100% Free Domains: The Best 15 websites to Get a Free Domain Name

100% Free Domains: The Best 15 websites to Get a Free Domain Name

To start a small online business, news portal, or blog, you should buy a domain name but if you get a 100% free domains name at the start then its really awesome, right? Every new business needs a targeted niche related domain name that could be shorter or longer but you must have it to start your journey.

You have nothing to lose if you are new to the online world and start a blog, small or large business website, or news portal without paying a dime for the domain name. Isn’t it great?

The Best 15 websites to get a 100% free domains name

Here in this post, I am gonna share the best 15 websites that offer 100% free domains names for your startup. Now you need to decide how and when to start your project. If you wanna try without losing anything then I suggest you check out all of these websites below to try a free domain name for your demo or real project.

Wanna start right now? So let’s dive into it…


Freenom is my first choice for a free domain name. It is one of the first and only free websites where you can find free Dot.TK, .ML, .GA, .GQ,.CF domain name for free of cost for the first 12 months which is really great and cool.

A domain name that can be purchased without paying any fees is working just like another domain name. It can be used for your website, e-mail account, and much more!

You can create an identity online with a totally free website domain name. A domain name is the centerpiece of your web site.

2. Dot.TK – Free Domain Name

Dot.TK is my second choice for a 100% free .tk domain name. This is the most popular website for a free domain name registration in Bangladesh. Most small website creators register .tk to run their website to earn some extra money online. You can find it only .tk domain name here.

3. BIZ.NF – Free Domain Name Registrar

BIZ.NF is my third choice to get a free domain name at no cost. With it, you can register a free domain name with .net, .biz, .co.nr, .co.uk, and .eu extension. You can find .biz.nf domain extension on this website too.


You will enjoy registering a 100% free domain name with .co.nr extension and also it can be redirected to the website. You can get a short and easy domain name without any ads. This website has been designed to offer free website domain names or free sub-domains with .co.nr domain extension name to the business owner or blogger who would like to get an easy to remember free domain name or web site address.

Example: How do you create a domain name? It’s simple and easy to find a website name, you require registering the name with an organization called ICANN through a website domain name registrar you would like. For instance, should you pick a name like example.com, you might have to really go to a registrar, pay a subscription fee that costs around US$10 to US$35 for that name.

5. Siteground – Free Domain Name

Siteground is one of the leading domain names and web hosting providers. They offer 3 month’s web hosting at only $0.99 for the Covid-19 outbreak poses which is a serious challenge. You can find a free domain name extension with the following: .com, .net, .org, .biz, info, .us, and .nl as long as you purchase hosting space from them.

6. FreeDomaini.com – 100% Free Domain and Hosting

Freedomaini.com is a new online free domain and hosting provider which they claim from the promotional period. It is the United States-based online hosting business that started its journey a few months back before the coronavirus outbreak.

You can get .com, .net, .org, .info and all other top-level domain name extension free of cost including shared, WordPress, and VPS hosting. You can read freedomaini.com review here to learn more about how to register a free domain and is it safe or scam and more.

7. Namecheap

Namecheap is one of the leading domain names and hosting services providers in 2020. It has a small selection of internet hosting plans including free domain name registration. It was founded in 2000 and the firm is well dedicated to supporting its clients. Richard Kirkendall is the creator and CEO of the Namecheap that is located in Las Vegas, US.

In the later part of 2017-18, Namecheap offered 100% free domain name registration which was really great for an online entrepreneur like me to start a blog. Now you can get a free domain name upon purchasing a small hosting plan which looks cool too. You can find all top-level domain name including .com, .net, .org, .info etc extension.

8. .Co.VU – 100% Free Domain Name

With a DNS (Domani Name System) and free Emails, you can get a .co.vu domain name extension free only with them.

9. BIZ.LY – Free Domain Name

Biz.ly is offering a free domain hosting plan which includes a free domain name and web hosting service with .com, .net, .biz.ly domain names. You will get 50 MB of FREE web hosting including 1000 MB monthly bandwidth with a free domain name address with biz.ly extension. You will also get 3 free Email addresses, easy free website builder, many free web page templates, free Blog and Photo Album plus Guestbook, Hits Counter, Webrings, Corkboard, Form Mailer, Site Copier, and many more.

10. Bluehost – Free Domain Name with hosting plan

Bluehost is the most popular domain name and web hosting service provider that is highly recommended for bloggers and business owners. You can find all top-level domain name extension including .com, .net, .org, and many more.

The hosting service is best according to its quality. You can get a free domain name only if you purchase a web hosting plan.

11. Ionos by 1&1 – Free Domain name with hosting plan

Ionos is a leading web hosting service provider operated by 1&1. It was named 1and1.com that is changed to Ionos.com now. You can find all top-level domain extension by searching for a domain name.

Ionos domain registration fee starts at $0.75 per year. You will only able to get a free domain name if you purchase their one of hosting plan. You also get a 3 month of free Microsoft Office 365 and an online store that is really great. Ionos business email management fee is about $1 per month. You can use the Free.com domain for a limited time only.

12. GoogieHost.com – Avail $5 Credit for Free Domain Name

Free Hosting

GoogieHost is a new domain and hosting service provider that is offering web hosting free for forever. You will have 1000 MB disk space, 102400 Bandwidth MB, 2 Email accounts, 2 FTP accounts, and 2 Database account.

You can first get a free hosting service forever but when you want a free domain name you must have a request for $5 credit to purchase. As of now, GoogieHost is celebrating its 5 years business online and that is why they are giving free $5 credit to purchase a domain name and SSL, etc.

To avail $5 credit, you need to create a recommended video about GoogieHost on YouTube or DailyMotion. If you are looking to upgrade your hosting plan as Premium then it offers a 75% discount for first-time users.

13. ZOHO.in – Free Domain Name

ZOHO dot IN is a leading Indian domain name and hosting service provider that is offering free .co.in and .in domain name extension for free.


With .CU.CC, you will be able to register up to 100 absolutely free domain names for free of cost. You can get .cu and .cc domains with no ads and full DNS control for free. These will work like dot .com domains.

15. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the leading domain and hosting service provider in 2020 that offers free domain name registration with their hosting plan. You will also able to get up to 90% off on hosting so you save BIG.

You can find all top-level domain names to register on Hostinger including .com, .net, .org, .info, and many more.

The Bottom Line

Above you will find the best 15 websites to get a 100% free domain names. All of these domains and hosting websites offer 100% free domains names. You will enjoy a free domain name including a paid hosting plan and sometimes with a free hosting plan too. As well, there is no need to purchase a paid hosting plan for free domain names on some websites. If you find this post useful please share your thoughts in the comments, like this post, share it with your friends, and don’t forget to leave your important feedback to us. Thanks for the reading.

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