gonna stay static in one place then trust me this charger is just so much better in so many ways. So that’s it for the five best wireless charging pads for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 plus.

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