Latest Alexa devices from Amazon set to extend company’s reach into your house

amazon echo alexa devices

Amazon hopeful to replicate the success of its Echo devices, is poised to extended its ears and eyes into each part of your life with the launch of new tech voice controlled and cam inserted Alexa devices specially designed for living rooms and bedrooms and even you can use in the car as well.


Echo Devices

The Echo devices have been company’s surprise hit in the 3 years since it introduced, finding into fifteens of millions of kitchens all around the globe, providing, timers, internet radio, news reports, weather and as well as a voice call. Now the company will start selling a cheaper, smaller version of the actual Echo device, with a soft fabric and sturdy wood veneers, as well as latest flagship device named the Echo Plus which promises to work quickly with several of small and cheaper home tech devices such as smart locks, electric sockets, and lights.

Setting up Modern Home

Setting up your modern home is remain just a lot difficult, it can take up to fifteen steps to do something as easy as set-up a typical light bulb at home. Company’s vision is of houses with the new Echo devices in each room, listening to each and every word you say. A new and latest technology Fire TV media device includes voice manager over streaming TeleVision and film services as like Amazon’s own Netflix, Prime Video and lot of others.


Echo Spot

One of the latest and cutest items was the Echo Spot, a round beside product which can act as a modern alarm clock and video phone. It has also the ability to trigger a sequence of modern house actions, such as opening curtains, turning a kettle on and reading the early morning’s traffic report. For the company, the hardware is a means to take more consumption, be it washing powder or media. Developer, hardware, and software are all designed to deepen the role of Amazon in our regular lives.



Amazon VoIP Products

Amazon products in the United State can now also place a free voice calls to all landline and cell phone numbers country wise, a step showing that tech giant is trying to power in Tele Communications, and place which it failed stunningly with the flop show of a Fire Smartphone, complete with 3D screen, in the past.


And More…

Perhaps the technology Giant will have more fate in the more and more linked automotive Globe. This device would come built into a few Mini cars and BMW starting next summer, which allowing drivers to manage music, get news and weather update, and even order food or Pizza from behind the wheel.

There’ll certainly be backlash opposite pushing Amazon’s latest voice techs into each part of users’ lives. This new Echo device that has a seven-inch screen built in and goes on sale in Britain this week, can link to several cams, connected to door bells, and smart locks or kids monitor. Amazon also launched standalone things named Buttons which can be applied to family games. The Amazon has opened-up its latest tech to other developers and hopes to see a wave of new voice managed kitchen equipments.

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