3 Great Websites to Make Money $20 Every Hour Watching Videos Online

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This post for all of you’ve come online and want to start earning some extra money consistently on daily and an hour basis. Many of you’ve may be searched through social media, search engine or via other sources and hadn’t found anything that you want to find out in this post.

If you’re searching how to make money online watching videos then you’ve come up at right place and here I’m gonna tell you about 3 great websites that are gonna pay up to $20 per hour so you got a hustle on this you got to make this work but I’m going to show you exactly how to do this right here online and all you have to do is have your smartphone or your computer. You can do this from anywhere in the world.

If you’re gonna trade time for money it’s great so read his post till the end to get some valuable information about passive income working from home.

How much money can I make online with these websites watching videos?

Making money watching videos online with these websites depend on how many hours per day you work. Basically a member can earn up to $20 per hour from these 3 websites but it depends on demographical area. Because as example members from USA, UK earn much better than member of Bangladesh, India. So I highly recommend this program only to those people residing in USA, UK or North & South American or European country. People from Asia and Africa also have opportunity to make about $1 to $5 per hour while watching videos.

Is there any other ways these websites paying or how are they paying?

Yes, they are paying other ways too. You can simply cash out via PayPal or redeem gift card when you’ve reached out minimum balance. Each videos you’ve watched you will get points which you’re required to convert into cash and then you can request payment and it will take up to 48 hours to appear into your PayPal account.

Can I start making money from their App?

Yes, they have both Android and iOS app. You need to download their app and register to start making money.

Is there any other way I can make money with these websites?

Yes, there is many ways you can start making money from. As example, beside watching videos, you’ll have opportunity to complete different tasks, survey and offers which you’re required to do to making money online with these 3 great websites. You can earn money while watching live TV or video stream too.

Now let’s introduce you with these websites or app where you can start making money immediately after joining on their platform. Here are these 3 great website I’m talking about:

1. Viggle:

Viggle - Watch videos make money online

My first choice is Viggle. Viggle is one of the most popular reward websites which can be downloaded to any Smartphone Android and iOS device. With Viggle, you can watch online LIVE TV STREAMING, TV Shows, participate on Quest & Streaks, Sweeptakes and contests to start making money online.

You can join here, http://get.viggle.com/

2. Perk | Earn Rewards:

Perk - Watch TV videos make money online

Perk is my Second choice thought it my favorite one because Perk has a lot of Android app which all offers you to make money online though not available in most of the countries yet. With Perk, you can watch videos to earn money online.

There are many ways you can make money with Perk which some options here:

a. Watch and earn,
b. Perk TV & TV Live,
c. Perk Scratch & Win,
d. Perk Unlock and Win,
e. Refer, Donate and Earn; &
f. Perk Word Search and other way.

To make money from all of these ways you will have to register with there official Perk website first and after login you need to download each app on your iOS or Android device. You will earn points that is required to convert to get paid into cash.

3. AppTrailers | Watch Movies to Make Money or Rewards:

AppTrailers Watch movies to make money

AppTrailers is my third choice that’s why I’ve chosen to let you know about this website also which app need to download to your smartphone device first. Then register on their app, watch movies trailers when available to earn points which you are required to redeem for cash.

These are all of my favorite 3 great websites or app that can be joined immediately to start making money online. However if you find from any of these website not paying anymore please feel free to leave us a comment so other readers will be benefited from your sharing. One thing we all should remember who are looking to earn passive online income that sharing is caring.

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