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2018 Remodel Trends That Are Hot, And A Few That Are Not

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10 Home Remodel Trends for 2018


When updating your home’s décor, it’s vital to use modern interior design styles. An elegant design helps in attracting prospect clients who may be interested in buying your house. Check out these ten 2018 Remold home trends.


10 Top Remodel Trends


1. Patterned Fabrics

Solid materials are appropriate in home furnishings. You can merge them with different patterns including floral and geometrics. Adding some neutral fabrics enhances your home’s aesthetic as it showcases your distinct personality.


2. Velvet Furnishing

Velvet is renowned for its luxurious nature. Installing velvet furnishings in your house makes it cozy. You need to be bold when choosing a bright color which makes the home have an inviting appeal.


3. Ultra Violet

Ultraviolet is the most sought out Pantone color in 2018. The blue-purple velvet offers a vintage feel and a stylish look. It’s also versatile. You can use it in different parts of your home including the living room and bedroom.


4. Accent Pieces and Curvy Décor

Modern accent and curvy furnishings are a favorite of many homeowners. The make your living room offers a comfortable experience. They have a laid-back look. Accent pieces make your home have a natural wood-like look, especially in your dining area. Adding some outdoor features makes your home stand out from others.


5. Luxurious Bathtubs

In most homes, realtors upgrade their bathtubs annually. Some believe that it would be costly in installing spa-like showers. On the contrary, it’s an easy procedure. Just purchase new dull and bright towels and an extra tub. Setting up candles in a floral arrangement creates an ambient atmosphere that resembles a spa.


6. Wabi Sabi Aesthetic

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese design trend that is becoming very popular. For Richard Powell, “Wabi-sabi nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” It comprises a variety of imperfections in handicrafts such as pottery and makes the imperfections part of the design. To enhance your home’s appeal, arrange the crafts on display. Don’t focus too much on perfection, it’ll count out naturally.


7. Jewel Tones

Gray and beige are a new furnishing color combination. Interior designers are gradually embracing the use of jewel tones as furnishings. It’s appropriate to install the shades during winter to warm up your household.


8. Metallic Combinations

In the past, it was rare to find both gold and silver furnishings in a single house. However, the interior design industry is gradually evolving. Combining gold and silver creates a soft and warm atmosphere in a home. Furthermore, you can mix them with rose gold.


9. Colored Appliance

Many people believe that stainless steel is no longer viable in-house furnishing. On the contrary, you need to update your décor with steel appliances. You can use bright colored stoves, bold shades or decorative dryers and washers. It’s advisable not to abandon old devices completely.


10. Patterned Floors

Initially, homeowners used plain hardwood flooring. Modern technology has enabled flooring companies to manufacture patterned wooden floors. They not only make a room exciting, but they also interlink all its furniture.


Other Trends


Barn Doors

Typically, it’s common for people who love rustic barn doors. Although they are a unique design, they aren’t ideal for all homes. If your house has a modern design, it’s prudent not to install barn doors. They’ll distort its attractive look.


Word Wall Art

Word Wall art was a fashionable décor design in 2017. Using it in your home isn’t a wise idea. Instead, seek the latest furnishings.

Although some 2018 remold trends might cost an arm and leg, they are worth it. They will make your house distinct and comfortable to live in.


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